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Life with louie season 1

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Life with louie season 1 poster
13 episodes (509 views)

Air weekdate:Daily Cast:Debi Derryberry, Edie McClurg, Justin Shenkarow, Louie Anderson, Mary Wickes, Miko Hughes, Tommy Hinkley, Meagen Fay Genre:Animation, Children, Comedy Channel:FOX (US) Status:Ended

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Life with louie season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: A Christmas Surprise for Mrs. Stillman (air date: 1994-12-24)

Louie Anderson tells the story of a typical Christmas season when growing up in Cedar Knolls, Wisconsin during his childhood. Young Louie and his family go through the usual routine every family goes through during the season--with some hilarious results! Everything from buying a Christmas tree for the steep (at that time) price of $35, to putting up Christmas decorations for a lonely neighbor (who turns out to be Jewish), to actually opening presents on Christmas Day.

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Episode #2: Dad Gets Canned (air date: 1995-06-18)

Louie's dad gets fired so the entire family tries to think of ways to save money until he can get back on his feet. Meanwhile, summer vacation has started and Louie is looking forward to three months of swimming and freedom...until his Dad, starved for things to keep himself busy, decides that Louie is going to help him do every fix-it job around the house.

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Episode #3: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Bed (air date: 1995-09-09)

The Andersons get new neighbors, the Johnsons, and Andy immediately starts fighting with Mr. Johnson. Meanwhile, the town of Cedar Knolls gets flooded due to severe rainstorms and the only house that isn't flooded is the Anderson's--thanks to a ten-foot wall that Andy constructed to keep the Johnson's dog out of his yard. Eventually the entire neightborhood seeks refuge in the Anderson home, much to Andy's dismay.

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Episode #4: Lake Winnibigoshish (air date: 1995-08-16)

The Andersons go on vacation to Lake Winnibigoshish, WI.

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Episode #5: A Fish Called Pepper (air date: 1995-09-23)

Louie gets a fish named Pepper, because his family is too poor to get a dog.

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Episode #6: Behind Every Good Coach (air date: 1995-10-07)

Louie makes a deal with his Dad to get out of his much-hated gym class if he agrees to play little league baseball. Much to Louie's dismay and bad luck, his baseball coach ends up being his tyranical gym teacher. After the coach is hit in the head by Louie's bat during a game Louie's dad Andy steps in as the coach and whips the team into shape in true military fashion--literally. While Andy is teaching the team battle strategies, Louie's mom teaches them actually baseball tips and tricks on the side. Of course in the end, Louie's team ends up in the big championship game and the team's newfound skills are put to the test.

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Episode #7: Alive! Miracle in Cedar Knoll, Wisconsin (air date: 1995-11-04)

When Ora and Andy leave to go and visit Ora's sick mother, Louie and Tommy are left home alone to fend for themselves during a blizzard.

360p (mp4 68.0 MB)
Episode #8: Pains, Grains, and Allergy Shots (air date: 1995-11-11)

Louie finds out that he is allergic to certain grains, and is rushed to the hospital.

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Episode #9: The Fourth Thursday in November (air date: 1995-11-18)

Louie, upset with being cast as the Turkey every year, single-handedly ruins the annual Cedar Knolls Elementary Thanksgiving Pageant. The principal decides that as punishment Louie needs to give a presentation on the meaning of Thanksgiving the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Louie tries to figure out the meaning of the holiday while his house is flooded with guests for Thanksgiving dinner, each of whom have their own unique interpretation of the holiday.

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Episode #10: Tracks of My Deers (air date: 1995-11-25)

Louie is going to woods with father and his friends to catch deers.But one deer follows Louie and Louie makes a new friend,deer.When they go home late at night,deer follows them.Next day,they find out that deer is in their house.It is hrad for Andy,but he decides to keep deer.But,after deer finds out that he can't sleep anywhere he goes away...

360p (mp4 57.2 MB)
Episode #11: When Cedar Knoll Freezes Over (air date: 1996-02-03)

The winter carnival begins in Cedar Knoll and The Anderson family loses every competition they enter. Meanwhile, Louie develops a crush on Jeannie's sister and tries to learn how to skate to get close to her.

360p (mp4 65.9 MB)
Episode #12: A Fair to Remember (air date: 1996-02-10)

The Anderson family goes to a fair where Aura tries to win the best cooking contest, and Andy wins a pig. Meanwhile, Tommy gets upset because Louie always takes him to the childish fair rides.

360p (mp4 64.6 MB)
Episode #13: Born a Rambler Man (air date: 1996-02-17)

Andy's car got broke,and he is very sad.Since it's his birthday,Ora decides to collect money with Louie and Tommy to buy Andy a new car.When they buy it,Andy is surprised but not happy.So,he returns the car and tries to fix the old one.He can't,so Louie calls a mechanic to fix it due the night.Car is fixed,but Andy knows that mechanic came to fix the car.

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