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Resistance 2019

Resistance 2019 poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Drama, Mini-Series
Channel: RTÉ One
Status: Ended
0.0/10(0 votes)

At the height of the War of Independence, Michael Collins’ squad member Jimmy Mahon is given an intelligence role while Ursula Sweeney, a code-breaker with British intelligence at Dublin Castle, contemplates treason. From writer Colin Teevan, the series features Jimmy Mahon (Brian Gleeson), who works as a hit-man for Michael Collins, while his brother Patrick (David Wilmot) is working for the British as an RIC officer. It marks the centenary of the War of Independence in Ireland. The narrative thread that holds the series together is a plot by the Irish (fictional, but based on what was to follow) to get rid the British administration and their system of spies and secret police at Dublin Castle. This world is one of shadows and echoes; double-agents and unreliable narrators at a time of high tension, fear and anxiety. Ursula Sweeney (Simone Kirby) is working as a cryptologist in Dublin Castle, while her estranged sister Agnes Moore (Natasha O’Keeffe) is working in the Sinn Féin midnight courts. Eithne Drury (Aoife Duffin) must learn who to trust as a journalist for Sinn Féin’s propaganda department. The fictional characters occasionally cross paths with historical figures including Collins (Gavin Drea), British Spymaster General Ormonde Winter (Paul Ritter) , his Civil Service opposite number Mark Sturgis (Tom Bennett), and Sinn Féin founder Arthur Griffith (Andrew Bennett). Jordanne Jones, who also starred in Rebellion, returns as Minnie Mahon. Catherine Walker plays Constance Butler and Aoibhinn McGinnity stars as Josephine Carmichael.

The new Irish epic drama series “Resistance” tells about the life of people during the so-called War of Independence. This is the period of resistance from 1919-1921 and the signing of the treaty between the two governments. In the series, a share was made on the lives of ordinary people who witnessed events in a difficult historical period.

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