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Nip Tuck season 5

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Nip Tuck season 5 poster
22 episodes (1932 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon, Joely Richardson, Bruno Campos, Kelly Carlson, Kelsey Batelaan, Valerie Cruz, Roma Maffia, John Hensley, Brittany Snow Genre:Drama Channel:FX (US) Status:Ended

8.4 (66 votes)

Nip Tuck season 5 episodes list:

Episode #1: Carly Summers (air date: 2007-11-01)

Sean and Christian have relocated their practice from Miami to Los Angeles. Being new to the city they find themselves having to start from scratch business wise. What they thought would naturally fall into place turns out to require some foot work. So Christian and Sean hit the town and begin discovering a whole new world.

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Episode #2: Joyce & Sharon Monroe (air date: 2007-11-06)

Sean and Christian learn about the glamorous side of fame and the price that many are willing to pay for it. Julia visits Sean, Christian and Liz in Los Angeles with a surprise announcement.

360p (mp4 161.7 MB)
Episode #3: Everett Poe (air date: 2007-11-11)

Sean and Julia learn more about their new family dynamic as Sean resists Eden's advances. Kate reveals a secret compulsion. Matt comes to Los Angeles with some troubling news for his fathers.

360p (mp4 140.4 MB)
Episode #4: Dawn Budge II (air date: 2007-11-20)

A series of unfortunate events unfold for an unlucky Dawn Budge, who seeks reparative surgery from Sean and Christian. Annie and Eden start to form a sisterly bond, which unnerves Sean.

360p (mp4 133.2 MB)
Episode #5: Chaz Darling (air date: 2007-11-27)

A patient inspires Sean to take his relationship with Kate in a new direction. Eden uses extreme methods to persuade Christian to perform surgery on a friend. Kimber reaches out to an former business associate when she and Matt fall on hard times.

360p (mp4 135.7 MB)
Episode #6: Damien Sands (air date: 2007-12-04)

Jealous over Sean's new-found fame, Christian convinces Sean to tape a reality show based on their careers as plastic surgeons.

360p (mp4 186.1 MB)
Episode #7: Dr. Joshua Lee (air date: 2007-12-11)

Sean tries to regain his youth through his relationship with Eden. A violent and traumatic event causes Julia to question her relationship with Olivia. In an effort to better her life, Kimber makes a decision that devastates Matt.

360p (mp4 145.4 MB)
Episode #8: Duke Collins (air date: 2007-12-18)

Sean discovers the secret between Christian and Julia. A hospitalized Matt bonds with his rehabilitation counselor. Eden suspiciously makes peace with Julia. Kimber and Ram reveal their future plans.

360p (mp4 149.5 MB)
Episode #9: Rachel Ben Natan (air date: 2008-01-15)

As Julia's health worsens, Christian falls back into old habits. Sean hires Gina as the new receptionist at McNamara/Troy in order to get back at Christian. Dawn Budge returns to McNamara/Troy after another unfortunate incident which requires cosmetic surgery.

360p (mp4 111.5 MB)
Episode #10: Magda and Jeff (air date: 2008-01-22)

Sean's role on Hearts & Scalpels is expanded after he takes on an agent. A suspicious Christian questions Gina's motives for moving to Los Angeles and working at McNamara/Troy.

360p (mp4 139.0 MB)
Episode #11: Kyle Ainge (air date: 2008-01-29)

Christian attempts to cope in the aftermath of a death. Colleen feels threatened when another talent agency shows an interest in Sean's acting career.

360p (mp4 134.3 MB)
Episode #12: Lulu Grandiron (air date: 2008-02-05)

Eden looks to Sean for help after getting into business with Kimber and Ram. A group of wealthy socialites hire Christian for all of their cosmetic surgery needs. Sean discovers another side of Colleen.

360p (mp4 141.1 MB)
Episode #13: August Walden (air date: 2008-02-12)

Sean experiences the ugly side of Hollywood in the form of a television critic. Matt experiences a special bond with one of Christian's patients. The cause of Julia's ailing health is discovered.

360p (mp4 125.2 MB)
Episode #14: Candy Richards (air date: 2008-02-19)

Tragedy strikes the McNamara/Troy family after Julia learns what has caused her ill health. A visitor from Christian's past brings revealing news. Sean finds the price of fame to be more expensive than it's worth.

360p (mp4 138.9 MB)
Episode #15: Ronnie Chase (air date: 2009-01-06)

After surviving the attack by Colleen, Sean's physical and emotional well-being are still feeling the effects. Meanwhile, Christian receives some disturbing news after lending Liz some moral support with her breast cancer scare.

360p (mp4 131.8 MB)
Episode #16: Gene Shelly (air date: 2009-01-13)

After being rejected by Kimber on account of his post-surgery scars and with his chemotherapy making him sick, Christian seeks support from Liz, which leads to a surprising sexual encounter between them. Sean discovers his new lover (Jaime Ray Newman) has a disturbing fetish, and further alienates Julia and Matt when they learn that he has been faking his need for a wheelchair. Raj has a life-altering sexual encounter with the wife (Beth Gargan) of McNamara/Troy's latest patient.

360p (mp4 115.6 MB)
Episode #17: Roxy St. James (air date: 2009-01-27)

Sean tries to deal with his feelings for Julia, while Liz and Christian analyze their relationship and Christian meets someone who understands what he is experiencing with his breast cancer.

360p (mp4 117.7 MB)
Episode #18: Ricky Wells (air date: 2009-02-03)

Matt becomes envious of Sean and Raj bonding together. Christian and Liz give their relationship another chance. Raj's father pays a visit to see his son.

360p (mp4 119.7 MB)
Episode #19: Manny Skerrit (air date: 2009-02-10)

Aidan Stone, a down-on-his- luck writer who has written a biopic about Sean, wants to use it to relaunch his career. Christian is asked by Kimber to give a Botox injection to her daughter so she has a better chance at becoming a baby model. Sean and Christian have been asked by a yoga instructor to perform a procedure in which neither have ever done before.

360p (mp4 132.5 MB)
Episode #20: Budi Sabri (air date: 2009-02-17)

A horribly disfigured man is worked on by Christian and Sean. Meanwhile, Sean hopes to strike up a relationship with the new anesthesiologist Teddy Rowe, and Christian goes for a check up with his oncologist.

360p (mp4 108.5 MB)
Episode #21: Allegra Caldarello (air date: 2009-02-24)

Christian decides to employ Dr. Logan Taper for the practice, while Sean is revisited by a former client from Miami to have plastic surgery so she can attract suitors once her husband dies.

360p (mp4 107.9 MB)
Episode #22: Giselle Blaylock & Legend Chandler (air date: 2009-03-03)

As Christian and Liz make their wedding plans, he also looks for a new cancer treatment. Meanwhile, Ram Peters drops Kimber for a newer model, while Teddy informs Sean that someone close to her is gone, and Sean and Christian repair a couples neck wounds which look strikingly similar at McNamara/Troy.

360p (mp4 138.1 MB)
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