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Mysteries at the Museum season 13

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Mysteries at the Museum season 13 poster
13 episodes (385 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Don Wildman Genre:Reality Channel:Travel Channel Status:Continuing

7.8 (16 votes)

Mysteries at the Museum season 13 episodes list:

Episode #1: Fish Rain, Oil Heir Snare, Cousteau and the Aqua-Lung (air date: 2016-11-04)

A fish species that was part of an unusual storm is examined by host Don Wildman. Then, he learns about the kidnapping of an oil baron's grandson; and an underwater oxygen tank that was the early version of scuba.

360p (mp4 277.3 MB)
Episode #2: Limbo for Love, Vampire's Grave and the Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican (air date: 2016-11-10)

Don Wildman investigates a risky ride fueled by love, explores a town plagued by the undead and uncovers one of the biggest rescue operations of WWII.

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Episode #3: Blowing Up the House; Beast of Bray Road; Invention of Penicillin (air date: 2016-11-11)

Don Wildman researches one of the most challenging bomb cases in FBI history, a mysterious encounter with a legendary beast and an artful scientist that accidentally uncovered a revolutionary medicine.

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Episode #4: Buried Alive; Who Really Invented the Telephone; Hoover Saves Belgium (air date: 2016-11-17)

Don Wildman examines one of the greatest mysteries of ancient history in Pompeii, Italy, unravels the truth behind the invention of the telephone and exposes a former president's mission to save millions from starvation.

360p (mp4 278.8 MB)
Episode #5: Lancelot the Unicorn, Prohibition Man, Dragon Island and Blood Rain (air date: 2016-11-17)

Don Wildman examines the origins of a mythical unicorn featured at a popular circus, the baffling case of a missing U.S. politician and an attack by one of the deadliest creatures on the planet.

360p (mp4 287.7 MB)
Episode #6: Great Snake Hunt, Minneapolis Svengali And Swimming With Sharks (air date: 2016-12-01)

Don Wildman examines a species of Asian cobra that invaded a small town in Missouri. Then, he inspects a carriage that was the site of a bizarre murder. Finally, he learns about a wealthy daredevil who swam with sharks to prove they were harmless.

360p (mp4 306.4 MB)
Episode #7: The Man Who Sold a Million Rocks, a Party That Started a War and the Umbrella Man (air date: 2016-12-01)

Don Wildman explores a story about a man who turned a pile of rocks into a gold mine, examines a suit of armor linked to a party that led to years of war and uncovers the truth behind an event that put Johnson in the White House.

360p (mp4 279.2 MB)
Episode #8: Metal Winners, the Big Con and Operation Babylift (air date: 2016-12-08)

Don Wildman investigates a Nobel Prize winner's risky experiment in the face of the Nazis, a creative sting operation that ended the career of a notorious crime boss and a lifesaving airlift out of Vietnam.

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Episode #9: Chain of Fools, Rocket Boys and the Cowboys That Saved Britain (air date: 2016-12-08)

Don Wildman investigates an iron link from the American Revolution that was also at the center of a formidable fraud, examines a small plane that helped launch some of the most incredible journeys into space and inspects a green oil pump that played a unique.

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Episode #10: Michelangelo the Forger, Finders Keepers and Brownie Wise and the Wonderbowl (air date: 2016-12-15)

Don Wildman examines a statue created by the world's best-known art forger, a mysterious cache of buried gold coins and a woman whose sales technique made Tupperware a household name.

Episode #11: Titanic Violin, Wicked Fungus and the Greatest Bar Bet (air date: 2016-12-15)

Don Wildman investigates an aged instrument's epic history, uncovers the roots of the Salem Witch Trials and examines a plane linked to a man who would stop at nothing to win a bet.

Episode #12: One Small Keystroke, Daring Dr. Dan and the Real Batman (air date: 2016-12-22)

Don Wildman investigates a near disaster in outer space, a man who soared through the sky and a doctor who changed the world.

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Episode #13: North Pole Expedition, Iceberg Fleet and the Minnesota Iceman (air date: 2016-12-30)

Icy stories behind an eccentric expedition to the North Pole, a frozen feat of nautical engineering and the cosmic conundrum surrounding an incredible icicle.

Coming soon:
Episode #14
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