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Major Crimes

Major Crimes poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Drama, Action, Crime
Channel: TNT
Status: Ended
8.2/10(1355 votes)
Daniel DiTomasso Daniel DiTomasso as Wes Nolan
Graham Patrick Martin Graham Patrick Martin as Rusty Beck
G.W. Bailey G.W. Bailey as Louie Provenza
Jonathan Del Arco Jonathan Del Arco as Dr. Morales
Jon Tenney Jon Tenney as Fritz Howard
Kearran Giovanni Kearran Giovanni as Amy Sykes
Mary McDonnell Mary McDonnell as Captain Sharon Raydor
Mary McDonnell Mary McDonnell as Sharon Raydor
Michael Paul Chan Michael Paul Chan as Mike Tao
Nadine Velazquez Nadine Velazquez as Emma Rios

Captain Sharon Raydor faces the challenge of earning the trust and loyalty of her officers in Major Crimes, who are still in shock over their former Deputy Chief's exit, while trying to close the department's highest-profile cases. Raydor decides to house Rusty Beck, the key witness for a murder case, in her own home, paying for him to attend the Catholic high school her children attended.

We believe that this series you should definitely see. Because he will show you what real teamwork. He will show how important be able to work cohesively, as the only mechanism. Despite on the fact that their duty is to fight against the criminal world they are able to overcome any difficulties. Agree that this work is not all under force. After all, the underworld is filled the mysteries, intrigues and surprises. There is a place for everything, and death as well. The team will face with a wide variety of crimes. Some of them they are investigating rather quickly. Others will be so confusing that they will have to work hard. The most biggest troubles them deliver the violators of the city Los Angeles. Various crimes expected them quite often. They have to search the culprits and protect locals. And thanks to their high engineering work and intuition, these tasks will be under their power. Each series of this criminal drama undoubtedly will make you marvel of these successful detectives. You will see the brilliant results of work of these professionals. We are looking forward to hear your personal opinion about the main characters and about the series as a whole.

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We hope that the second season of Major Crimes will be for you in the same interesting, dynamic and exciting. The next 15 series of criminal drama talk about the follow-up work of the department on the disclosure of especially dangerous crimes. Place of the former chief of the police Brenda Lee Johnson took Captain Sharon Reydor. The entire staff was dissatisfied her appearance. There were all sorts of spats and conflicts between Sharon and her subordinates. Everyone thought that she did not deserve this place. But after some time Sharon has shown professionalism in her work. She was also friendly to subordinates. And that made change opinion about her. The team of detectives start to treat her better. Between them there was a real mutual understanding and trust. Subordinates have understood the fact that she is a reliable person on which can rely on and which is willing to come to the aid. Thus she was able to prove that it is able to take the place a team leader. The appearance of Sharon Rader was another boon for the team of professionals in solving crimes. Together, they can easily overcome the battle with the most experienced criminals and uncover the most complicated cases.

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Present to your attention the third season of one of the most successful American works in which was invested works of many directors and writers. The third season will show a picture of the relationship between colleagues at work and capturing criminals. Captain Raider which came to this department has established herself well. It would seem all have found a common language with her and resolve misunderstandings that have arisen between them. But in reality it is not so as it seems. Some of her command of subordinates continue to treat biasedto her. Raider sometimes notices views of hostility from some of her colleagues. She is outraged that attitude to her. Sometimes it takes out her of character. However, everyone understands the working point, that they should not pay attention to the troubles that have been established. Eventually catching criminals and unravel the mysteries of bandits is their common teamwork. Especially if they strive to make their area more quiet and less dependent from the underworld. Also, many series will revolve around the personal problems of each of the characters. At this stage, the audience will discover new mysteries. This season will answer on many questions which haunted since the first season.

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This series become a special project. He was able to successfully display certain sectors and spheres of life of modern humanity. He encourages to look at your life differently and to note some important points. The series has attracted the attention of many viewers. And it's all thanks of his uniqueness. The authors were able to present him in several genres. Therefore, he is both dramatic and exciting and certainly emotional. Plot Major Crimes in the fourth season continues to be based on people which are successfully employed in the police department. Employees of this department continues to conduct their investigations on the territory of Los Angeles. Their targets are still the most dangerous and brutal murderers which carried out serious crimes. They are always sure what they are doing. They are able to predict the outcome of the investigation in advance. A team of specialists is always ready for the most difficult problems that may arise on the way. And most importantly, they always solve assigned tasks. It seems that they are better than anyone which could provide security in the town.

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The law enforcement agencies Los Angeles have a new change instead of the old boss send entirely new. Top policemen are not very happy like the shuffle, because it means the emergence of various troubles and awkward difficulties. For a new chef the timely task team for a positive working atmosphere. Resolution of controversial issues will enable you to fully show extraordinary attitude to the situation. Stunning wonderful plot twist unpredictable reverberate in the life of each employee because of the job require employees strong and reliable shoulder of a companion. The captivating power of art will make you irresistible impression get a gorgeous fun! Enjoy this masterpiece!

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Major Crimes tv show season 6 tells us the story of the origin of Phillip Stroh! One of the episodes of season 6 will present us a 16-year-old version of the criminal. Stroh, acting as his own lawyer, killed the judge in his office and left, arranging a well-planned escape, in the final of season 3 of “Major Crimes” series. Since then, he remained on the run. The key, to find the long-time Rusty’s torturer, is to guess his true motives and find out the identity of the mysterious woman he is desperately trying to find. Season 5 ended with a bomb explosion in one of the offices of the department, so the department will appear before us updated and with new technologies in the new series. As for the newcomers of season 6, the detective Camila Paige and special agent Jazzma Fey will join the team. Sharon Raydor again must reach an understanding and try to rally the team. At the same time, every day there are crimes and major task is solving them, otherwise the new post will not last long, in the new episodes of the final season 6 Major Crimes on TNT channel.

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