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We have had 137,000+ links to in our database, now only 20,000 links left. As do not provide us list of deleted files, we had to update links status manually. Now 99,9% of broken links are deleted, and we are working on re-uploading of popular series and completely removing of unpopular.

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Louie poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Channel: FX (US)
Status: Ended
8.8/10(98 votes)
Louis C.K. Louis C.K. as Louie
Hadley Delany Hadley Delany as Lilly
Pamela Adlon Pamela Adlon as Pamela
Ursula Parker Ursula Parker as Jane

Louis C.K. stars as a fictionalized version of himself; a comedian and newly divorced father raising his two daughters in New York City.

Louie season 2

Louie season 2 poster

It is a story of successful comedian conversational genre of New York, who became the father of a loner recently. But he can not only raise two daughters, and go on dates. Main character name is Louie. And I would note, this TV show kind of autobiography of the series creator Louis C.K.

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Louie season 3

Louie season 3 poster

Louis C. K is one of the funniest stand-up comedians. In the TV show, he does not hesitate to say in his speeches at the strangest theme. Situation, as he himself says, though fictitious, but based on actual observations and experiences. Louis constantly jokes on himself. He realizes that he is not 20 years old, he divorced, not handsome, have children, and he does not pursue a life – he just living. He tries to meet with other women, trying to be a good father, good friend and a funny comedian. He was a great experience and failure, and turns these things into a comedy of life...

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Louie season 4

Louie season 4 poster

This tv show filtered through the observational humor of Louis C.K. Each episode puts a spotlight on Louis’ hectic life as a successful stand-up comedian and newly single father raising his two daughters. The single-camera comedy is a mix of Louis C.K.’s stand-up comedy and scripted stories.

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Louie season 5

Louie season 5 poster

Season five of Louie series is distinguished by a mixture of moving drama, eccentricity and comedy, of course. And here we see again his relations with Pamela, which will make you discover some impressive stories. Louie’s brother Bobby will try to uncover one of the gloomiest summarizing of life because Bobby is deeply depressed. And he is not the only one here to be oppressed, as Louie series is not always about fun and humor - here we find lots of thoughts to ponder upon. We’ll discover Louie interacting with his daughters Lilly and Jane and showing them how to choose the right way of life. C.K. also has all chances to fall in love with a woman who is not able to speak English or to be beaten by a woman. We’ll follow the story concerning ex-boyfriend of Louie’s sister Lenny, who is a policeman. Lenny is eager to make friends with C.K., whereas Louie feels uneasy of this foisted friendship. What other TV show may deserve attention with its fifth season ahead? Louie is definitely the one!

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