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Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue poster
Air weekdate: Wednesday
Genre: Crime, Drama
Channel: Global
Status: Ended
8.0/10(57 votes)
Missy Peregrym Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally
Ben Bass Ben Bass as Sam Swarek
Charlotte Sullivan Charlotte Sullivan as Gail Peck
Enuka Okuma Enuka Okuma as Traci Nash
Gregory Smith Gregory Smith as Dov Epstein
Travis Milne Travis Milne as Chris Diaz
Eric Johnson Eric Johnson as Detective Luke Callaghan
Matt Gordon Matt Gordon as Oliver Shaw
Noam Jenkins Noam Jenkins as Detective Jerry Barber
Adam MacDonald Adam MacDonald as Steve Peck

A fun, fresh, high-stakes drama with a twist of danger follows the lives of five young, ambitious cops right out of the Academy. From their very first day on the job, these rookies are plunged into the world of big city policing, a world where even the smallest mistake can have life-or-death consequences and serious emotional fall-out. The soul of this close-knit group is 26-year-old perfectionist Andy McNally. Honest to a fault, all Andy has ever wanted to be is "good police." Her father was a cop, and while he wasn't the best cop – or the best father – Andy knows she'll never find this sense of family, loyalty and excitement in any other job. The series explores the trials, triumphs, competition and camaraderie of Andy and her rookie family – boyfriends, best friends, mentors and competitors – who are about to learn that no amount of training can prepare them for life.

Rookie Blue season 1

Rookie Blue season 1 poster

Drama about five cops rookies who have learn the basics of the profession, working in a big city. Any mistake can be fatal. The five main characters were in the police academy and now they are working together. And the first thing they have to learn – Academy does not prepare them for real life. Three girls and two guys arrived for duty to the Toronto police station after the police academy. Department is looking for criminals, which declared wanted, travels to places of civil unrest and performs other tasks not related to the investigation of crimes. Young people had to immediately plunge into the world of crime, robbery, disobedience. Theoretical knowledge is not always true, so young people have to adapt and focus on the spot …

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Rookie Blue season 2

Rookie Blue season 2 poster

This drama is about five rookie police officers which have to study the bases of profession, working as constabulary in a large town. Any error can become mortal. It will show us, as five main characters were in the police academy. Now they work together. And first of all they will have to know that any academy will not prepare them to life.

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Rookie Blue season 3

Rookie Blue season 3 poster

After two years the rookie cops becoming experienced cops. Each of them has passed various tests during this time and paid the various price. Someone has all turned out easily, but someone had the nerve shock. But the cops are not going to rest on our laurels and continue to improve their skills. Meanwhile, another rookie joins to well-organized team – ex-soldier Nick Collins...

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Rookie Blue season 4

Rookie Blue season 4 poster

In the fourth season of Rookie Blue a new character - field officer Marlo Cruz appears. She has got her nine-year-old experience working for SWAT. Now she has a secret unknown to a single soul. But if Marlo shares it with someone else – the consequences will be catastrophic for her life. Marlo is a high-flier and a loner with quite a difficult disposition. Moreover she is capable to ruin relations of Andy and Sam. Andy and Nick finish their undercover operation and return to work again. During the first patrol Andy becomes a witness of the bank department robbery. Dov and Chris help Italian woman without understanding a word. Dov learns to cooperate with Chloe – a goddaughter of a sergeant Frank. Sam, Oliver and Chris investigate the murder of a teenager. Suspicion falls on his uncle who was a member of the most dangerous gangs of the town. Do not miss the opportunity to follow the developments of one of the most thrilling series about police daily life.

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Rookie Blue season 5

Rookie Blue season 5 poster

The fourth season of this film ended very dramatic. During the final episode Sam was shot, which made Andy run to his side and spil her heart out. But as the executive producer of Rookie Blue Tassie Cameron told, this didn't mean that Andy and Nick are finished and never would appear.
Cameron also told, that Sam wouldn't die. What about Andy, she revelaed, that this doesn't mean she chose Sam over Nick. As Cameron told there is a lot of unfinished business in that reationships, What about Nick he wants the best for Andy even if she isn't with him. And what will happen? Some viewers like Nick, some of them Sam. Who will be Andy's chose? But the show is not only about Andy/Nick/Sam relations.
Gail introduced Holly to Chris and her brother. And Gail also has to do a lot of ahead.
Chloe's husband shows up revealed that they never divorced. This is also shocking...
But we don't run ahead... You'll see what will happen in the fifth season, which will begin on May 9. The show is promising to be interesting, unexpected and unbelievable, The end will shock the lovers of the Rookie Blue. So don't miss even an episode. Every minute is really interesting and fantastic. Tassie Cameron has promised a facinating serial.

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Rookie Blue season 6

Rookie Blue season 6 poster

Yesterday they went to the police academy, but today they have to deal with dangerous criminals in the police station. Where they do not help the knowledge will come the wit and intuition. The main thing that they have to understand that there is no Academy that can prepare them for what awaits them in the future. While their uniform is not soaked with blood and gunpowder, and they still know little about what will be connected every day.

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