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MythBusters season 1

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MythBusters season 1 poster
19 episodes (795 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci, Scottie Chapman, Heather Joseph-Witham, Robert Lee, Jessi Combs, Christine Chamberlain Genre:Documentary, Reality, Special Interest Channel:Discovery Status:Continuing

9.2 (283 votes)

MythBusters season 1 episodes list:

Episode #0: (air date: 2016-12-23)
Episode #1: Jet Assisted Chevy (air date: 2003-01-23)

The story of the jet-assisted Chevy goes like this. The Arizona Highway Patrol stumbled across a blackened crater in the side of a mountain at the end of a long stretch of desert road. After an investigation, they learned that an Air Force sergeant from a nearby military base had attached a rocket-assisted takeoff unit to the roof of a 1967 Chevy Impala. He got up to about 80 mph, and then fired the things off. Within seconds the car was traveling at 350 mph. The crater was found in the mountainside 100 feet off the ground. Who do you think will be the "dummy" to test this myth? The Pop Rocks and soda legend concerns a boy known as little Mikey, who was featured in commercials for Life cereal. Some years later, Mikey was challenged by his friends to eat six packs of Pop Rocks candy with six cans of soda. According to the myth, the carbon dioxide in the candy combined with the carbon dioxide in the soda to create so much pressure that Mikey's stomach exploded and he died. Our MythBusters risk their lives for you, the viewer, in these two death-defying experiments.

360p (avi 307.5 MB)
Episode #2: Biscuit Bazooka (air date: 2003-01-23)

In this episode, Jamie and Adam take on a few legends involving dubious behavior. First, they contemplate the one about an obese woman on a trans-Atlantic flight whose derriere is suctioned into the plane's toilet after flushing, forcing the plane to land before she can be removed. Will the bottom fall out of this myth? How about the one involving a friend of a friend who thought she was shot while sitting in her car in a supermarket parking lot on a very hot day? The story goes that when the paramedics arrived, they found her head splattered with a mass of raw biscuit dough. And then there's the leaping lawyer. Some guy (apparently a lawyer), kept bouncing off a plate-glass window on the 24th floor of a high-rise building. After one too many impacts, the window shattered and the guy fell 24 floors to the ground, where he promptly died. Another day, another deadly myth.

360p (avi 216.9 MB)
Episode #3: Poppy-Seed Drug Test (air date: 2003-03-07)

So, this guy named Larry Walters attached something like 45 weather balloons to this lawn chair. One of the tethers broke on the unemployed truck driver's little invention, shooting him straight up into the air. Apparently he sailed to 16,000 feet, where he was spotted by airline pilots, eventually closing LAX airport. He was finally rescued by a helicopter after he floated out to sea. Is this popular Internet legend full of hot air? Will Jamie and Adam close LAX? In the 1964 James Bond classic, Goldfinger, the villain's secretary is murdered with the dreaded gold body paint, causing death by skin suffocation. Supposedly, leaving a small patch of skin unpainted at the base of the spine will save the victim. Unfortunately, the movie's producers didn't have this vital piece of information, dooming actress Shirley Eaton to death on set. Who will be the guinea pig in this experiment? On a tastier note, can eating a poppy-seed bagel produce a positive result for opiate use in a drug screen? Our brave hosts test these stories so you don't have to.

360p (avi 349.3 MB)
Episode #4: Exploding Toilet (air date: 2003-09-23)

Can a toilet be made to explode by pouring a flammable liquid into it and lighting a match? Does running in the rain rather than walking get you less wet? Can assassins really use bullets made out of ice so that they leave no trace?

360p (avi 350.5 MB)
Episode #5: Cell Phone Destroys Gas Station (air date: 2003-10-03)

Can using a cell phone at a gas station cause the pump to explode? Can changes in air pressure at high altitude cause silicone breast implants to explode? Can spinning a CD-ROM at too high a speed cause it to shatter?

360p (avi 349.3 MB)
Episode #6: Barrel of Bricks (air date: 2003-10-10)

Can urinating on the electrified third rail of a train track cause you to be electrocuted? Can a wallet made from the skin of an electric eel erase the magnetic information from your credit cards? Can a construction worker be killed by a barrel of bricks?

360p (avi 349.3 MB)
Episode #7: Penny Drop (air date: 2003-10-17)

Can a pedestrian be killed by a penny dropped from the top of a skyscraper? The team finds out the terminal velocity of a penny and make a penny cannon, then shot it at a pigs scull. This showed if a penny being dropping at terminal velocity can kill someone. Can you be baked to death on a tanning bed? Can toothfillings transmit radio waves?

360p (avi 349.3 MB)
Episode #8: Buried Alive (air date: 2003-10-24)

Can a person jumping off a bridge be saved from death by throwing a hammer into the water to break the rigidity of the surface? How long will the air last in a coffin if you are buried alive? Can cola clean rust, cook a steak, or remove bloodstains?

360p (avi 349.3 MB)
Episode #9: Lightning Strikes / Tongue Piercing (air date: 2003-11-07)

Could a small town have built a working cannon out of a tree? Can a pierced tongue withstand the electric force of a bolt of lightning? The team takes a mold of Adam's head and pierced the heck out of it to see if they could get a lighting strike from an electric rod. Are there ways of beating a Breathalyzer? The team tries many myths to see if they could drink and make it not show up on a Breathalyzer.

360p (avi 349.3 MB)
Episode #10: Stinky Car, Raccoon Rocket (air date: 2003-12-05)

Mythbusters, Jamie and Adam put their noses to the test to find out if that nasty smell in your car is there to stay. Is the myth of the stinky car true? Then follow the gasoline trail as they try to flush out the truth in the raccoon in the drain myth.

360p (avi 349.3 MB)
Episode #11: Alcatraz Escape (air date: 2003-12-12)

Jamie and Adam retrace the steps of the infamous prisoners who escaped from Alcatraz without a trace in 1962. Although presumed drowned, they'll find out if it was possible to survive the tides of the San Francisco Bay in a homemade raft. As for other myth, Jamie and Adam test whether quacks from ducks echo. They examine the urban legend about whether a stud finder can tell whether you have something implanted in your body.

360p (avi 217.1 MB)
Episode #12: Chicken Gun (air date: 2004-01-18)

Can a cooked and raw chicken flying toward an airplane interfere with its flight or will the jet engine just blow it away? The team makes a huge pressurized cannon and shoots a chicken at a jet's windshield. Did a woman give birth to an octopus after swallowing an octopus egg? Can your washing machine kill you?

360p (avi 349.2 MB)
Episode #13: Explosive Decompression, Frog Giggin', Rear Axle (air date: 2004-01-11)

Can a bullet hole in the hull of an airplane cause explosive decompression that destroys the plane? Can a .22 caliber gun cartridge attached to a car ignition be used as a fuse? Can a car be ripped off its rear axle?

360p (avi 349.9 MB)
Episode #14: Sinking Titanic, Goldfish Memory, Trombone Explosion (air date: 2004-01-25)

Will a sinking ship suck you down as it goes under? Can fish actually remember things? What happens when you throw a firecracker down the neck of a trombone?

360p (avi 349.3 MB)
Episode #15: Breakstep Bridge (air date: 2004-01-25)

Can a marching band make a bridge collapse? Can bacteria from a toilet settle in a toothbrush? Can a person water ski behind a rowboat?

360p (avi 349.3 MB)
Episode #16: Buried in Concrete (air date: 2004-02-15)

Is Jimmy Hoffa buried in the concrete under Giant's Stadium? Do Daddly-Long Leg Spiders have poison venom? Can a jet engine launch a taxi into the air?

Episode #17: Best Animal Myths (air date: 2004-03-21)

At request of the fans, the best myths related to animals will be shown again in this episode.

Episode #18: Best Electric Myths (air date: 2004-05-06)
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