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LEGO NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu season 1

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LEGO NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu season 1 poster
13 episodes (839 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:Vincent Tong, Jillian Michaels, Paul Dobson, Brent Miller, Kelly Metzger, Kirby Morrow, Michael Adamthwaite, Brian Drummond, Ian James Corlett, John Novak, Mark Oliver, Michael Kopsa Genre:Action, Adventure, Animation, Children Channel:Cartoon Network Status:Continuing

8.3 (18 votes)

LEGO NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Rise of the Snakes (air date: 2012-01-11)

The ninjas are snapped out of their post-hero complacency when Lord Garmadon's young son Lloyd shows up and tries to pick up where his father left off.

Episode #2: Home (air date: 2012-01-18)

Back in training mode with the looming threat of Lloyd and the Hypnobrai, Zane wanders after a Falcon and lands himself in a heap of trouble.

Episode #3: Snakebit (air date: 2012-01-25)

Lloyd unlocks a second tribe - The Fangpyres - to help him regain control. The Ninja are busy setting up their new HQ that Zane discovered, but are called to duty when the Fangpyres attack the village where Jay's family lives.

Episode #4: Never Trust a Snake (air date: 2012-02-01)

After the Fangpyres join forces with the Hypnobrai, Lloyd awakens Pythor - the last remaining snake of the Anacondrai tribe. Pythor steals a map from him that will show him where the remaining two snakes tribes dwell.

Episode #5: Can of Worms (air date: 2012-02-08)

Lloyd moves in and tries to make nice by helping out with chores, but he just gets in the way. Pythor has awoken the Vipoids and the Constrictaurs and an all out snake war has taken over Ninjago.

Episode #6: Snake King (air date: 2012-02-15)

Pythor declares himself to be the destined leader who will reawaken The Great Devourer - an ancient beast who can't be killed and will consume all of Ninjago.

Episode #7: Tick Tock (air date: 2012-02-22)

When the four ninja follow the mysterious falcon into the woods, they stumble on a hidden work shop where Zane learns the secret about his past and in the process, he is the first ninja to unlock his true potential.

Episode #8: Once Bitten, Twice Shy (air date: 2012-03-07)

Jay and Nya have to cut their first date in Mega-Monster Amusement Park short as the Serpentine are on their way to retrieve the first of four fang blades to be used to awaken the Great Devourer.

Episode #9: The Royal Blacksmiths (air date: 2012-03-14)

The four ninja go undercover as a dance troupe and enter a talent contest in their quest to win "The Blade Cup" where one of the fang blades is hidden.

Episode #10: The Green Ninja (air date: 2012-03-21)

When Garmadon moves in to search for Lloyd, the ninja learn that they must work together to find him. It is believed that the green ninja will be Lloyd.

Episode #11: All of Nothing (air date: 2012-03-28)

When the ninja are captured trying to find the Serpentine's inner sanctum,and Lloyd's rescue mission fails; It's up to Garmadon to save them.

Episode #12: The Rise of the Great Devourer (air date: 2012-04-04)

As Pythor is preparing to finally unleash The Great Devourer, the ninja are in a race against time to the lost city of Ourobouros.

Episode #13: Day of the Great Devourer (air date: 2012-04-11)

Disaster threatens as the ninja must fight to defeat the all consuming Great Devourer in a desperate attempt to save Ninjago.

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