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Metal Hurlant Chronicles

Metal Hurlant Chronicles poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Action, Science-Fiction
Channel: Syfy
Status: Ended
7.0/10(7 votes)
Darren Shahlavi Darren Shahlavi as Adam
Matt Mullins Matt Mullins as Julian
Michael Jai White Michael Jai White as Teague
Scott Adkins Scott Adkins as Guillame

Metal Hurlant Chronicles is inspired by the popular comics anthology Métal Hurlant, which in turn inspired the well known fantasy magazine Heavy Metal. Each episode takes place on a different planet - fantastical in its own way - with the common thread between stories being a traveling asteroid that impacts the lives of all it encounters.

This series has been created based on the popular science fiction comics called Metal Hurlant Chronicles. Comics were released in 1974. A few years after their publication in France, comics reprinted in the United States under the name “Heavy Metal”.

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Watching the series viewers will get the series of epoch with great majorities of unique battles and fights. Insurgency warfare and war trips are always in interest of viewers.
This episode includes amounts of stories united together with the Metal Hurlant which is a comet. The Metal Hurlant is coming near to the planet.
Twenty-minute stories are completed in their plots and full of entertaining special effects and challenging storylines. Actors are great and professional and there is always unexpected ending in each tale.
The series was inspired by the almost unknown French comic strips. The series introduce fantastic, unreal world with hazardous and violent situations. The very project is very involving. You will see many courage and brave people who has strong characters. They are men of iron.
The series attracts its spectacularity, the heroes are the great soldiers and use weapons perfectly. Swords and axes are their weapons. Their bodies are coved with iron armors.
The plots include love story which makes the series more captivating and exciting.
The Chronicles describe those times very vividly, showing their spirit diseases and values.

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