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Partners season 1

Partners season 1 poster
13 episodes (3879 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:Michael Urie, Brandon Routh, Sophia Bush, David Krumholtz, Tracy Vilar Genre:Comedy Channel:CBS Status:Ended

7.4 (8 votes)

The series - comedy Partners season 1 reveals the story about of the two architects. One of them is a gay, the other is natural. They are friends. But these friendly relations are more like a marriage. Each of them lives good. They work together. But after a while, one of the main characters falls in love with a girl. The other remains upset. He does not want give his best friend into the women's hands. What will he do to save their friendship? Watch the series and know the answer to this question.

Partners season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot (air date: 2012-09-24)

When Joe must decide whether or not to ask Ali to marry him, Louis and his good intentions threaten to get in the way of his best friend’s happiness.

360p (mp4 159.5 MB)
Episode #2: Chicken & Stuffing (air date: 2012-10-01)

Joe and Louis bicker about who takes better care of whom when Louis discovers that Joe and Ali haven’t been “romantic” lately.

360p (mp4 153.6 MB)
Episode #3: The Jeter Exception (air date: 2012-10-08)

After Joe uncovers sexy photos of Ali with famous baseball player Derek Jeter and tells Louis about it, Ali questions Joe’s ability to keep a secret from his partner.

360p (mp4 144.0 MB)
Episode #4: The Key (air date: 2012-10-15)

Joe is stuck in the middle after Ali finds out that Louis has a key to Joe’s apartment and she does not.

360p (mp4 149.3 MB)
Episode #5: 2 Broke Guys (air date: 2012-11-05)

Joe and Louis’ financial problems force the partners to ask for their old jobs back. Meanwhile, Joe questions just how platonic Ali’s overly friendly kiss with Wyatt really is.

360p (mp4 154.3 MB)
Episode #6: Temporary Insanity (air date: 2012-11-12)

Louis hires Wyatt to fill in as their assistant at the office when Ro-Ro goes on vacation.

360p (mp4 160.8 MB)
Episode #7: Pretty Funny (air date: 2012-11-19)

Joe is torn as to where he and Ali should socialise when he realizes that he doesn't fit in with her friends and she doesn't fit in with Louis'

Episode #8: My Best Friend's Wedding Ring (air date: 2013-04-24)

After Louis offers Joe his grandmother's ring to give to Ali as her long-awaited engagement ring, he is shocked when a hurt Wyatt objects.

Episode #9: Troubled Waters (air date: 2013-04-25)

Joe and Louis are contracted to design a house for a big shot in the music business.

360p (mp4 156.7 MB)
Episode #10: Straight Man's Best Friend (air date: 2013-04-30)

Joe tries to hide his new straight friend Russ from Louis.

Episode #11: The Archies (air date: 2013-05-01)

Joe and Louis wait to find out if they are nominated for an "Archie" award.

360p (mp4 165.4 MB)
Episode #12: Two Nines and a Pair of Queens (air date: 2013-01-07)
360p (mp4 158.4 MB)
Episode #13: Sperm und Drang (air date: 2013-05-07)

Ali gets a pregnancy scare, Louis decides to have a baby as well, Joe and Louis' relationship is tested.

360p (mp4 152.2 MB)

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