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Lexx season 1

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Lexx season 1 poster
4 episodes (1910 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Brian Downey, Xenia Seeberg, Michael McManus, Patricia Zentilli, Rolf Kanies, Nigel Bennett, Louise Wischermann, Jeffrey Hirschfield, Tom Gallant, Eva Habermann Genre:Science-Fiction Channel:SciFi Status:Ended

8.2 (38 votes)

A spaceship “Lexx” is the most powerful weapon for destruction of two macrocosms. This huge living and intelligent spacecraft is actually an insect: it resembles a dragonfly externally and physiologically (it is afraid of nets and spiders if they have the space dimensions). It is designated for demolition of planets with one mighty shot in order to absorb the biological remnants and utilize them as fuel. “Lexx” was primarily grown in order to serve “His Divine Shadow” but later it changes its main functions. In the first season Lexx shortly tells its own story: I am Lexx, and I was created to destroy two macrocosms. I was grown up in the Planetoid Cluster which is superintended by “His Divine Shadow”. My Captain is Stanley Tweedle. I explode the planets for him. Earlier Stanley was a guardian of the fourth security class until he became a runaway. Now he is my captain who took my Key from the heretics who tried to steal me… This series in its art has ho fellows. It is unique and stands alone in the modern variety of serial films, showing its impressive alternative universe and memorable characters.

Lexx season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: I Worship His Shadow (air date: 1997-04-18)

On Cluster, the capital of the league of 20 000 planets, a ship with the power to destroy planets lies waiting for it's master - "His Divine Shadow". But the soon to be executed rebel Thodin has his eyes on it too, and mangles the city's computer system while engineering his escape. Using the chaos that erupts, the death sentenced security officer Stanley Tweedle and the escaped "love-slave" Zev evade capture and eventually team up with Thodin... with the undead assassin Kai following, with orders to kill them all.

360p (avi 686.7 MB)
Episode #2: Super Nova (air date: 1997-04-25)

Zev decides they should go to Brunnis, the original home of the Brunnen-G, in hopes of finding something that can prolong Kai's life. When they arrive they find it barren, except from holographic messages left by the eccentric "Poet Man". As they enter the library, they are totally unaware that back on the Lexx Giggerota has sprung back to life and plots to steal it with the help of the remaining Divine Predecessors.

360p (avi 651.9 MB)
Episode #3: Eating Pattern (air date: 1997-09-04)

The Lexx is forced to land on a planet to eat and replenish its energy supply. While they wait, Stanley and Zev go outside to bury Kai, who seems to have run out of the protoblood that kept him functioning. On their way back, Zev insists on investigating a structure. Too late they discover that it is filled with insane people obsessed with getting "clean bodies" to make "pattern."

360p (avi 660.8 MB)
Episode #4: Giga Shadow (air date: 1997-09-11)

Kai is running out of protoblood, and a desperate Zev forces Stan to set course back to the Cluster through the fractal core. When they arrive they find they entire planet barren - everybody killed in "the cleansing", in preparation of the birth of the Gigashadow.

360p (avi 647.6 MB)
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