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Mysteries at the Museum season 3

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Mysteries at the Museum season 3 poster
18 episodes (1676 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Don Wildman Genre:Reality Channel:Travel Channel Status:Continuing

7.8 (16 votes)

Mysteries at the Museum season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Brinks Heist, Saddam's Spider Hole, Ringdocus (air date: 2012-04-17)

Don examines an old chauffeur's cap and a block of foam from a military manhunt, then tries to unlock a preserved beast.

360p (mp4 304.2 MB)
Episode #2: The Donner Party, the Shoe Bomber, FDR’s Cane (air date: 2012-04-24)

Don inspects evidence that sentenced a doctor to death; birds killed by a mysterious epidemic; the Donner Party's kettle.

360p (mp4 295.9 MB)
Episode #3: Boston Molasses Disaster, D.B. Cooper, Buddy Holly Curse (air date: 2012-05-01)

Don examines a mysterious antique fire truck, the wax likeness of a historic airplane hijacker and a cursed rock-and-roller's pair of sunglasses

360p (mp4 276.5 MB)
Episode #4: Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, Lincoln Brass Knuckles, Pneumatic Subway, Karen Silkwood Murder (air date: 2012-05-08)

Don looks at sketches of creatures, some brass knuckles that saves a president and a secret society building.

360p (mp4 278.0 MB)
Episode #5: Keely's Motor, Reagan Limousine, Audubon's Mystery Book (air date: 2012-05-15)

A mysterious photographic negative is the only evidence of a controversial machine; an armored limousine takes center stage in an assassination attempt; a giant book helps unlock the secrets of birds.

360p (mp4 271.9 MB)
Episode #6: Lost Colony of Roanoke, Dr. Linda Hazzard, Deep Blue, Greenbrier Hotel Bunker, Death of Edgar Allan Poe, Liberty Bell 7 (air date: 2012-05-22)

Don examines hair linked to a mysterious death, a sunken space capsule and a controversial medical manual.

360p (mp4 327.9 MB)
Episode #7: Black Dahlia, French Angel, Sterling Hall Bombing (air date: 2012-05-29)

A box that holds clues to Hollywood's most infamous unsolved murder; a figure that appears to be more monster than man; a notorious and deadly domestic terrorist attack.

360p (mp4 274.7 MB)
Episode #8: Hitchcock's Birds, Hope Diamond, Phineas Gage (air date: 2012-06-05)

A jar of strange creatures that helped inspire one of the scariest horror films of all time; a blue diamond that is rumored to bring misfortune; the shattered skull of a 19th century.

360p (mp4 311.9 MB)
Episode #9: Chowchilla Kidnapping, Texas City Disaster, Bezoar Stones (air date: 2012-06-12)

How a school bus became involved in the largest kidnapping for ransom in U.S. history; a ball of sisal twine that played a key role in a deadly industrial accident; a handful of stones that were once prized more than silver or gold.

360p (mp4 312.7 MB)
Episode #10: Exorcism, Honey Island Swamp Monster, The Real James Bond, La Belle Shipwreck, Sgt. Stubby (air date: 2012-06-19)

Don Wildman investigates a vial tied to a daring medical experiment, a barrel that provides clues to a centuries-old shipwreck and a plaster molding that some say is proof of a mysterious bayou creature.

360p (mp4 307.8 MB)
Episode #11: Roulette Computer, LA Shootout, The Brooklyn Enigma, Equitable Building Disaster, Pigeon Missile, 1918 Flu (air date: 2012-06-26)

Don Wildman investigates a wearable computer, a bizarre weapon of war and a custom-made suit of armor that helped perpetuate one of the longest and most shocking street battles in America.

360p (mp4 260.0 MB)
Episode #12: Goat Gland Doctor, Legend of The Red Ghost, Easter Island (air date: 2012-07-10)

Don inspects a uniform worn by a highly unorthodox doctor, examines an antique bell linked to a monstrous creature known as the Red Ghost, and investigates a massive stone monolith.

360p (mp4 310.0 MB)
Episode #13: Out of This World (air date: 2012-08-21)

World's first and furriest astronauts; pair of human heads; photograph depicting the ghostly image of a former president.

Episode #14: Secrets of New England (air date: 2012-08-28)

An ax said to have been used in an infamous murder; a dress that may be proof of an alien encounter; catalog that holds the key to winning.

Episode #15: Mysteries at the Museum: Deadliest (air date: 2012-09-11)

Most tragic accidents in U.S. space programs; a witch hunt; a secret weapon hidden in plain sight.

Episode #16: Freakiest (air date: 2012-09-04)

Plaster cast of the original Siamese twins; thirty-six preserved corpses; creatures from the depths of the ocean.

Episode #17: Mysteries at the Museum: Conspiracies (air date: 2012-09-18)

Questionable death of a Hollywood icon; suspiciously large number of lottery winners in one drawing; shocking diagnosis that caused panic.

Episode #18: Mysteries at the Museum: Most Notorious (air date: 2012-09-25)

A deadly tonic; prison break that took a year to accomplish; a wheel that aided in a crime spree.

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