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NCIS: New Orleans season 2

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NCIS: New Orleans season 2 poster
25 episodes (3288 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Lucas Black, CCH Pounder, Scott Bakula, Vanessa Ferlito, Shalita Grant, Rob Kerkovich, Daryl Chill Mitchell, Zoe McLellan, Paige Turco Genre:Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama Channel:CBS Status:Continuing

8 (38 votes)

The sophomore season of NCIS: New Orleans repeats the style of its predecessor. It is still full of crime and violence on the streets of New Orleans. The story picks up where it ended, with Special Agent Dwayne Pride getting information about the ports being breached… The second season will feature the Broussard Crime Family again causing problems in the Crescent City. In the first episode a military convoy is attacked with the aim of stealing a missile. The team members will protect the city and go undercover. Patton Plame, a computer specialist and Sonja Percy, the former ATF Agent, who prefers to work alone, will become regular characters in the second season. She will have to overcome herself being the part of a big and friendly team. Patton and Sonja will cooperate with Pride, Brody and LaSalle to destroy the military enemies. The team always gets assistance from Sebastian Lund and Doctor Loretta Wade in the laboratory, who are the only ones capable to solve the tasks and unravel mysteries to guard New Orleans and its inhabitants!

NCIS: New Orleans season 2 episodes list:

Episode #0: (air date: 2016-12-23)
Episode #1: Sic Semper Tyrannis (air date: 2015-09-22)

A military convoy is attacked in order to steal a missile that is part of a Naval exercise. Pride and the team, believing that it is perpetrated by a group of anti-American militants, make plans for a dangerous undercover operation with potentially deadly consequences.

360p (avi 347.9 MB)
Episode #2: Shadow Unit (air date: 2015-09-29)

The NCIS team investigates the murder of a blogger dedicated to exposing government corruption and cover-ups and discovers a Navy Seal and CIA humanitarian mission with a dark secret.

360p (avi 584.7 MB)
Episode #3: Touched by the Sun (air date: 2015-10-06)

When a female combat pilot and Navy hero dies in an air-show plane crash, the NCIS team must investigate if it’s the fault of the pilot or the new jet that was just approved to deploy to bases globally.

360p (avi 602.4 MB)
Episode #4: I Do (air date: 2015-10-13)

The NCIS team must determine why a murdered Navy drone pilot was using a black market drone to obtain military surveillance, and whether the drone’s footage is linked to his death.

360p (avi 346.5 MB)
Episode #5: Foreign Affairs (air date: 2015-10-20)

Special Agent Pride is sent a partner from the Australian Defence Force Investigation Service, Special Agent Naomi Parsons, after a Royal Australian Navy Lieutenant, who was key to international negotiations on nuclear weapons, is murdered in New Orleans.

360p (avi 537.2 MB)
Episode #6: Insane in the Membrane (air date: 2015-10-27)

The team’s participation in the annual Red Dress Run is cut short when a Petty Officer is found dead in the French Quarter from a drug overdose.

360p (avi 347.0 MB)
Episode #7: Broken Hearted (air date: 2015-11-03)

The life of a genius Navy coder employed by Brody’s mother, Olivia Brody, hangs in the balance after the heart intended for his transplant is stolen. Olivia joins the NCIS team as they race to locate the missing organ.

360p (avi 404.8 MB)
Episode #8: Confluence (air date: 2015-11-10)

Pride and Sonja are ambushed after traveling to Texas to escort a key witness for the trial of an infamous arms dealer who Pride apprehended.

Episode #9: Darkest Hour (air date: 2015-11-17)

The fiancé of Pride's daughter's friend goes missing during a blackout; and the team locates the man's dead body, which holds clues to the cause of the blackout.

360p (avi 346.6 MB)
Episode #10: Billy and the Kid (air date: 2015-11-24)

The murder of a Marine provides new clues in the first case Pride and Lasalle ever worked together, just before Hurricane Katrina struck the city and washed away any evidence. Also, the team celebrates Thanksgiving together in Pride’s bar.

360p (avi 621.7 MB)
Episode #11: Blue Christmas (air date: 2015-12-15)

A string of Christmas burglaries turns deadly and the evidence leads the NCIS team to Wade’s adopted son, Danny. Also, Lasalle and Brody tease Sonja about the high stakes of drawing Pride in the team’s Secret Santa holiday exchange.

360p (avi 492.1 MB)
Episode #12: Sister City (2) (air date: 2016-01-05)

While Special Agent Pride and the New Orleans team investigate a Russian sleeper agent who was involved with Abby’s brother, Luca, Sebastian flies to D.C. to partner with Abby on the forensics in the case. Also, Bishop drives through the night to deliver a package and work the case with the New Orleans team. (Sister City (1) aired on NCIS, season 13, episode 12.)

360p (avi 838.7 MB)
Episode #13: Undocumented (air date: 2016-01-19)

The team investigates the murder of an immigrant petty officer that was staged as a suicide. Also, the agents secretly create an online dating profile for Pride.

360p (avi 521.8 MB)
Episode #14: Father's Day (air date: 2016-02-09)

Special Agent Pride opens his bar to the public with a Fat Tuesday party, but the celebration is cut short when he and Mayor Douglas Hamilton (Steven Weber) are both kidnapped from their respective Mardi Gras events and held hostage by an unknown assailant.

360p (avi 320.1 MB)
Episode #15: No Man's Land (air date: 2016-02-16)

When a mystery man saves the life of a Lieutenant and then disappears from the scene, the NCIS team unravels a new case when forensic evidence suggests he is a soldier who was captured in Afghanistan years ago and never found.

360p (avi 485.0 MB)
Episode #16: Second Chances (air date: 2016-02-23)

After tracking stolen Navy TNT to a cocaine warehouse, Special Agent Pride and the NCIS team uncovers a domestic drug ring that is producing their own cocaine and headed by Sonja’s childhood friend, Marion Watkins.

360p (avi 348.5 MB)
Episode #17: Radio Silence (air date: 2016-03-01)

The NCIS team protects a local DJ from a threatening perpetrator and investigates the murder of a Navy Captain who was attacked while on-air with the radio show. Also, Pride’s daughter, Laurel, returns home to discuss her future plans.

360p (avi 347.8 MB)
Episode #18: If It Bleeds, It Leads (air date: 2016-03-15)

Brody believes that a sailor hit by a party bus in the French Quarter is connected to her sister’s death after the NCIS team discovers similarities between the two. The team prepares for St. Patrick’s Day festivities in New Orleans.

360p (mp4 339.2 MB)
Episode #19: Means to an End (air date: 2016-03-22)

The NCIS team discovers a surveillance van filled with photos documenting Special Agent Pride’s every move after his daughter Laurel is attacked on campus and placed in protective custody.

360p (mp4 351.2 MB)
Episode #20: Second Line (air date: 2016-04-05)

The NCIS team investigates the murder of a Navy Lieutenant during a French Quarter second line funeral procession, a New Orleans tradition that celebrates the recently deceased with a musical street parade.

360p (mp4 388.9 MB)
Episode #21: Collateral Damage (air date: 2016-04-19)

After a Navy lieutenant dies during a clandestine visit to a general’s hotel room, Special Agent Pride and the NCIS team are asked to break standard protocol for the murder investigation.

360p (avi 511.2 MB)
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Episode #22: Help Wanted (air date: 2016-05-03)

A Navy culinary specialist is the target of an explosion while visiting her family’s 100-year-old restaurant in the French Quarter. Also, Brody is in D.C. tracking a lead in the General leak case.

360p (avi 506.6 MB)
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Episode #23: The Third Man (air date: 2016-05-10)

The team partners with Homeland Security for the investigation of a Navy master diver's murder after learning the death could be linked to a foreign attack on the city.

360p (avi 347.9 MB)
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Episode #24: Sleeping with the Enemy (air date: 2016-05-17)

The NCIS team uncovers a mole in the ranks while working with the Department of Homeland Security to locate 900 missing pounds of explosives that pose an imminent threat to New Orleans.

360p (avi 520.9 MB)
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