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Outcast poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Drama, Horror, Supernatural
Channel: FOX
Status: Ended
7.1/10(685 votes)
Kate Lyn Sheil Kate Lyn Sheil as Allison Barnes
Patrick Fugit Patrick Fugit as Kyle Barnes
Patrick Fugit Patrick Fugit as Kyle Barnes
Patrick Fugit Patrick Fugit as Kyle Barnes
Philip Glenister Philip Glenister as Reverend John Anderson
Reg E. Cathey Reg E. Cathey as Chief Giles
Wrenn Schmidt Wrenn Schmidt as Megan Holter
Gabriel Bateman Gabriel Bateman as Joshua Austin
Gabriel Bateman Gabriel Bateman as Joshua Austin
Philip Glenister Philip Glenister as Reverend Anderson

Outcast follows Kyle Barnes, a young man who has been plagued by possession since he was a child. Now an adult, he embarks on a journey to find answers but what he uncovers could mean the end of life on Earth as we know it.

Outcast season 1

Outcast season 1 poster

Demons do not exist. We have been teaching this truth since childhood and with this knowledge we used to live. It is really difficult to imagine an invisible parallel world, which is inhabited by horrible creatures, thirsty for blood. This assumption is strange and ridiculous, because we cannot make sure that somewhere very near there is something terrible and invisible. But what if somebody can see them? And that somebody is our main character, Kyle Barnes. Living in a small town in West Virginia, since childhood nightmarish visions have been haunting Kyle. And when he grew up his ability to see the creatures from parallel worlds did not disappear. Moreover, due to his abilities, he began to avoid socializing with people. He was afraid of hurting someone, that’s why he cut ties even with his family. He has a long journey which will help him to find the answers to the questions that torment Kyle almost his entire adult life. Nevertheless, he must be careful, as some answers can change the existing order of things in our world forever...

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Outcast season 2

Outcast season 2 poster

In the plot of the series is made of living demonstration of hermits, say goodbye to the modern realities and comfort, and have decided to live in the nature, together with the fact that the present fate. However, the contradictions are not given the opportunity to live a quiet life. One of the city government desires, was the desire to eradicate the established traditions and destroy the history of Clan Farrell. Planned capital development and global monetary gain. In this situation, it would be difficult to understand, for what act or that the opposing sides. It is always, any issue can be resolved peacefully. But in the given case there is quite the opposite. Each new episode will introduce viewers to new knowledge arduous lifestyle among forests, where wild tribe desire led by Lady Ray, will meet all rooted customs and rules. Viewers plunge into the Middle Ages and primitive existence in the modern world. At the same time, each observer will be able to accept any of the parties. It will be a real battle between the ability to use small arms and local media savage, owning sharp axes and knives. The storyline of the series exceeded the desire to get cash income over the preservation of the unity of man and the forest ecosystem. Such a choice in the direction of extension possessions, can lead to unpleasant consequences. Episodes of TV series showing scenes the beautiful landscape and existence in the woods, come across the idea seriously consider cutting down of trees and the destruction of centuries-old arrays. Personnel conflicts, clan wild and urban life, will touch doom and desire to survive. During this series has received numerous recognition of spectators. Presented events will immerse in what is happening and to sympathize with the heroes of the confrontation. The release of new episodes of the series is scheduled for January 21, 2017.

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