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Obsession: Dark Desires season 3

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Obsession: Dark Desires season 3 poster
10 episodes (511 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Crime, Documentary, Drama Channel:Investigation Discovery Status:Continuing

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Obsession: Dark Desires season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Garden of Evil (air date: 2016-02-09)

A landscaper with an obsession for a client won't take no for an answer.

Episode #2: Exposed (air date: 2016-02-16)

A young professional's dream house becomes the thing of nightmares when someone begins filming her through her window.

Episode #3: A Dangerous Mind (air date: 2016-02-23)

When maternal senior psychiatric nurse Maria Jordan fires erratic, heroin-addicted junior nurse Denis Czajkowski, it triggers an all-consuming obsession with Maria that culminates in him holding her hostage for an unimaginably bloody 48 hours.

Episode #4: Burning Love (air date: 2016-03-01)

Yvette and Roger's marriage has broken down but Roger can't stand to see Yvette with another man and decides she must die -- in front of all her colleagues. If he can't have her, then no one will.

Episode #5: The Devil in the Pews (air date: 2016-03-08)

To fellow parishioners of his Mormon church, Bill is a reformed convict. But when he meets Jennifer, the Bishop's 18 year old daughter, he becomes obsessed. By day, he sends her thousands of cards and gifts. By night, he digs out his basement, determined to make Jennifer his, forever.

Episode #6: Beauty in the Bronx (air date: 2016-03-15)

Ramon is muscular, good looking and charming too. For 20 year old trainee pharmacist Evimer, it is an irresistible combination. But Ramon quickly reveals a possessive side and his violent episodes soon leave Evimer fighting for her life.

Episode #7: Cross Your Heart and Hope To Die (air date: 2016-03-22)

Sarah is dating a young, handsome pastor but soon discovers her preacher man is hiding unholy secrets on a biblical scale. He is prepared to silence Sarah and her whole family to stop her leaving him.

Episode #8: Campaign Trail of Fears (air date: 2016-03-29)

Kathleen's husband - Bob is running for Senate in Texas. When they hire a private aircraft to take them on the campaign trail, the pilot, Tom Humphrey, becomes increasingly obsessed with Kathleen. Now he'll do anything to destroy her husband and make her his, including using his plane as a deadly weapon.

Episode #9: Final Fantasy (air date: 2016-04-05)

Kaylyn is an introverted high school student, bullied by the popular kids and struggling to fit in. But then she finds the perfect soulmate in newcomer Paul. Sharing a passion for comics and escapism, they fall in love but when Kaylyn starts a new life at college, Paul becomes increasingly jealous. Unable to contain his simmering rage, Paul will turn his car into a deadly weapon and leave Kaylyn's life hanging by a thread.

Episode #10: There's Something About Mary Lynn (air date: 2016-04-12)

Single mom Mary Lynn falls for divorcee Edmonds, but early on she realizes there is something not quite right about his 10 year old son, Tennent. What she doesn't know is that Tennent doesn't just like Mary Lynn, he wants to become her. It's the beginning of a terrifying 22 year obsession that will devastate both families.

←Obsession: Dark Desires season 2 Obsession: Dark Desires season 4→

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