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Nikita poster
Air weekdate: Friday
Genre: Action
Channel: The CW
Status: Ended
8.3/10(4195 votes)
Aaron Stanford Aaron Stanford as Birkhoff
Ashton Holmes Ashton Holmes as Thom
Devon Sawa Devon Sawa as Owen Elliot
Dillon Casey Dillon Casey as Sean Pierce
Lyndsy Fonseca Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex
Maggie Q Maggie Q as Nikita
Maggie Q Maggie Q as Nikita
Melinda Clarke Melinda Clarke as Amanda
Noah Bean Noah Bean as Ryan Fletcher
Peter Outerbridge Peter Outerbridge as Ari Tasarov

When she was a deeply troubled teenager, Nikita was rescued from death row by a secret U.S. agency known only as Division, who trained her as a spy and assassin. Nikita was eventually betrayed by the only people she thought she could trust. Now, after three years in hiding, Nikita is seeking retribution and making it clear to her former boss, Percy and her former friends Michael and Birkhoff that she will stop at nothing to expose and destroy their covert operation.

Nikita season 1

Nikita season 1 poster

When Nikita was a troubled teenager on death row, she was “recruited” by a secret U.S. black ops program known only as Division. They faked her execution and turned her into an assassin. Nikita never lost her humanity, and when she learned that Division was a corrupt organization, she went rogue, exposing their covert operations, destroying their plans, righting their wrongs. 2 years later, she finds herself working for a new Division, fighting alongside a team of allies she’s gathered throughout her adventures. They have vowed to clean up the mess left behind by the old Division – rogue spies, violent assassins – Nikita is hunting down killers just as skilled as she is. In her campaign to end Division’s legacy, Nikita teamed with Alex, a girl with a violent past and a shared taste for vengeance. Torn from a life of wealth and comfort as a Russian heiress, Alex has turned away from her old life to help Nikita.

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Nikita season 2

Nikita season 2 poster

When Nikita was quite a troublemaking teenager, she was saved from death by the US secret agency known as the Division which had tweaked her penalty and convinced of giving her the second chance to start a new life and get an opportunity to serve her state. However, she hasn’t been told that she was trained as a spying killer. Eventually, Nikita was betrayed and all her dreams were ruined by the people whom she thought she could trust. After spending three years in hiding, Nikita is looks for a revenge to make her ex-bosses realize that she won’t stop in front of anything in order to expose and destroy their secret division. However, the Division continues recruiting and teaching young people getting rid of any information about their former life and making a cold-blood killers out of them. One of the new recruits, Alex, is just starting to realize what is waiting for her ahead and understands why the legendary Nikita made a desperate attempt to escape. In the second season there is a sequel of Nikita’s fight against the Division. Many secrets of the Division are already uncovered, including the “black box” which Persey was trying to get back so hard. The ways of Alex and Nikita are parted. Nikita and Michael are gone from the country. What will happen to Alex now? What decision will she take? On the one hand she works for the government, on the other side – returning toRussiain order to get a huge multibillion corporation “Z” which now belongs to her by inheritance and a revenge for her father’s death.

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Nikita season 3

Nikita season 3 poster

Nikita will actually work to the department, not Ryan in season 3. While Ryan will do the work in the office, Nikita takes more drastic measures to keep the show interesting. Ryan is the ideal person to lead the department, and whether he will corrupted a really interesting question, and we will see. Villainess Amanda will certainly be back next season and will be more dangerous than ever. Amanda is a vindictive person, and she is offended by being expelled from the department. In addition, Alex and Sean continue to explore their romantic relationship.

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Nikita season 4

Nikita season 4 poster

Framed for assassinating the President at the end of last season, Nikita finds herself at the beginning of season four alone and on the run, hunted as the most wanted woman in the world. But when she follows up a lead that could clear her name, Nikita unexpectedly finds herself reunited with her old team. Forced to work together again, Nikita and her allies have to get past their emotional wounds in order to take down their nemesis, Amanda. In the process, they discover that the plot to frame Nikita is actually part of a much larger conspiracy, one that could lead to global catastrophe.

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