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Nexo Knights season 2

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Nexo Knights season 2 poster
10 episodes (912 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:No information about actors Genre:Action, Adventure, Animation, Children, Comedy, Fantasy Channel:Cartoon Network Status:Continuing

6 (2 votes)

Little Kingdom "Knighton" is located somewhere on the territory of medieval land. This unusual world focused on the two eras awards its majestic castles, noble and brave knights, powerful laser swords, strong enough robotic ammunition and vast magic. Thanks so just and severe Halbert king in this kingdom has always reigned peace and order. But one day, Knighton kingdom was threatened appeared by Jester effort the so-called court jester. He gave himself totally at the disposal of the dark side. Referring to the ancient Book of Monsters the jester managed to create for himself many thousands of the army consisting of creepy, bloodthirsty and ruthless creatures. He intends to move from the position of king Halbert seize power and as a consequence to subjugate the entire kingdom. However, the king also has a strong defense in the faces of the knights graduates of the famous Academy of Nexo. These guys can boast of their excellent possession of weapons, unique abilities and special physical preparation. This time, five brave warriors must confront the army of ruthless entities that continue to darkness. They will be the plight in the struggle not only for their own lives but also the life of the kingdom.

Nexo Knights season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Back to School (air date: 2016-08-13)

When the Nexo Knights are sloppy in a fight with Jestro, Merlok 2.0 sends them back to the Knights' Academy. Not only for a brush-up but to find out what Jestro is after in its hallowed halls.

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Episode #2: Greed is Good? (air date: 2016-08-13)

The Nexo Knights attend the Gold is Good Ball hosted by Lance's parents in the extremely wealthy town of Arrindale. Unfortunately, Jestro feeds the Book of Greed to the Book of Monsters to make the Lava Monster Army (who are now led by the newly-summoned General Magmar) so greedy, that they steal all of The Richmond's riches (much to Lance's sorrow) along with both of Lance's parents. However, Lance is not as willing to save his parents as they forced him to become a knight in his childhood while Lance wanted to be a celebrity. Meanwhile, Lance's parents believe that Jestro's Lava Monster Army are servants at a spa and as such are completely oblivious of their imprisonment much to the annoyance of the Book of Monsters and General Magmar. This makes Jestro more than willing to return them and the stolen riches to Arrindale.

360p (mp4 100.4 MB)
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Episode #3: The Book of Obsession (air date: 2016-08-13)

The Book of Monsters plans to consume a limited edition copy of a Ned Knightley comic book, which will guarded by the Nexo Knights until it is won at a costume contest at Knight-A-Con (this show's parody of the San Diego Comic Con). Robin is also attending the convention using his newly designed Mini-trex (a miniature version of the Fortrex). When General Magmar gets impatient with Jestro's plan to blend in with the attendees, he launches an all out attack on Knight-A-Con which causes the comic book to get lost in a crowd of terrorized attendees. Fortunately, the Mini-trex is able to extend the range of the Nexo Knights' connection to Merlok 2.0, allowing them to obtain their Nexo Powers and find the book. Because of this, Robin wins first prize at the costume contest and thus, he and the Nexo Knights get to keep the comic.

360p (mp4 139.9 MB)
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Episode #4: The King's Tournament (air date: 2016-09-10)

On King Halbert's birthday, Jorah Tightwad decides to prove that the Tighty Knighties are better than the Nexo Knights at King Halbert's birthday tournament, using the Book of Envy as proof that they encountered Jestro. If the Tighty Knighties win, Macy has to kiss Tightwad. If they lose, Jorah has to kiss Lance's "sweetheart." The next day, the tournament is held to see who are the best group of knights in Knightonia. All four Tighty Knighties best the Nexo Knights in the tournament except Macy who is forced to be her father's princess for the day and thus is forbidden to compete. Before King Halbert can announce the end of the tournament, Jestro and the Book of Monsters lead the Lava Monster Army into attacking the birthday tournament. The Tighty Knighties are then shown being completely useless at fighting them and cowering in fear. At that moment, Tightwad reveals the truth of how he obtained the Book of Envy where it fell into his hands when Merlok scattered the evil spell books in the first episode. This distracts him long enough for Macy to take the book from him. After powering up and defeating the Lava Monster Army, the Nexo Knights are declared the true winners of the tournament while Tightwad is forced to kiss Lance's "sweetheart" on the lips. This turns out to be Hamletta much to Tightwad's horror. King Halbert is proud of what Macy did today, saying there's a time for her to be a princess and a time for when she needs to be a knight. Meanwhile, Jestro and the Book of Monsters have succeeded in stealing the Book of Envy which is soon consumed by the Book of Monsters.

360p (mp4 140.7 MB)
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Episode #5: Monster Chef (air date: 2016-09-17)

The famed Knighton Chef Gobbleton Rambly has created a chili recipe so spicy, the Book of Monsters gains the idea to weaponize it. Knowing this, Clay has Axl and Chef Eclair compete in a cook off with the grand prize being the one cookbook which contains Rambly's chili recipe. When Jestro sends Moltor and Lavaria undercover to compete in the same contest, Eclair has the Nexo Knights seek a pepper so spicy, it explodes if mishandled. Meanwhile, Lance and Aaron hold their own contest to determine which of them is the most resistant to spicy peppers. Despite Jestro's efforts, the Nexo Knights succeed in getting the pepper they need and use it to win the cook off. But unfortunately, their chili ends up being so spicy, it burns the grand prize to oblivion once it was spilled.

360p (mp4 141.2 MB)
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Episode #6: Knight Out (air date: 2016-09-24)

The Nexo Knights send Clay on vacation to get some free time. Little do they know that Jestro and the Book of Monsters are on the trail of another evil spell book that is near where Clay is staying on his vacation. Clay soon discovers the staff of his vacation spot has been extremely rude, cruel and nasty to him (doing things such as serving him moldy food and forcing him to tip them for everything) courtesy of the Book of Cruelty. Meanwhile, the Nexo Knights are having fun. Problems arises because they started neglecting their daily duties and they rush to retrieve Clay. Despite his efforts, Clay is captured by Jestro and the Book of Cruelty is fed to the Book of Monsters which gives the Book of Monsters the ability to summon the Lava Monsters Crust Smasher and Flame Thrower. Fortunately, the other Knights arrive and save Clay and Jestro's forces retreat. To the misfortune of the Knights, Clay learns the importance of relaxing just as they had become more diligent.

360p (mp4 140.7 MB)
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Episode #7: Saturday Knight Fever (air date: 2016-10-01)

During a dinner party that the Nexo Knights attend in the town of Cleanington, the Book of Monsters goes to Snottingham (the coldest place in all of Knigton) to consume the literally sickening Snotheiser which makes him and the Lava Monsters he summons very unhealthy. When the Nexo Knights rush to stop the attack on Snottingham, the Lava Monsters sneeze all over them causing them to wake up the next day with the Snottingham Flu (a version of the flu that causes bizarre effects on the victim in addition to usual flu symptoms) causing Clay to hallucinate, Macy to experience severe pins and needles, Aaron to become dizzy and uncoordinated, and Axl to be robbed of his hunger and appetite while the Book of Monsters makes a full recovery. Just before Jestro and the Book of Monsters are able to kidnap King and Queen Halbert, Merlok and Ava send a Nexo Power with an antivirus system added to it which cures the knights of their sickness and allows them to defeat Jestro and the Book of Monsters.

360p (mp4 140.8 MB)
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Episode #8: Open Mike Knight (air date: 2016-10-08)

Inspired by Jestro's idol Jokes Knightley, Jestro and the Book of Monsters attend a gig in the village of Funnyton where they pose as comedians. The Nexo Knights also attend and to their surprise, they actually find Jestro hilarious, even attempting to convince Jestro to change his evil ways. However, Jokes Knightley kidnaps the Book of Monsters in order to steal Jestro's act, courtesy of the last evil spellbook called the Book of Betrayal. When the Nexo Knights find the Book of Monsters, it becomes a mad battle for the Book of Betrayal which eventually falls into the hands of Jestro. Not knowing what to do, Jestro runs into the woods and hands the Book of Betrayal to an unseen individual. Evil laughter is soon heard afterwards.

360p (mp4 140.9 MB)
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Episode #9: The Fortrex and the Furious (air date: 2016-10-15)

Recapping from the previous episode, the figure who Jestro gave the Book of Betrayal to is revealed to be Clay, who takes Jestro to the Fortrex. When the Book of Monsters attempts to gain the Book of Betrayal and Jestro, the Nexo Knights split up as a diversion until Clay is cornered. Now fully reformed, Jestro sacrifices himself so Clay can escape with the Book of Betrayal. The Nexo Knights then stage a rescue mission to save Jestro from the volcano lair where the Book of Monsters reveals that he is actually the dark necromancer Monstrox, whom Merlok turned into a book and divided his power among eleven other spellbooks. Monstrox adds that he needs Jestro as a host body to regain human form through a ritual in the "Dark Arena", waiting for the Book of Betrayal to corrupt the Nexo Knights. Unfortunately, Clay appeared to have succumbed to its power and begins to bring the Book of Betrayal to Monstrox.

360p (mp4 139.1 MB)
Episode #10: Kingdom of Heroes (air date: 2016-10-22)

Recapping from the previous episode, Clay hands The Book of Betrayal not because he was corrupted, but to exchange it for Jestro's freedom. Monstrox makes the deal and frees Jestro, but chains Clay in his place to take his body for his own. As part of the ritual, Monstrox regurgitates the evil spellbooks. Meanwhile, the other Knights follow Clay to the Book of Monsters' lair, but are overwhelmed by the Lava Monster Army and reluctantly follow Jestro through the death trap-filled backdoor entrance. Upon reaching Clay, the Book of Monsters nearly completes the ceremony, but Jestro and the Nexo Knights hold him off long enough for Robin to hand Clay Merlok and Techcaliber, which Clay feeds to Monstrox. Overwhelmed by Merlok 2.0's power, Monstrox explodes into energy, destroying his book body while curing Jestro of the Book of Evil's effects. Merlok 2.0 is presumably destroyed as well, but when Robin replaces Techcaliber's motherboard, Merlok 2.0 is revealed to have survived. With Jestro also having been forgiven for his actions and reinstated as court jester, the Nexo Knights celebrate their victory with the rest of the kingdom. When Jestro looks at the sky, he sees Monstrox's face implying the necromancer's survival as a spirit.

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