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Minority Report

Minority Report poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Science-Fiction
Channel: FOX (US)
Status: Ended
7.1/10(28 votes)
Meagan Good Meagan Good as Lara Vega
Stark Sands Stark Sands as Dash
Meagan Good Meagan Good as Lara Vega
Nick Zano Nick Zano as Arthur
Stark Sands Stark Sands as Dash
Laura Regan Laura Regan as Agatha
Daniel London Daniel London as Wally
Laura Regan Laura Regan as Agatha
Li Jun Li Li Jun Li as Akeela
Li Jun Li Li Jun Li as Akeela

Based on Philip K. Dick's 1956 short story "The Minority Report" and sequel to Steven Spielberg's international blockbuster film, Minority Report follows the partnership between a man haunted by the future and a cop haunted by her past, as they race to stop the worst crimes before they happen.

Dash is a former participant of a secret government experiment. As far back as in early childhood, along with his twin brother Arthur and another girl, he became a predictor of the future. The security services used the gift of these children to prevent crimes. Dash got a picture, his brother to recognize the names of the actors, and workmate could determine the place of action. They knew about thisb even before committing the crime. This information was very useful for the investigators. They have successfully prevented the bloody murders and stupid robbery. Some time later, the experiment was shut down, and its participants were in different walks of life. The storyline of the first season is carried out after 20 years after the experiment, which was mentioned above. In the center of events is matured boy Dash, who is trying to use his gift for useful purposes. He can foresee the circumstances of the future crime. However, data of the vision come only for a few minutes before the crime was committed. Everytime the main character is trying to save the victim of the attack, but always do not have time. He understands the fact that he can not cope with such tasks and that he needs in reinforcements. He thinks about the further actions and decides to apply with proposal to the charming detective named Lara Vega. Woman approves the proposal. From that moment they begin to prevent crimes jointly. Not excluded a lot of victims on the part of the protagonist.

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