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Made by Destruction

Made by Destruction poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Reality
Status: Continuing
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Each episode of “Made By Destruction” follows the transformation of three objects from around the world as they are destroyed and then rebuilt to create some unexpected, and sometimes mind-blowing, results. A company in Germany collects milk from dairies and supermarkets to create a silk-like thread called “milk fiber,” which is then spun and sewn into stylish dresses. In Canada, plastic bags are recycled into new usable pellets that are then crushed into a powder and mixed with asphalt to pave roads. The resulting blend lowers the asphalt’s working temperature and its energy price tag.

The new series titled Made by Destruction season 1 will tell the audience the story of the conversion of three objects from around the world from the stage of destruction and ending its restructuring to create many very unexpected and sometimes shocking results. Western countries have long noticed that recycling not only helps preserve and maintain the ecological purity of the country but also helps to earn its regular income. It is known that about 4 Bln. Tonnes of waste can be processed by only 15%. The rest part of it without the benefit of society and the environment is in the dumps. Waste recycling companies are not so much. For example in Canada the experts concluded that the recycling of plastic bags can be useful in the manufacture of special granules which are subsequently ground to a powder and added to asphalt to pave roads. Such a mixture significantly reduces the operating temperature of the asphalt and increases its cost. In fact, in garbage recycling a lot of pluses. First and foremost is to get rid of garbage. The second important component is the processing of environmental preservation. It turns out that the processing of waste is very important for humanity and every day it becomes more and more urgent matter. It is also interesting that a German company has found a way of processing of dairy products in the dairy yarns that are used in the manufacture of garments. This business idea is also not less interesting than the previous one. Watch this exciting series and you learn a lot of useful and interesting information.

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