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Me and My Grandma

Me and My Grandma poster
Air weekdate:
Genre: Comedy
Status: Ended
8.0/10(1 votes)
Eva Gutowski Eva Gutowski as Janey
Kayla Ewell Kayla Ewell as Victoria
Rhea Perlman Rhea Perlman as Grandma
Shelby Rabara Shelby Rabara as Heidi
Steven Cox Steven Cox as Oliver

Janey and Grandma escape their frigid Michigan hometown for the palm tree lined streets of sunny Los Angeles. Bright-eyed early-twenty-something Janey has always dreamed of becoming an actress so she and her Grandma, a quirky sixty-something with a young heart, pack up and head west where Grandma realizes she too aspires to be famous. Me and My Grandma follows the misadventures of the two best friends as they take on career, hookups, and life in Hollywood - all while saving up for a second air mattress.

Me and My Grandma is a comedy tv series on Youtube Red Originals. We learn about the curious and sometimes dramatic pursuit of the dream of two friends at the 1st and so far the only season. These two friends are a young girl named Janey and her Grandma. Me and My Grandma are all that dreamy girl has, who goes to Los Angeles to become an actress. An energetic and dodgy Grandma accompanies her. However, in the course of the trip, Janey and her Grandma understand that the glory is necessary for both of them. In the tv series Me and My Grandma during the season 1 we will watch the fun adventures of two completely different but at the same time very similar women who are connected not only by their family bonds, but also the desire to become famous.

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