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Powers season 1

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Powers season 1 poster
10 episodes (2744 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Michelle Forbes, Sharlto Copley, Tricia Helfer, Susan Heyward, Max Fowler, Adam Godley, Logan Browning, Olesya Rulin, Eddie Izzard, Noah Taylor Genre:Action, Crime, Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller Channel:PlayStation Network Status:Ended

7.7 (20 votes)

Supernatural is the category of worldview which determines that located "above" the physical world measurements and operates and acts outside the influence of the laws of nature. In our time, often started to occur the cases of supernatural character. And sometimes very difficult to explain their. But Cristiano Walker, the protagonist of the series, will not only expound these situations but also to find who out exactly stands behind of all this. He is investigating the unusual crimes. And during all time of his career, he faced with the varying complexity of the situation. The event that occurred with him many years ago provoked unpleasant consequences for the Christian. During the collision with his long-time enemy of Wolf, he lost his superpowers. But it did not gave him a reason for despair, because he still hopes that one day he will able to restore his superpowers. And now, in order to Christian could strengthen opposition to the forces of evil, to him determined of partner whose name is Dean Pilgrim. By virtue of their skills and knowledges they will prevent of invasion enemies and will worry about how to prevent innocent bloodsheds.

Powers season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot (air date: 2015-03-10)

Walker and Pilgrim investigate the death of Olympia, a renowned superhero who is found dead in a sleazy apartment with no clothing and no sign of injury. Information emerges about Olympia's controversial sex life, which may have played a role in his death.

360p (mp4 277.6 MB)
Episode #2: Like a Power (air date: 2015-03-10)

Conflicted with the loss of his former life as a Power, power-less Detective Walker must overcome his personal demons and find Calista who has gone missing. Now with the reappearance of his old friend turned foe, Johnny Royale, Walker is left with more questions than answers.

360p (mp4 245.7 MB)
Episode #3: Mickey Rooney Cries No More (air date: 2015-03-10)

As a lethal powers-enhancing drug is unleashed on the public, Detectives Walker and Pilgrim seek out the criminal mastermind behind it with the help of iconic Power, Retro Girl. As clues come to light, Walker considers the possibility that Wolfe, his dangerous former mentor turned nemesis, might have the answers he seeks.

360p (mp4 255.4 MB)
Episode #4: Devil In a Garbage Bag (air date: 2015-03-10)

Walker and Pilgrim, and the rest of the Powers Division must prevent Wolfe from escaping the high security prison that holds him: The Shaft. As Wolfe goes on a murderous rampage from within its walls, the Powers team are forced to try a new top-secret technology to keep him detained, Codename: The Drainer.

360p (mp4 191.9 MB)
Episode #5: Paint It Black (air date: 2015-03-24)

As Christian tries to recapture Wolfe, he remembers their past when Wolfe was a philosopher rather than a killer.

360p (mp4 214.9 MB)
Episode #6: The Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit (air date: 2015-03-31)

Deena's father is among the attendee at the service for the dead Powers Division officers who Wolfe killed. Christian, Retro Girl, and Triphammer are reunited as well. Meanwhile, Krispin continues with his anti-Powers crusade.

360p (mp4 225.5 MB)
Episode #7: You Are Not It (air date: 2015-04-07)

After Wolfe’s plea to end his life, Walker and Pilgrim must act quickly to stop Johnny Royalle’s petition to meet with Wolfe in The Shaft. Meanwhile Zora struggles with her new-found fame, while Calista becomes more desperate to discover if she truly is a Power.

360p (mp4 252.0 MB)
Episode #8: Aha Shake Heartbreak (air date: 2015-04-14)

Johnny finally tells Christian what is going on, and how he plans to stop it. Meanwhile, Deena arrests Calista and Retro Girl goes ahead with her foundation's benefit event... with tragic consequences.

360p (mp4 229.7 MB)
Episode #9: Level 13 (air date: 2015-04-21)

Christian plays both sides as he tries to convince Johnny that his friends are helping them break in to kill Wolfe, in the hopes of arresting Johnny. However, Deena and the others suspect that Christian really does intend to kill Wolfe so that he can get his powers back. Meanwhile, Christian attends Candace's funeral and warns Krispin that he's getting into deep waters.

360p (mp4 207.0 MB)
Episode #10: F@#K the Big Chiller (air date: 2015-04-28)

Wolfe has escaped, leaving a path of destruction and death in his wake, pushing Walker to put aside his desire to regain his own powers in order to help the Powers Division and heroes of the world end this once and for all.

360p (mp4 280.9 MB)

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