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Pinky and the Brain season 3

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Pinky and the Brain season 3 poster
51 episodes (1304 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulsen Genre:Animation, Children, Comedy Channel:The WB Status:Ended

8.3 (37 votes)

Pinky and the Brain season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1:
Episode #2: Cinebrania (air date: 1997-09-08)

The mice make a series of comedy films and hit the big time.

360p (avi 265.2 MB)
Episode #3: Pinky & The Brain and... Larry (air date: 1997-09-13)

Pinky and Brain have a new companion, Larry, but their newest plan just doesn't seem to pan out.

360p (avi 175.0 MB)
Episode #4: Where The Deer and The Mousealopes Play (air date: 1997-09-13)

In their latest plan, Pinky and Brain try to take over the steel mills in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by pretending to be a part of an endangered species called the Mousealopes.

Episode #5: Brain Noir (air date: 1997-09-13)

It's 1946 and Brain's new plan gets interrupted when he and Pinky encounter Billie and Snowball.

360p (avi 261.1 MB)
Episode #6: Brain's Bogie (air date: 1997-09-15)

Brain gets caught up in winning a golf tournament, even though it interferes with his new plan.

360p (avi 251.1 MB)
Episode #7: Say What, Earth? (air date: 1997-09-15)

After the Earth gets the power of speech from his Silitronlinguifactor device, Brain comes up with a new plan.

Episode #8: My Feldmans, My Friends (air date: 1997-09-16)

Brain tries to get a package meant for him back from his neighbor.

360p (avi 240.3 MB)
Episode #9: All You Need Is Narf (air date: 1997-09-17)

Pinky becomes a guru during the 1960s.

360p (avi 284.5 MB)
Episode #10: Pinky's Plan (air date: 1997-09-17)

It's Brain's birthday and Pinky plans a surprise party.

Episode #11: This Old Mouse (air date: 1997-09-18)

After getting a glimpse of his future, Brain abandons his attempts to take over the world and gets a job as a ski instructor.

360p (avi 256.5 MB)
Episode #12: Brain Storm (air date: 1997-09-19)

The mice are looking to control tornados, but a pest keeps getting in their way.

360p (avi 264.1 MB)
Episode #13: A Meticulous Analysis Of History (air date: 1997-09-20)

Brain sings about past and present world leaders' failures.

360p (avi 265.0 MB)
Episode #14: Funny, You Don't Look Rhennish (air date: 1997-09-20)

The mice need to get into a mine, but have to pretend to join a Amish-type society.

Episode #15: The Pinky Protocol (air date: 1997-09-22)

Brain's latest plan is a conspiracy theory about why he is not ruling the world.

360p (avi 251.4 MB)
Episode #16: Mice Don't Dance (air date: 1997-09-26)

Brain becomes a tap dancer with steam-powered legs in order to spread a subliminal morse code at the World's Fair.

360p (avi 267.4 MB)
Episode #17: Brain Drained (air date: 1997-09-26)

Brain is out of ideas for taking over the world, so he tries to get some from writers.

Episode #18: Brain Acres (air date: 1997-09-27)

Farmer Brain tries to grow an army of monster vegetables.

360p (avi 265.5 MB)
Episode #19: Pinky And The Brainmaker (air date: 1997-09-29)

Brain creates a cloning machine and plans to clone himself in order to create the best Celtic dance troupe the world has ever seen.

360p (avi 262.5 MB)
Episode #20: Calvin Brain (air date: 1997-09-29)

Brain masquerades as a fashion designer.

Episode #21: Pinky Suavo (air date: 1997-10-04)

Brain plans to use the Personalitron to give him irresistible charisma, but it winds up going to Pinky.

360p (avi 252.3 MB)
Episode #22: T.H.E.Y (air date: 1997-10-04)

The mice learn of a secret organization, T.H.E.Y. (comprised of world leaders), and try to get in.

Episode #23: The Real Life (air date: 1997-10-10)

A house needed for Brain's latest plot becomes the set of a reality series about the people living there. So the mice become participants to get in.

360p (avi 277.7 MB)
Episode #24: Brain's Way (air date: 1997-10-11)

To save his Las Vegas casino, Brain works as a lounge singer.

360p (avi 266.5 MB)
Episode #25: A Pinky And The Brain Halloween (air date: 1997-10-19)

Mr. Itch offers Brain control of the world in exchange for his soul, but Brain refuses. In a shocking twist, Pinky sells his soul to make it happen and Brain soon decides to get his friend back.

360p (avi 279.3 MB)
Episode #26: Brainy Jack (air date: 1997-11-02)

Brain assumes the identity of Briany Jack, a hippie leader, and tries to create a peace chain to send a subliminal message.

360p (avi 265.5 MB)
Episode #27: Leggo My Ego (air date: 1997-11-07)

Brain's attempt to control Emperor Franz Josef get side tracked when he talks about his problems with psychiatrist Dr. Sigmund Freud.

360p (avi 274.3 MB)
Episode #28: Big In Japan (air date: 1997-11-07)

Brain enters the world of a sumo wrestling to acquire a paralyzing fish.

Episode #29: But, That's Not All Folks! (air date: 1997-11-08)

Brain takes control of a satellite to air his infomercial around the world, but the satellite belongs to the military and they want to capture whoever hacked into their systems.

360p (avi 261.6 MB)
Episode #30: Operation Sea Lion (air date: 1997-11-14)

Brain takes control over aquatic mammals for his latest plan and Pinky falls for a female sea lion.

360p (avi 269.1 MB)
Episode #31: You Said a Mouseful (air date: 1997-11-14)

Brain tries to change the Earth's weather patterns.

Episode #32: The Tailor and The Mice (air date: 1997-11-15)

A well-meaning tailor makes Pinky and Brain's lives miserable.

360p (avi 264.4 MB)
Episode #33: Bah, Wilderness (air date: 1997-11-15)

At a sleep away camp for world leaders' children, Brain tries to trick the children into placing listening devices in their parents' offices.

Episode #34: Pinky At The Bat (air date: 1997-11-22)

To release Brain's leather repellant, the mice become baseball players.

360p (avi 266.5 MB)
Episode #35: Schpiel-Borg 2000 (air date: 1997-11-22)

Brain's latest plan for world domination is the Schpiel-Borg 2000, which hosts a retrospective of past episodes.

Episode #36: Broadway Malady (air date: 1998-01-03)

Pinky and Brain stage their own seperate musicals, which have varying degrees of success.

360p (avi 271.2 MB)
Episode #37: The Megalomaniacal Adventures Of Brainie The Poo (air date: 1998-02-07)

Spoofing Winnie the Pooh, Brainie and Pinklet try to steal honey from a bee hive.

360p (avi 266.7 MB)
Episode #38: Melancholy Brain (air date: 1998-02-07)

Brain tries to create chaos in Hamlet's family and take over.

Episode #39: Inherit The Wheeze (air date: 1998-02-14)

Brain tries to become a national hero by taking down a tobacco company.

360p (avi 262.9 MB)
Episode #40: Brain's Night Off (air date: 1998-02-21)

Taking the night off from trying to take over the world, Pinky and Brain try other things.

360p (avi 266.6 MB)
Episode #41: Beach Blanket Brain (air date: 1998-02-21)

Brain tries to get surfers to put on his suntan lotion, Brain de Soleil, which creates a hypnotic effect.

Episode #42: The Family That Poits Together, Narfs Together (air date: 1998-02-21)

Brain enters Pinky's family in a contest to win $25,000.

360p (avi 267.6 MB)
Episode #43: Pinky's Turn (air date: 1998-02-28)

Pinky has his own plan for world domination and Brain goes along with it.

360p (avi 264.7 MB)
Episode #44: Your Friend: Global Domination (air date: 1998-02-28)

Brain explains why he should be leader in a mock educational film.

Episode #45: You'll Never Eat Food Pellets In This Town, Again! (air date: 1998-04-25)

As network executives keep repeatedly changing their show, Pinky and Brain decide to quit.

360p (avi 267.8 MB)
Episode #46: Dangerous Brains (air date: 1998-05-02)

As he prepares his plan for world domination, Brain goes to work teaching rebellious students.

360p (avi 266.3 MB)
Episode #47: Whatever Happened To Baby Brain (air date: 1998-05-09)

Pinky and Brain masquerade as a mother and child star respectively to get money needed for the next plan.

360p (avi 265.3 MB)
Episode #48: Just Say Narf (air date: 1998-05-09)

Pinky sings a song about saying "narf".

Episode #49: The Pinky P.O.V. (air date: 1998-05-16)

It's another usual night where Brain plans to take over the world, only it's seen from Pinky's point of view.

Episode #50: The Really Great Dictator (air date: 1998-05-16)

The mice sing about world domination.

Episode #51: Brain Food (air date: 1998-05-16)

Brain opens a restaurant and feeds the customers a drug to make them smarter.

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