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Powers poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Drama, Action, Science-Fiction
Status: Ended
7.7/10(574 votes)
Adam Godley Adam Godley as Captain Emile Cross
Eddie Izzard Eddie Izzard as Wolfe
Logan Browning Logan Browning as Zora
Max Fowler Max Fowler as Krispin Stockley
Michelle Forbes Michelle Forbes as Retro Girl
Michelle Forbes Michelle Forbes as Retro Girl
Noah Taylor Noah Taylor as Johnny Royalle
Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin as Calista Secor
Sharlto Copley Sharlto Copley as Christian Walker
Sharlto Copley Sharlto Copley as Christian Walker

Combining the genres of superhero fantasy, crime noir and police procedural, Powers is set in a world full of people with superhuman abilities and where all of those powers are just another catalyst for mayhem and murder. The series follows Detective Christian Walker, who is in charge of protecting humans like us and investigating cases involving the God-like men and women, referred to as Powers, who glide through the sky on lightning bolts and fire and who clash above cities in epic battle, oblivious to the mortals below.

Powers season 1

Powers season 1 poster

Supernatural is the category of worldview which determines that located "above" the physical world measurements and operates and acts outside the influence of the laws of nature. In our time, often started to occur the cases of supernatural character. And sometimes very difficult to explain their. But Cristiano Walker, the protagonist of the series, will not only expound these situations but also to find who out exactly stands behind of all this. He is investigating the unusual crimes. And during all time of his career, he faced with the varying complexity of the situation. The event that occurred with him many years ago provoked unpleasant consequences for the Christian. During the collision with his long-time enemy of Wolf, he lost his superpowers. But it did not gave him a reason for despair, because he still hopes that one day he will able to restore his superpowers. And now, in order to Christian could strengthen opposition to the forces of evil, to him determined of partner whose name is Dean Pilgrim. By virtue of their skills and knowledges they will prevent of invasion enemies and will worry about how to prevent innocent bloodsheds.

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Powers season 2

Powers season 2 poster

Powers series has become very popular.The first season went his way successfully. But the scenario of the second season of this drama will be a real surprise for you. The events of this season will be quite bold, outstanding and unusual. Attention continues to focus on a group of amazing people and the achievements which they present to the world. They work in the Department of Special Investigation. People with supernormal are their target. Incidents of this story focuses on Powers book which talks about the most significant cosmic history. We note that the cast of the series has changed. In addition to the characters from the first season, you'll see also some new faces. We hope that the continuation of the amazing storie you'll like. After all, the authors have prepared a really incredibly fantastic development pattern. The series will cause you the most vivid and unforgettable emotions. Guest Rating for the first season is growing rapidly every day. We want to believe that the second season will reach at least these results. We will follow the news regarding the premiere of the second season and to report it to you.

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