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Masters of Sex season 2

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Masters of Sex season 2 poster
12 episodes (2447 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, Betty Gilpin, Jaeden Lieberher, Beau Bridges, Josh Charles, Annaleigh Ashford, Nicholas D'Agosto, Teddy Sears, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Julianne Nicholson, Allison Janney Genre:Drama Channel:Showtime Status:Ended

8.1 (42 votes)

This is a dramatic story about two researchers, who are trying to understand what is happening in human’s brain during sexual contacts and what makes people feel well and satisfied. These two are pioneers in this sphere. The film is showing 1960s America, time, when everything, which was connected with sex, was under the ban. Dr. William Masters and Virginia Jonhson – two main heroes of the film are trying to understand secret sexual signals and their influence on brain by assaying everything on each other. The film is based on the book with the same name.
The first season of the film caused a lot of different emotions and so much different oppinions. It showd that time's America, people's behaviour and their atitude to sex. But mostly the film was highly rated and critics told that the performance was really fascinating, interesting and smart. The first season consisted of 12 episodes. And nearly everyone is waiting for the second one with great impatience. The second season of the film is going to start in July and it promises to be as great and facinating as the first one. So be a bit patient and wait for the next great and interesting episodes of Masters of sex.

Masters of Sex season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Parallax (air date: 2014-07-13)

Masters deals with the ramifications of his disastrous presentation and being fired from the hospital. Meanwhile, Libby urges Masters to get another job; and Virginia fights off advances and innuendos stemming from the belief that she was the woman in Master's explicit film.

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Episode #2: Kyrie Eleison (air date: 2014-07-20)

Masters begins a new job at Memorial Hospital under Betty's extortion terms only to discover that his boss insists he leave Virginia behind in favor of a handpicked secretary. Meanwhile, Johnson is torn between pressing Masters to rehire her and staying by DePaul's side as her condition worsens.

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Episode #3: Fight (air date: 2014-07-27)

Masters delivers a baby with ambiguous genitalia and urges the parents not to surgically assign the child a sex out of fear or convenience. Meeting Virginia at a hotel for a secret rendezvous, the two of them divide their attention between sexual role-play and a championship boxing match, prompting Virginia to unearth the truth of Masters'' troubled childhood.

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Episode #4: Dirty Jobs (air date: 2014-08-03)

Langham observes Masters and Johnson exiting a hotel room and shares his suspicions with DePaul, who is forced to make plans for her work without Virginia's involvement. Meanwhile, Betty attempts to conceal her infertility from Gene; and Masters tries to bring Johnson aboard as his assistant only to be thwarted by the head of the hospital, who takes a prurient interest in Masters' study.

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Episode #5: Giants (air date: 2014-08-10)

Masters continues to break new ground by continuing his study as the only white physician in a Negro hospital but at the cost of his gynecology practice. Libby is confronted by Coral's boyfriend, Robert, over her poor treatment of Coral, Betty reunites with her former lover, and Johnson struggles to right her relationship with DePaul - who is newly aware of Johnson's ongoing affair with Masters.

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Episode #6: Blackbird (air date: 2014-08-17)

After Hendricks bans Masters from using black participants in his study, Masters contacts a journalist to promote his efforts, using the debunking of sexual stereotypes as the lure. Johnson is forced to accept DePaul's choice to end her chemotherapy treatments. Gene uncovers the truth about Betty and Helen's relationship. Libby fires Coral after discovering she lied about Robert.

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Episode #7: Asterion (air date: 2014-08-24)

In the wake of Masters' discovery that Johnson has continued to have romantic relationships with other men, he becomes impotent without her knowledge and cuts off their sexual work together. He tries to keep his new clinic solvent over the course of three years by borrowing against his house, offering medical services to the hotel - and finally accepting money from his mother.

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Episode #8: Mirror, Mirror (air date: 2014-08-31)

Masters privately treats a couple for infertility, without revealing his relationship to them. Johnson realizes her work with Masters can be used to help people suffering from sexual dysfunction - but quickly gets in over her head when she attempts to treat Barbara Sanderson on her own. Libby is unnerved after witnessing a hate crime that is then whitewashed by the police.

360p (avi 447.7 MB)
Episode #9: Story of My Life (air date: 2014-09-07)

Virginia continues to impersonate a patient's case history in order to glean advice from a psychiatrist. Betty and Masters' attempt to remedy Lester's impotence by hiring a prostitute rattles him even further. Libby gets the third degree when she offers her eyewitness testimony regarding the beaten man. And Barbara Sanders wrestles with an unsettling diagnosis that exposes a chain of secrets and causes Masters and Johnson to clash over their treatment strategy.

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Episode #10: Below the Belt (air date: 2014-09-14)

Masters learns of a rival study and calls in a public relations expert to help brand his work with Johnson. Virginia, having finally learned of Masters' sexual difficulties, is invigorated by the prospect of finding a cure. Determined to prove her worth to Robert, Libby canvases a tenement for a rent strike. Plus, Langham is stunned when Flo informs him that he has to have sex with her in order to keep his job. And Barbara and Lester connect over their shared sexual dysfunctions.

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Episode #11: One for the Money, Two for the Show (air date: 2014-09-21)

A television crew arrives at the clinic to document Masters and Johnson's work treating sexual dysfunction. Masters considers the publicity premature, and himself unsuitable as a television presence. Virginia deals with the fallout of having prioritized her work over her parenting when George argues to take their children on a trip with his new wife. Plus, Libby finds in Robert an appreciation for what she has to offer. And Langham realizes there's no way out of his sexual contract with Flo.

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Episode #12: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (air date: 2014-09-28)

After watching an early cut of the documentary, Masters is disturbed by the portrayal of his work. Johnson's move to solidify her custody arrangement with George backfires. Finding justification in Masters' distraction, Libby continues her relationship with Robert. Langham discovers Flo's family's wealth and connections, causing him to re-evaluate his relationship with her. And after repeated testing of their protocol to cure impotence, Masters and Johnson feel they are ready to cure sexual dysfunction.

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