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Looney Tunes Cartoons season 3

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Looney Tunes Cartoons season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Sam-merica (air date: 2021-11-25)

Yosemite Sam tries to start a new country.

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Episode #2: Put the Cat Out - Door Spin (air date: 2021-11-25)

Sylvester does not want to be put out for the night.

Episode #3: BBQ Bandit (air date: 2021-11-25)

Daffy keeps eating all the hamburgers Elmer cooks.

Episode #4: Happy Birdy to You (air date: 2021-11-25)

Sylvester crashes Tweety’s birthday party.

Episode #5: Daffy Psychic: New Love (air date: 2021-11-25)

Daffy sees the future.

Episode #6: Spring Forward, Fall Flat (air date: 2021-11-25)

Wile E. Coyote puts a spring in his step.

Episode #7: Frame the Feline (air date: 2021-11-25)

Hubie and Bertie risk it all to break into a cheese shop.

Episode #8: Daffy Traffic Cop Stop: Boating License (air date: 2021-11-25)

Daffy’s drive is disrupted.

Episode #9: Unlucky Strikes (air date: 2021-11-25)

Porky teaches his nephew to bowl.

Episode #10: Cro-Mag Numb Skulls (air date: 2021-11-25)

Daffy the Caveduck and Prehistoric Porky have a Stone Age adventure.

Episode #11: Trophy Hunter (air date: 2021-11-25)

When Elmer goes hunting, he ends up catching a trophy!

Episode #12: Bathy Daffy (air date: 2021-11-25)

It’s bath time for Daffy Duck.

Episode #13: End of the Leash: Bullseye Painting (air date: 2021-11-25)

The Barnyard Dog is fit to be tied.

Episode #14: Rabbit Sandwich Maker (air date: 2021-11-25)

After inventing a machine that makes Rabbit Sandwiches, Elmer sets out to find a rabbit.

Episode #15: Put the Cat Out: Window (air date: 2021-11-25)

Porky puts Sylvester out, but he forgets about the window.

Episode #16: Pardon the Garden (air date: 2021-11-25)

Petunia Pig wants to garden, but all she grows is trouble!

Episode #17: Put the Cat Out: Flat on the Door (air date: 2021-11-25)

Sylvester is a-door-able.

Episode #18: Downward Duck (air date: 2021-11-25)

Yoga is relaxing – unless Daffy is your instructor.

Episode #19: Lesson Plan 9 from Outer Space (air date: 2021-11-25)

Marvin the Martian has conquered Earth… but no one bothered to tell Bugs.

Episode #20: Balloon Salesman: Baboon (air date: 2021-11-25)

Daffy Duck becomes a balloon salesman.

Episode #21: Portal Kombat (air date: 2021-11-25)

Wile E. Coyote uses sci-fi portals to catch Roadrunner.

Episode #22: Virtual Mortality (air date: 2021-11-25)

Elmer Fudd tries virtual reality.

Episode #23: Daffy Traffic Cop Stop: Lions (air date: 2021-11-25)

Porky’s on patrol.

Episode #24: Miner Threat (air date: 2021-11-25)

Coal mining is dangerous, especially when you’re a canary… and Sylvester is trying to eat you.

Episode #25: Fowl Ploy (air date: 2021-11-25)

Boxer Porky can’t lose with Daffy in his corner.

Episode #26: Sword Loser (air date: 2021-11-25)

Yosemite Sam stands to become king if he can pull the sword from the stone… or just steal it from Bugs Bunny.

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