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Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin poster
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Channel: The CW
Status: Ended
8.1/10(498 votes)
Andrea Navedo Andrea Navedo as Xiomara Villanueva
Anthony Mendez Anthony Mendez as Narrator
Azie Tesfai Azie Tesfai as Nadine Hansan
Brett Dier Brett Dier as Michael Cordero Jr.
Bridget Regan Bridget Regan as Rose Solano
Diane Guerrero Diane Guerrero as Lina
Elias Janssen Elias Janssen as Mateo Solano Villanueva
Gina Rodriguez Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva
Gina Rodriguez Gina Rodriguez as Jane
Ivonne Coll Ivonne Coll as Alba Villanueva

When Jane Villanueva was a young girl, her grandmother, Alba, convinced her of two things: telenovelas are the highest form of entertainment, and women must protect their virginity at all costs. Jane the Virgin, although she has always tried to be the good girl who does the right thing, Jane's life has suddenly become as dramatic and complicated as the telenovelas she has always loved.

The main heroine is 23 years old Jane. She is pretty and modest, dreams about becoming a writer, and, by the way, she is a virgin! Due to fact of being brought up by her grandmother, Abe, she knows two simple truths. The first says that the best entertainment is watching soap-operas, and the second is that a girl has to be a virgin till the wedding. Jane has been following these canons for the whole her life. Some time passes and she meets a boy, who reconciles with the unswerving principles of the girlfriend. Everything goes on as usual and in the desired direction, until the only one visit flips upside down. During scheduled scan in gynecology a doctor makes an artificial insemination to her, which a patient in the neighboring room should get. The owner of the sample appears to be rich and handsome Rafael, who is, at the same time, a new proprietor of the hotel, where Jane works. In a flash the heroine faces the most serious issues in her life. How will she tell her boyfriend about it? What will she do with the desire of the biological father to participate in the life of an unborn child? What will Jane choose? Will she leave a child?

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The developments of the second season of the situation comedy Jane the Virgin will be in rapid evolution. The protagonist, Jane Villanueva, is not only a happy mother - her marital status is going to change too. The main thing is that she will have to decide which one of the two men becomes her truelove. The showrunners tell that this will be the main intrigue of the season. The two aspirants on Jane’s heart are Michael Cordero, her ex, and Rafael Solano, a child’s father. So, the rumors about the possible fiancé are in the air. Another important moment of the season concerns Jane’s virginity, since she announces to lose it only after marriage. Is she really remaining a virgin, or there is some interesting secret to uncover? Moreover, the followers of the series will be much exciting about the fact that there will also be another wedding in this season. It is going to take place before Jane’s marriage and promises to be surprising and eccentric. Be the first to find it out!

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Check out the third season of drama series Jane the Virgin narrated the story the audience provoking a medical error as a consequence changed the lives of many people. The main character's mother learned of the pregnancy of the future little daughter at the age of sixteen. Father of the baby afraid to take responsibility for raising the child disappeared without a trace as a result, mother and grandmother do girls education. Grandmother being a believer granddaughter accustomed from childhood take care of herself and have sexual relations exclusively on her wedding night. The girl accepted the words of wise grandmother seriously and follow her teachings even as an adult. In college Jane met a young guy named Michael. They began a relationship and after two years of communication the guy did not get close to the companion. But soon there are contingencies that demolish all plans and completely change the life of the protagonist. Incidentally Jane gets to the hospital where she was mistaken for another patient and fertilized. However, the father of her unborn child becomes heir of a wealthy and influential family. It turned out that the man is married, which is almost outlived its usefulness. Thus girl by pure chance falls into a web of dramatic events she will have to decide alone. Already October 17, 2016 Meet the third season of the show Jane the Virgin.

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Jane the Virgin season 4 on The CW channel continues to follow Jane Villanueva and her first-born. She is still a virgin, although she is already a mother… It happened because of a medical error. Having confused her dossier with someone else, the girl was artificially fertilized and they were notembarrassed that Jane was a virgin! Jane almost married Michael in the previous season 3. But he was shot unexpectedly for everybody. Now Jane became a widow, and not enjoying the charms of married life. However, our vestal met her first love Adam in the final episode of season 3. Their relationship will rapidly develop in the new season of the series. Moreover, the biological father of the child Rafael again appears in the life of the virgin Jane. So, Jane Villanueva must make up for lost time – to look for the father to her son, to learn the meaning of sex and generally get used to the adult life in the new episodes of the season 4 Jane the Virgin.

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Season 5 is the final chapter of a popular American comedy series that parodies Latin American soap operas. Recall that Jane falls in love with Rafael, from whom she accidentally became pregnant and gave birth to a son Mateo. They are going to live together as one family, but it turns out that her husband Michael is alive at the end of the fourth season.

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