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Remedy poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Drama
Channel: Global
Status: Ended
8.7/10(3 votes)
Enrico Colantoni Enrico Colantoni as Allen Conner
Dillon Casey Dillon Casey as Griffin Conner
Sara Canning Sara Canning as Melissa Conner
Diego Fuentes Diego Fuentes as Bruno Dias
Genelle Williams Genelle Williams as Zoe Rivera
Martha Burns Martha Burns as Rebecca Baker
Matt Ward Matt Ward as Brian Decker
Niall Matter Niall Matter as Peter Cutler
Patrick McKenna Patrick McKenna as Frank Kanaskie
Sarah Allen Sarah Allen as Sandy Conner

A unique, high-stakes medical drama that goes beyond the operating room and the ER, to reveal a compelling community of hospital staff who make the healing happen. The series follows Griffin Conners, son of the Chief of Staff, brother to both a surgeon and a nurse, and now – medical school dropout. Having been kicked out in a haze of disgrace, Griffin is forced to return to Broadview Hospital as its newest orderly, where he gets a new perspective on a world he thought he knew through a colorful cast of cleaners, project aides, transport workers and more.

Remedy season 1

Remedy season 1 poster

The medical drama series takes viewers on a heart-pumping adventure through hospital doors previously unopened. With an ‘upstairs/downstairs’ look at downtown Bethune Hospital coupled with a complicated family dynamic at its core. The main character is Griffin Connor, a medical school dropout working as an orderly at the Broadview Hospital in Toronto, where his father Allan is the chief of medical staff.

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Remedy season 2

Remedy season 2 poster

Season two starts with an explosion blowing up the downstairs of Beth-H. The wounded fire fighter appears to have some interesting and intimidating postoperative symptoms, which make Jerry and Mel argue about the further actions. Meanwhile Griffin Conner has to give an account of his activities while the patient is dying under his supervision. Allen executes an immensely exceptional and insecure medical procedure which causes Zoe’s mother turning up at Beth-H unpredictably. Elsewhere, Mel behaves absentmindedly in the operating room because of the love affair with Cutler. In the meantime Cutler is involved into a conflict between the couple concerning the unexplainable sickness of a woman. Meanwhile Mel unfortunately learns a hard destiny of a man with a broken heart, whereas Griffin tries to take drugs. Further attempts to return him back to reality make Griffin lose control. Mel does her best in order to save fatally wounded Sandy, whereas Griffin at last faces reality of his dangerous habit. Don’t miss the next episodes of Remedy!

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