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Looking poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Channel: HBO
Status: Ended
8.5/10(697 votes)
Daniel Franzese Daniel Franzese as Eddie
Frankie J. Alvarez Frankie J. Alvarez as Agustín Lanuez
Jonathan Groff Jonathan Groff as Patrick
Jonathan Groff Jonathan Groff as Patrick
Jonathan Groff Jonathan Groff as Patrick Murray
Lauren Weedman Lauren Weedman as Doris
Murray Bartlett Murray Bartlett as Dom Basaluzzo
O.T. Fagbenle O.T. Fagbenle as Frank
Raúl Castillo Raúl Castillo as Richie Donado
Russell Tovey Russell Tovey as Kevin Matheson

Looking offers up the unfiltered experiences of three close friends living - and loving - in modern-day San Francisco. Friendship may bind them, but each is at a markedly different point in his journey: Patrick is the 29-year-old video game designer getting back into the dating world in the wake of his ex's engagement; aspiring artist Agustín, 31, is questioning the idea of monogamy amid a move to domesticate with his boyfriend; and the group's oldest member - longtime waiter Dom, 39 - is facing middle age with romantic and professional dreams still unfulfilled.

The trio's stories intertwine and unspool dramatically as they search for happiness and intimacy in an age of unparalleled choices - and rights - for gay men. Also important to the ‘Looking' mix is the progressive, unpredictable, sexually open culture of the Bay Area, with real San Francisco locations serving as a backdrop for the group's lives. Rounding out the ‘Looking' world are a bevy of dynamic gay men including Kevin, Lynn, and Richie, as well as a wide-range of supporting characters like Dom's roommate Doris, Agustín's boyfriend Frank, and Patrick's co-worker Owen.

Looking season 1

Looking season 1 poster

This is the story of three gay friends, one of whom – the artist, the second – a restaurateur, and the third – a developer of computer games. With buddies will happen incredible stories, and the main site of action has become a famous gay district Mission in San Francisco, where this trio lives, seeking happiness and love...

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Looking season 2

Looking season 2 poster

Times when gays portrayed as mincing guys finally passed. Patrick Augustine House – the guy from San Francisco, whose life consists of ordinary things: spending time with friends, love failures and searches themselves. Their everyday life do not seem far-fetched, they are absolutely realistic. Failed sexual adventures or how to put a complete idiot in front of your new boss? Please, it’s all there. First of all it is important that «Looking» does not speculate on the fact that the characters are gay, and also has its authentic atmosphere. Patrick Augustine House and especially people with their strengths and weaknesses, and great friends, and their orientation is not considered by the authors as a defining trait. It’s like eye color or taste preferences – they just are. Maybe «Looking» is the first cinematographic art in which the new rule finally complete in flux. «Looking» is intended for audiences 20+, suitable for teenagers rather more romantic story than a story about a little disappointed but charming friends from San Francisco. Characters of the series are not looking for “Everlasting Love” and “absolute fidelity.” They have already come to the conclusion that sex is just sex, not a demonstration of “love.” They are at the stage where everything is relative and it is important to find yourself, what would it not express … but no matter how absurd and contradictory as it may seem, they are looking for love too.

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Looking season 3

Looking season 3 poster

The premiere of the American drama series "Looking" held in 2014, has brought high performance rating for the series, so the creators have decided to develop a story of boys. As you may recall, the series presented the story of three guys homosexual. Existing characters of the painting are completely different professions, but this does not prevent them, find common interests and wile away the time. Each of them is looking for a new relationship, which could add to the life of each of them real happiness. Unfortunately, the release of the second season will complete the story of three friends-gay, because he did not succeed. The audience did not show interest in current events, so the creators have decided to stop filming the series. However, there is one good news for those on whom the series impressed. Soon, you will see the final chapter of travel in search of love and lasting relationships, in a specially designed form. Wait for the end of the adventure show with a performance of your favorite heroes.

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