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Ingobernable poster
Air weekdate: Friday
Genre: Drama
Channel: Netflix
Status: Continuing
8.0/10(1 votes)
Erik Hayser Erik Hayser as Diego Nava
Kate del Castillo Kate del Castillo as Irene Urzua
Eréndira Ibarra Eréndira Ibarra as Anna Vargas-West
Aida López Aida López as Chela Lagos
Alberto Guerra Ramos Alberto Guerra Ramos as Canek Lagos
Alessio Valentini Alessio Valentini as Emiliano Nava Urquiza
Alicia Jaziz Alicia Jaziz as María Nava Urquiza
Alicia Jaziz Alicia Jaziz as María Nava Urquiza
Alvaro Guerrero Alvaro Guerrero as José Barquet
Fernando Luján Fernando Luján as Tomás Urquiza

The first lady of Mexico is a woman of conviction and ideals. But when she loses faith in her husband, she'll need all her strength to uncover the truth.

Netflix channel presents the season 1 of its first localized Mexican TV series called “Ingobernable”. The plot of the series revolves around the wife of the Mexican President, who was embroiled in big trouble. Emilia Urquiza believed in her husband and supported him. She hoped that his presidency would bring many positive changes to their country. However, in season 1 she was severely disappointed in him and his political activities. Having lost faith in her husband and having learned about him the unpleasant truth, she becomes ingobernable. Now this strong woman will be very difficult. TV series Ingobernable is the story about the big politics and love, betrayal and murder. Involved in a loud scandal, ingobernable the first lady of the country will find herself in a very difficult situation. Does she have enough strength to tell the truth and defeat very powerful enemies?

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Ingobernable season 2 is a continuation of the Mexican criminal drama about the first lady of Mexico, which is capable of much for the welfare of her country. According to the plot of this tv show, Emilia Urquiza (Kate del Castillo) escapes after she is convicted of killing her husband. As a result, season 2 will begin with her arrest. Emilia admits that she killed Mexican President Diego Nava. The ingobernable main heroine decided to improve her country, even if it means overthrowing the higher spheres of power in the upcoming season 2 of Ingobernable tv series.

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