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My Crazy Ex season 4

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My Crazy Ex season 4 poster
13 episodes (283 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Drama Channel:LMN Status:Continuing

5.5 (2 votes)

My Crazy Ex season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Renegades, Escapades & Masquerades (air date: 2016-12-28)

A high-powered attorney learns the hard way that interoffice romance is no laughing matter. A woman falls for a hard-core party boy, until the mystery motivating his lifestyle reveals itself. A unique threesome in the workplace climaxes with an unexpected twist.

Episode #2: Deceptions, Receptions & Infections (air date: 2017-01-04)

A seemingly down-to-earth bride transforms into a ruthless bridezilla who’ll stop at nothing to have her dream wedding, including a felony. When a woman asks her boyfriend to become more informed about current events, he dives headfirst down a doomsday rabbit hole. When a copy shop owner meets a man in the witness protection program, she soon discovers he’s hiding much more than his identity.

Episode #3: Rude Dummies, Ripped Tummies and Lying Hubbies (air date: 2017-01-11)

When a girl accidentally encourages her boyfriend to become a ventriloquist, she uncovers a warped side of him she never knew existed. When a woman tries to get her boyfriend into shape, he becomes unexpectedly devoted to working out…and finds a bizarre way to feed his obsession. When a man starts dating his “Dating Coach” it seems like a perfect match, until he gets the sense that she may be “hands on” with other clients too.

Episode #4: Gimmicks, Mimics, and Academics (air date: 2017-01-18)
360p (mp4 238.7 MB)
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Episode #5: Desperate Measures, Secret Pleasures & Buried Treasures (air date: 2017-01-25)
360p (mp4 186.4 MB)
Episode #6: Small Parts, False Starts, and Broken Hearts (air date: 2017-02-08)

Sparks fly when 2 childhood classmates reunite… until everything crashes and burns. After swearing off men, an independent woman meets a sexy mystery man who seems oddly familiar. Group therapy turns into gang warfare when a desperate man attends couples counseling to save his relationship.

360p (mp4 272.5 MB)
Episode #7: Super Fans, Alien Shams and Anglo Scams (air date: 2017-09-14)

When a man claims he was abducted by aliens, his girlfriend hopes to just move past the encounter, but when he starts preparing for an alien invasion, she's not sure their relationship can survive. A sportswriter's dream comes true when he begins dating an equally huge basketball lover. Until her fandom turns fanatical. A woman gets roped into her boyfriend's idiotic plan to fool his employers into thinking he's one of them.

360p (mp4 270.3 MB)
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Episode #8: Illusions, Invasions, and Implosions (air date: 2017-09-19)
360p (mp4 270.4 MB)
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Episode #9: Splish Splash (air date: 2017-09-19)
360p (mp4 270.0 MB)
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Episode #10: British Invasion (air date: 2017-09-19)
360p (mp4 271.8 MB)
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Episode #11: Unlucky Breaks, Wedding Cakes & Tummy Aches (air date: 2017-09-18)

An unusually unlucky guy finds a potato chip that turns his life around...until it ultimately drives him insane. When one couple challenges another to see who can lose the most weight, a woman goes to ridiculous lengths to make sure she and her boyfriend are victorious. A guy agrees go to a wedding with his ex...but no good deed goes unpunished as the weekend turns into a fight for his life.

360p (mp4 272.2 MB)
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Episode #12: Bluffing, Bruising, & Balding (air date: 2017-09-18)

Much to his girlfriend's dismay, a man decides to wear a toupee to his High School reunion, but, when he decides to make the piece permanent, it begins to ruin his life. After his girlfriend returns from Las Vegas, a man starts to suspect that she lost money to gangsters, only to discover the truth is far worse. When a man's girlfriend takes a job raising money for the environment, he begins to suspect that her newfound love of mother nature might lead to an affair with her eco-friendly boss.

360p (mp4 269.9 MB)
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Episode #13: Bad Blood, Bad Timing, Bad Karma (air date: 2017-09-18)

Once a couple discovers that their two families have been engaged in an age-old feud, the man becomes the target of his girlfriend's retribution. After sharing a brief encounter on the street, a woman tracks down a man who soon wonders if the "Girl of His Dreams" may turn out to be a total nightmare. A woman tries to motivate her depressed boyfriend by asking him to babysit a dog but his unexpected love of animals leads him into a dangerous encounter with a wild beast.

360p (mp4 271.1 MB)
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Coming soon:
Episode #14 Crusaders, Invaders, and Penetrators
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