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Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County season 3

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Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County season 3 poster
16 episodes (198 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Christina Schuller, Dieter Schmitz, Jeff, Kacy Roberts Reinhart, Kristin Cavalleri, Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth, Morgan Olsen, Stephen Coletti, Talan Torriero, Taylor Smith, Trey Phillips Genre:Reality Channel:MTV (US) Status:Ended

6.8 (4 votes)

Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Thrill of the Hunt (air date: 2006-08-16)

Tessa is the new narrator of Laguna Beach, and her world consists of her best friend Raquel 'Rocky' & her best friend (possibly boyfriend) Chase. Kyndra invited former friend Tessa to her get-together party, but Tessa insisted on not going unless Raquel went with her. Kyndra, Cami & her clique were not so pleased to find an uninvited guest at their party. Meanwhile, Jessica, Alex H., Taylor & Alex M all meet up for an afternoon lunch, where Jessica reveals her likeness towards Cameron, who also would like to hook up with Kyndra.

Episode #2: Who Want's to Date a Rockstar? (air date: 2006-08-23)

Raquel decides to throw a surprise party for Tessa, while Cami & Kyndra are interested in crashing it. Chase had told Tessa he wouldn't be able to make her birthday party, but Tessa was shocked to see him perform with his band as a surprise to her party. As romance stirs between the two, Chase is questioning his connection with Tessa because the band is getting famous. Meanwhile, Kyndra gets Cameron over dinner, to confess his number of hook-ups with Jessica.

Episode #3: We're Gonna Crash a Party (air date: 2006-08-30)

It's Christmas time and the two cliques rein on throwing their own X-mas extravaganzas. The drama revolves around Rocky's party and how Cami & Kyndra decide they're gonna crash her party to due her uninvited appearance at Kyndra's. Trouble stirs between the girls and eventually Cami, Kyndra & the gang leave. The next day is Kyndra's holiday party, although Cami obsesses over the drama stirred at Raquel's last night, the focus is around Kyndra & Cameron and how he leaves the party for Jessica because Kyndra assumed .

Episode #4: Old Friends, New Crushes (air date: 2006-09-06)

Breanna wants to clear up the clouds between Raquel and her over lunch. Chase & Kelan take Lexie & Tara out to dinner, but Kelan isn't ready to make a move on Lexie just yet. Raquel makes her way to Breanna's pool party but gets a cold shoulder that sends herself home to find her real best friend Tessa waiting up for her.

Episode #5: Kiss and Don't Tell (air date: 2006-09-13)

Tessa hasn't model for a while since she was sick. So when she is asked to model in San Diego she's a little bit nervous. She invites Raquel, Cameron, Nick W, and Stephen to support her modeling. When she was done they went back to hotel to get ready to go to the restaurant. When they go to the restaurant, Cameron starts to flirt with Tessa. When they go back to the hotel things heat up between Cameron and Tessa. But on there way back to, Laguna, Cameron feels bad about the hook up so he decides to make nothing of it.

Episode #6: Headed For Heartbreak (air date: 2006-09-20)

Kyndra has dinner with her ex-boyfriend Tyler and things escalate. Cameron celebrates his birthday and invites both "flames" Jessica and Tessa. Another episode of Laguna filled with drama!

Episode #7: Hookups & Cover Ups (air date: 2006-09-27)

While cooler temperatures head in, things are just beginning to heat up in Laguna Beach. It's time for the winter formal, the one dance where it's tradition for the girls ask the guys. But with so few solid relationships going on, it's all up in the air about who will ask whom--and who they'll end up with at the end of the night.

Episode #8: Spies, Lies and Alibis (air date: 2006-10-04)

It's Valentine's Day in Laguna Beach which means love--and drama--is in the air.

Episode #9: First Date, Last Date (air date: 2006-10-11)

Love comes and goes in Laguna Beach. Tessa is invited to a date with Derek, while Jessica and Cameron have to work out their differences.

Episode #10: It's, Like, Break-Up Season (air date: 2006-10-18)

The dream of love is destroyed for some couples in Laguna Beach. Some take it harder than others, some see it coming, some don't. And some even try to move on right away.

Episode #11: The Three Day Rule (air date: 2006-10-25)

More couples struggle with their relationships. Some try to move on in other directions and some people have to listen to the words "lets just be friends".

Episode #12: Only in Cabo (air date: 2006-11-01)

It's Spring Break and people try to hook up again. New couples get together and old ones try it again, but will they remember after Spring Break?

Episode #13: You Don't Just Get Me Back (air date: 2006-11-08)

Prom comes up and everyone has to find a date. Some couples try to go together and new ones are created. But not everyones dreams come true.

Episode #14: Show Them What You Got (air date: 2006-11-08)

Chase and his band Open Air Stereo are playing the show of their lifetime. Rocky and Tessa have to manage their love life and make difficult decisions.

Episode #15: See You In A Decade (air date: 2006-11-15)

It's graduation day in Laguna Beach. Some prepare to leave other have to stay. Enough for broken hearts and much more drama.

Episode #16: Season Three - Live After Party (air date: 2006-11-15)

Special live episode hosted by Susie Castillo. Some of the Season 3 cast answer questions from the fans and talk about what's happened since the Season 3 finale.

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