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Our Girl

Our Girl poster
Genre: Drama, War, Medical
Channel: BBC One
Status: Ended
8.2/10(279 votes)
Anna Tenta Anna Tenta as Kicki
Anthony Oseyemi Anthony Oseyemi as Captain Osman
Becky Eggersglusz Becky Eggersglusz as Bashira
Ben Aldridge Ben Aldridge as Captain James
Harki Bhambra Harki Bhambra as Private Rab
Iwan Rheon Iwan Rheon as Smurf
Lacey Turner Lacey Turner as Molly Dawes
Lacey Turner Lacey Turner as Molly Dawes
Lacey Turner Lacey Turner as Molly Dawes
Luke Pasqualino Luke Pasqualino as Elvis

Drama following the extraordinary adventures of female medics in the British Army.

Our Girl season 1

Our Girl season 1 poster

The central figure of the drama series is a charming and sensible girl Molly who has decided to prove herself in the field of medicine. Must say that the main character copes with her responsibilities. Congenital doctor was assigned to the army. Molly hopes that she will be able to avoid a meeting with military actions. But her hopes were not justified and the girl falls into the very epicenter of hell. She understands that this is the case when she need to show her determination, courage and professionalism. A bit later, British troops depart from Afghanistan but the work of Molly does not end there. She must do everything in her power and to try save the lives of many wounded soldiers. Hermission to give hopes to the wounded a speedy recovery. The heroine skillfully applies not only to medical professionalism and female charm to help cure both classical and spiritual wounds of soldiers. Molly is a special doctor uses in his work a psychological approach, kindness and attention to each patient. We can say that the soldiers very lucky that their lives are in the hands of such a great professional. In general, Molly diligently about her work. It should also be noted that the series has contained a lot of romantic scenes, sharp turns of the storyline and even comedic moments. This young physician like you and if you watch this reel of film.

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