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Medici: Masters of Florence

Medici: Masters of Florence poster
Genre: Drama, History, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Channel: Rai 1
Status: Ended
7.9/10(334 votes)
Alessandra Mastronardi Alessandra Mastronardi as Lucrezia Donati
Alessandro Preziosi Alessandro Preziosi as Filippo Brunelleschi
Alessandro Sperduti Alessandro Sperduti as Piero de' Medici
Annabel Scholey Annabel Scholey as Contessina de' Bardi
Aurora Ruffino Aurora Ruffino as Bianca de' Medici
Bradley James Bradley James as Giuliano de’ Medici
Brian Cox Brian Cox as Bernardo Guadagni
Callum Blake Callum Blake as Carlo de' Medici
Daniel Caltagirone Daniel Caltagirone as Andrea de' Pazzi
Daniel Sharman Daniel Sharman as Lorenzo de' Medici

After his father's murder, banking heir Cosimo Medici battles opponents of his artistic, economic and political visions for 15th-century Florence.

This series is the story of the Medici dynasty, which were ordinary traders. They reached a high political and religious positions in Florence thanks to the necessary relations. Things are moving in the XV century ad. The locals are not happy by the actions of army and their king. At this moment the Medici family, headed by Giovanni begins to rule by Florence. They are aiming to achieve a high position, wealth and respect among the people, come what may. And they accomplish it. Because greedy officials are ready to do anything for a large bribe. They managed to create their own Bank. The economic situation has become better as a result. But the Medici did not stop on achieved goals. That's why they made a huge contribution to the religious culture of the country too. As a result, Giovanni, Kazim and other members of Medici's family amassed a lot of enemies and envious. Because everyone wants power. Over time, people began to be wary of current heads of state. Sometimes the Medici had acted dishonestly. Their Bank became one of the wealthiest companies in Europe. But for this they are destroying all of their path. They bribe the officials and kill enemies which are dangerous for them. How long time will they be able to rule?

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This TV show will reveal the secrets of all the rich families of Florence who must submit to the power of the new owners in the end. The history of this family lasts for many centuries. But they had reached the peak of their power not immediately. A lot of secrets are hidden in Florence and nobody is in hurry to share them. Everything will be changed by those who will become a symbol of the cultural heritage development of the city and its economic prosperity.

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The second season ends with “The Pazzi Conspiracy,” which is this huge, thrilling culmination, and then the story continues in eight episodes of the next season. This is a continuation of the story of Lorenzo, who was a revolutionary, visionary, and also about the modernity of a man who knew how to use beauty as a powerful tool for communication. The story also tells how Lorenzo made an alliance with Ferdinand I (Duke of Mantua and Duke of Montferrat) from Naples after the failed Pazzi coup.

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