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Real Humans season 1

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Real Humans season 1 poster
10 episodes (10719 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Lisette Pagler, Pia Halvorsen, Johan Paulsen, Marie Robertson, Peter Carlberg, Jimmy Lindström, David Lenneman, Christopher Wagelin, Karin Bertling, Emil Almén, Alexander Karim, Simon Norrthon, Happy Jankell, Louise Peterhoff, Inga Landgré, Rennie Mirro, Ellen Jelinek, Sofia Bach, Jonas Malmsjö, Ola Wahlström, Camilla Larsson, Saunet Sparell, Shebly Niavarani, André Sjöberg, Johannes Kuhnke, Thomas W. Gabrielsson, Peter Viitanen, Måns Nathanaelson, Anki Larsson, Fredrik Silbersky, Josephine Alhanko, Kåre Hedebrant, Natalie Minnevik, Alexander Stocks, Sten Elfström, Leif Andrée, Eva Röse, Andreas Wilson, Aline Palmstierna, Casper Svensson Esteves, Lars-Erik Berenett, Molly Sehlin Genre:Drama, Science-Fiction Channel:SVT Status:Ended

8.7 (23 votes)

Action of the series comes in the nearest future in Sweden, where apart from the common people live hubotars – highly-developed robots in human disguise. They are widely used in manufacture, domestic and sexual services as well as in household. All this is brought to appearance of the black market where the robots stolen from their owners are resold. In certain circles of “real humans” they are not satisfied with the existing situation. As a result the terrorist organization speaking out in favor of hubotar’s prohibition appears. In the center of narration are Leo and Niska – leaders of the robot group struggling for freedom. During the escape Leo’s girl Mimi receives an injury and is kidnapped by criminals for ensuing resale. So after that Leo leaves his group and sets out on Mimi’s search. At the same time the Engman family purchases a hubotar-mistress for their aging grandfather. As a bonus they receive Mimi, whose memory was reformatted. Her new name is now Anita and now on she stays with this family.

Real Humans season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Break In, Break Loose (air date: 2012-01-22)

A new generation of human-like robots -- "hubots" -- provide all manner of services to the human race. But some of these hubots, known as the "Children of David," free themselves from the control of their masters. Kidnapped by traffickers and separated from other rebel hubots, the hubot Mimi is sold on the black market. Another Child of David, Leo, leaves the protection of the group and goes in search of her. Meanwhile, the Engman family has a new Hubot, whose memory has been erased ...

360p (zip 547.8 MB)
Episode #2: Trust No One (air date: 2012-01-22)

A group of free Hubots are now on the loose. Leo is still searching for Mimi who has been taken as the Engmans' housemaid. Lennart is grumpy about Vera, his new Hubot, but will he risk bringing Odi out from the cellar?

360p (zip 547.5 MB)
Episode #3: The Lord Shall Be Our Companion (air date: 2012-01-29)

The liberated hubots take refuge in an old church, aided by its Reverend. Meanwhile, Lennart keeps Odi hidden in the cellar, away from Vera's prying eyes. Dumped by his wife, Roger tries to reconnect with his son, while his distain for hubots grows ...

360p (zip 533.0 MB)
Episode #4: Semi-Human Rights (air date: 2012-02-05)

Therese and Pilar feel deeply humiliated when they find that their hubot companions are not treated as equals by humans. Roger, Bea and Malte begin to consider taking drastic measures to rid the world of hubots. Bea, meanwhile, is behaving more and more strangely.

360p (zip 550.3 MB)
Episode #5: Power at Heart (air date: 2012-02-12)

Malte, Bea and Roger pledge their allegiance to the 'Real Humans Liberation Front' and begin setting their plans for a hubot-free world in action. Kevin has a hard time accepting the fact that his mother sleeps with Rick. Eva becomes more uncomfortable with the hubots hiding in her attic. Still in search of Mimi, Leo finds himself involved in the hubot black market.

360p (zip 573.1 MB)
Episode #6: Sly Leo (air date: 2012-02-19)

Leo is weak, but continues to search for Mimi. Matlida is beginning to uncover the truth about Anita. Lennart is offered the chance to make a hubot copy of himself, but does he want to?

360p (zip 592.1 MB)
Episode #7: Blind Love (air date: 2012-02-26)

Tobias witnesses an assault and decides to take the law into his own hands. Roger loses his composure at work. Lennart is rejuvenated by his romance with Solveig, much to Vera's chagrin.

360p (zip 565.7 MB)
Episode #8: Make Haste (air date: 2012-03-04)

Rick and Bo are insulted when the ladies switch them off for a girls' night out. They begin throwing their weight about and decide to get revenge. When Inger questions Leo, he lets her know that time is running out. Meanwhile, at Roger's house, Bea begins to develop feelings and soon has a revelation for Roger.

360p (zip 549.7 MB)
Episode #9: Heritage (air date: 2012-03-11)

The truth about David Eischer's experiments leaks out to the police, and Inger Engman suddenly understands the link to Anita. Kevin gets tired of Rick's bullying and returns to a home and a stepfather he doesn’t recognise. And after a successful flight attempt, Leo finds his beloved Mimi.

360p (zip 526.6 MB)
Episode #10: The Code (air date: 2012-03-18)

In the final episode, everyone wants the code, which in the wrong hands could spell disaster for humankind. Leo is very weak, but continues to flee with Mimi in the underground passages of the metro. Bea and Carl are both after them, both trying to reach them first. At the same time, Tobias has a strange gift in his room.

360p (zip 537.0 MB)

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