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Rogue poster
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama
Status: Ended
6.5/10(278 votes)
April Telek April Telek as Donna
Ashley Greene Ashley Greene as Mia
Claudia Ferri Claudia Ferri as Sophia Hernandez
Cole Hauser Cole Hauser as Ethan Kelly
Ian Hart Ian Hart as Buddy Wilson
Ian Tracey Ian Tracey as Lucas 'Mitch' Mitchel
Jarod Joseph Jarod Joseph as Nicholas Fleming
Jonathan Holmes Jonathan Holmes as Lloyd
Joshua Sasse Joshua Sasse as Alec Laszlo
Kavan Smith Kavan Smith as Tom Travis

Grace has left her life as an undercover cop to be a better mother to her daughter. She's recently separated from Tom and with the arrival of her estranged mother, she's got plenty of drama at home. Grace's new job as a handler for an FBI task force has her investigating corporate espionage in San Francisco. But when her undercover operative, Sarah, goes missing, Grace is forced to go back undercover to save her. That's when she meets Ethan the owner of the security consultancy Sarah investigated before disappearing. Grace looks to gain Ethan's trust to learn what happened to Sarah, but Ethan has his own agenda. His close friend and business partner was murdered the night Sarah vanished. He's determined to find who's responsible—creating a dangerous game of cat and mouse. As Grace gets closer to Ethan, her feelings grow. But can she trust him?

Rogue season 1

Rogue season 1 poster

Grace Travis is a wife, mother of two, and the bay area’s best undercover detective. She’s adept at transitioning between suburban life and the Oakland docks where she’s been embedded for months with a criminal enterprise run by James “Jimmy” Laszlo and his sons, Max and Alec. Grace is abruptly pulled out of the field when her son, Sam, is killed in a drive by shooting. Her life is shattered. Four months later… The investigation into Sam’s death has gone cold. Grace, guilt-ridden and unable to accept the loss, has begun to search for answers. With the help of her mentor, Mitch, a link is uncovered between Sam’s death and Jimmy Laszlo’s organization. Unable to convince her superiors that she is fit for duty, Grace goes ROGUE slipping back undercover as “Jackie Hays” in Laszlo’s gang. When Laszlo discovers Grace’s true identity, thru his mole in the police department, they make an unholy alliance. Someone close to Laszlo has been working against him. He’s willing to spare Grace’s life, and help her find Sam’s killer, if she helps him uncover the traitor in his organization. It’s a deal she can’t refuse.

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Rogue season 2

Rogue season 2 poster

This is a dramatic story of detective Grace, whose mission is to brig up to the water Jimmy's criminal life. But her son was killed and after that she discovers that together with Jimmy they have the same aim. At the same time she thinks that Jimmy will lead her to her son's killers...
The second season will start on May 28. The viewers will see Grace's attempt to start new life. She is separated from her husband but she is trying to provide a stable life for her daughter. But nothing is so easy. Her plans are destroyed when her estranged mother arrives. In her professional life she is a handler of FBI, but after her undercover Sarah has disappeared Grace has to return to her past life. After she meets Ethan,who has his own security consulting agency. And the game of cat and mouse begins…
What will happen to Grace? Will everything be ok and will she be able to return to her normal life? Everything is so difficult… The second season will put everything in its own place. Be patient an see what will happen in the end, and if the end will be happy? The show is promising to be interesting, exciting and fascinating. Don’t miss any episode. Have a pleasant view.

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Rogue season 4

Rogue season 4 poster

Three consecutive seasons spectators enjoyed unwavering and dedicated the main character Travis Grace female worker under the guise of detective. The first part of the series has shown how difficult it had this woman when she had torn between the mainland and the seasoned professional duty. Also, during this period the life of the heroine's tragic death of her son. She blames herself for being unable to save his beloved child. She is very painful to accept the loss of the poison, but the woman did not hand down she is confident that she will find those which have encroached on the life of her boy and bring them up to the dock. Grace was able to compare the crime with the murder of an accountant employed by Jimmy Laslou famous local mafia boss a gang whose main character is also relevant. In the second season Grace Travis was one of fulfilling the duties of one of the FBI offices. The third part of the series shows a gradual decrease her role as Ethan Kelly previously a former criminal who decided on the order to put to the FBI agents he becomes the main character-based storyline. Another fourth season will explore the new front of the investigative work of Ethan. He will have to deal with many challenges and mysterious crimes of diverse nature. The plot accommodate offenses ranging from robbery and ending massacres. Additionally, Ethan will refute the attempt on his own life. But whether cope with this task recently former criminologist?

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