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Ripper Street

Ripper Street poster
Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery
Channel: BBC Two
Status: Ended
8.3/10(1267 votes)
Adam Rothenberg Adam Rothenberg as Homer Jackson
Amanda Hale Amanda Hale as Emily Reid
Charlene McKenna Charlene McKenna as Rose Erskine
Edmund Reid Edmund Reid as Abel Croker
Jerome Flynn Jerome Flynn as Bennet Drake
Louise Brealey Louise Brealey as Amelia Frayn
Matthew Macfadyen Matthew Macfadyen as Edmund Reid
Matthew Macfadyen Matthew Macfadyen as Edmund Reid
Matthew Macfadyen Matthew Macfadyen as Detective Inspector Edmund Reid
MyAnna Buring MyAnna Buring as Long Susan

The Whitechapel police fight to bring law to the lawless in the wake of Jack the Ripper's reign of terror.

The series tells about the events of 1899 in London, after the murders committed by Jack The Ripper. It’s about the division of detectives who were trying to track down the mysterious killer. A young woman is found brutally murdered, the hallmark signs of the Ripper upon her. One time H Division boss, Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline believes it Jack’s return, but Reid – the precinct’s new man in charge – suspects a different evil at work. When Jackson learns that Long Susan’s girls have been drawn into the murky world of Victorian pornography, the team must use all of their brawn, brains and brilliance to track down the fiend responsible before another girl is killed.

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Jack The Ripper may be fading into memory now, but East London has found no peace; H Division’s beat is more chaotic and lawless than ever. So when a sergeant from Limehouse’s neighbouring K Division is found, hurled from a Whitechapel tenement window on to the iron railings below, Reid is quick to act. If the police are to be so publicly assaulted on his streets, what hope for law-abiding civilian life?

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The new Ripper Street season is absolutely thrilling and promises lots of plot twists. But let’s tell all in good time. Now we find ourselves in 1894. The Whitechapel train accident claims the lives of fifty-five citizens of London. And once again we see the prominent detectives Bennet Drake, Edmund Reid, Rose Erskine, Homer Jackson and Long Susan working together on this sophisticated case after a longstanding break. Edmund Reid leads investigation of the derailment of the passenger train. He uncovers that there was an armed robbery arranged by Long Susan and her attorney Ronald Capshaw in order to obtain bearer securities. Her aim is to invest them in the organization Obsidian Estates with the help of which Susan longs to refine Whitechapel. The season 3 will let us discover the story of Edmund’s long lost daughter Mathilda. She was said to have drowned long ago. Now we may observe her returning to him. The series are going to be a genuine pleasure for those fond of detective stories, intrigues and unexpected upheavals.

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Brilliant three seasons of the series already behind. They gave the audience a variety of emotions, experiences and fear. And now come a time to show you that the author prepared for next season. Together with this to present another batch of new emotions. As you remember, the events unfolding in the capital of Great Britain in the late 19th century. In the territory of the city acts very brutal, ruthless killer. He already deprived of life of many people. Who else will suffer against the hands of the offender it's unknown. And for the time being can not to prevent these crimes, since this killer consistently escapes and destroys all evidence which might help the investigation. In this season, you will see the replenishment of a number of crimes so-called of Jack the Ripper. The series again will dip you in a long journey by Victorian London. You will see even more exciting events of this detective series in excellent traditions of british cinema. The most striking and mysterious storylines already expected you. Do not miss the continuation of this exciting story. Take some time for yourself and immerse yourself in new experiences which are ready to open for you to series Ripper Street.

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1899 sad event when the elusive Jack Ripper dealt with his first victim a street prostitute and open her with surgical precision. The best detectives of countrie take reveals the details of the case. Each of them is eager to hold the mysterious killer. But an initial investigation did not bring positive results. In addition, the investigation process is hampered by the lack of evidence, carefully swept tracks and most importantly a complete lack of suspects. In turn, Jack did not stop there. Soon, he carries out the second and then third murder and so on. Such a terrible series of events affects the behavior of all the inhabitants of the city. A variety of condemning statements fly in the direction of the police. All as one, argue that those in bad faith relating to the implementation of such an important task. So clever and cunning maniac always manages to get ahead of the detectives a few steps. The endless chain of bloody clashes with prostitutes forcing the team to unite into a single whole and act together regardless of whether they want it or not. With this approach to the case it is quite possible they will be able to more quickly reach the trail of the killer. People are beginning to take Jack for a messenger from the dark world which leads to them his game. Do detectives be able to approach the long-awaited denouement?

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