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Naked and Afraid season 6

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Naked and Afraid season 6 poster
12 episodes (551 views)
Air weekdate:Sunday
Cast:Michael Brown, Chris, Paola
7.3/10(463 votes)

Naked and Afraid season 6 episodes list:

Episode #1: King of the Forest (air date: 2016-03-13)
Episode #2: Frozen in Fear (air date: 2016-03-20)

A marine biologist and a special forces veteran risk hypothermia at every turn as they take on Canada with no clothes. Bitter cold, torrential rain and wandering bears and moose make every night a struggle and an obstinate chipmunk pushes their patience.

Episode #3: Rise Above (air date: 2016-03-27)

In the Amazonia jungle a horse trainer and an anxious wilderness instructor have to deal with constant rain and not many resources.

Episode #4: From the Ashes (air date: 2016-04-03)

A strong bond develops between a biology student and an expert survival instructor in Croatia before they are confronted with a freak accident.

Episode #5: All Falls Down (air date: 2016-04-10)

An elite endurance athlete and a sensitive stay-at-home dad team up in a rugged Belize jungle where jaguars, venomous snakes, falling trees, and powerful storms threaten their evolving partnership.

Episode #6: Contamination (air date: 2016-04-17)

A 51 yr old stay-at-home mom and an arrogant ex-rodeo star turned trucker struggle to survive in a typhoon-battered Philippine forest, combating sickness and hunger with the help of a skunk.

Episode #7: Hell or High Water (air date: 2016-04-24)

A special ops vet teams up with a single mom to fight torrential rains, flash floods, and sickness in Thailand's Sai Rung River Valley. It's a race against time as the pair puts their skills to the test before the river leaves them stranded from the crew.

Episode #8: The Danger Within (air date: 2016-05-01)

A resilient mom from Washington is paired with a quirky spider-lover and dropped into the remote Seminole Forest of Florida. Terrorized by huge gators and 550-pound black bears, they are driven to their physical and emotional breaking points.

Episode #9: Melt Down Under (air date: 2016-05-15)

A Swedish adventure guide and a Texas military vet take on Australia's Outback, where almost nothing can survive. Dry windstorms, freezing temperatures, lack of sleep and cultural differences flare to unprecedented levels in this Naked and Afraid first.

Episode #10: Bad Blood (air date: 2016-05-22)

A self-taught survivalist & an impulsive black belt take on the arid lakebeds of Nicaragua. The environment features a variety of deadly predators, but when one of them fails to pull their weight it's clear that their worst enemy could be each other.

Episode #11: Strength in Pain (air date: 2016-05-29)

An adventuress and a wilderness instructor take on the Honduras rainforest. They survive punishing storms and frigid nights, but a terrifying, close encounter with a deadly snake brings this pair to the breaking point.

Episode #12: 23 Days (air date: 2016-06-05)

A book-smart but inexperienced survivalist and a rock climbing wilderness enthusiast take on the unforgiving savannah of Namibia. The harsh conditions quickly take a toll and a badass former survivalist returns for redemption.

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