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Man Seeking Woman

Man Seeking Woman poster
Air weekdate: Wednesday
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Channel: FXX
Status: Ended
7.6/10(14 votes)
Jay Baruchel Jay Baruchel as Josh Greenberg
Eric Andre Eric Andre as Mike
Katie Findlay Katie Findlay as Lucy
Britt Lower Britt Lower as Liz Greenberg
Mark McKinney Mark McKinney as Tom
Maya Erskine Maya Erskine as Maggie
Robin Duke Robin Duke as Pattie
Rosa Salazar Rosa Salazar as Rosa
Fred Armisen Fred Armisen as Tanaka
Jorma Taccone Jorma Taccone as Cupidon

A naive romantic goes on a desperate quest for love when his longtime girlfriend dumps him.

As a matter of fact everything in this series is special, unusual and amazing…except for the main characters. We see a 27-year-old unlucky fellow Josh Greenberg, who has just parted from his girlfriend Maggie and is in pursuit of new relations and genuine love. Here we also may notice Josh’s best friend Mike – a womanizer, who doesn’t get stuck on search of love but looks for entertainments and tries to convince him to lead a fast life. The elder sister of the protagonist Liz on the contrary disposes Josh to a serious approach to life. So, the characters are so ordinary to wait for something fantastic, but this is just at first glance. The situations where they appear are not so trivial. Here we may trace a surreal date with troll (yes, you are not mistaken, with a real troll!) whereas Maggie’s new boyfriend is Adolf Hitler. And this is only the first episode. This bunch of incomprehensible situations can draw a red herring across the path for a viewer, but those events are surrealistic only on their face. In fact each of them resemble life so much that it seems at times that the script writers peeked at your usual day and tell your life with the help of various artistic devices. Don’t miss this wonderful series!

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It is difficult to live alone, because so eager to have the phone number of the person who can always listen to and support. It feels like coming home to know that someone is waiting for you. In man by nature a craving for relations has laid, and it is impossible to change. The same is about our main character, Josh Greenberg, who rushes around trying to find that only one, which will eventually become a single and for the whole life. But so far his attempts were unsuccessful. Josh has made every effort, but his goal is still difficult to call a reached one. The guy has an elder sister Liz and best friend Mike, and they also help the protagonist in his quest. In the new season Jack expects minor problems because of Mike. The friend is seriously offended by Greenberg, because he spends too much time with his new girlfriend. In the new series, the guy will have to solve all the woes, reallocating correctly his time for socializing with friends and girlfriend. In the meantime, Jack will try to settle all, the spectators are only to observe comical situations in which the protagonist will fall again and again.

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Man Seeking Woman season 3 continues to talk about the search for true love. Josh Greenberg has overcome a lot of dating and it seems to have found what he was looking for so long. Lucy, his new love interest, became a girlfriend with the prospect of a long-term relationship. This is very serious. Josh has no such experience, and he will try not to lose the girl of his life. They both struggle with their living situation. Relationship of the loving couple are developing very quickly. Lucy is looking for an approach to the Josh’s best friend. Josh meets with parents of Lucy…

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