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Indian Summers

Indian Summers poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Drama, Romance
Channel: Channel 4
Status: Ended
9.0/10(3 votes)
Julie Walters Julie Walters as Cynthia Coffin
Henry Lloyd-Hughes Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Ralph Whelan
Jemima West Jemima West as Alice Whelan
Alexander Cobb Alexander Cobb as Ian McLeod
Amber Rose Revah Amber Rose Revah as Leena Prasad
Aysha Kala Aysha Kala as Sooni Dalal
Craig Parkinson Craig Parkinson as Dougie Raworth
Edward Hogg Edward Hogg as Eugene Mathers
Fiona Glascott Fiona Glascott as Sarah Raworth
Lillete Dubey Lillete Dubey as Roshana Dalal

Set against the sweeping grandeur of the Himalayas and tea plantations of Northern India, the drama tells the rich and explosive story of the decline of the British Empire and the birth of modern India, from both sides of the experience. But at the heart of the story lie the implications and ramifications of the tangled web of passions, rivalries and clashes that define the lives of those brought together in this summer which will change everything.

This series is supposed to transfer the viewer into the far 1934 when there is a warm March outside and the gorgeous India presents us its picturesque beauties. This country is distinguished by its brightness, contrasting effects and singularity. During this period of time the country is ruled by British governors. They amount to some thousand. The only thing they cannot manage is the weather. In summer it is so unbearable here that the British prefer to rule the subcontinent from somewhere in the Himalayas. Simola is an island where the governors live for the summertime. Here they have a closed elite club and its owner is a middle-aged but still beautiful woman Cynthia. Her strong and severe temper allows her to hold a senior role. Besides she is able to blend into any company. So this is exactly in this club where the most interesting events will take place causing great changes. Also the series will show us not only the luxury lives of moneybags but also of common people and servicing staff. And of course love stories full of passion and vivid emotions will also take place here.

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History it is the length of the knowledge that at least you need to know even in order to continue not to repeat the mistakes of others. Many of you will agree that this claim is valid. For this reason there is an increased interest in knowing the history of the people. In recent years the historical drama took its place of honor on the same wave of popularity. The series Indian Summer is one such example. Events proposed series carry the audience nearly a century ago. The action takes place in India where the spring every day more and more comes into its possession demonstrating its superior to beauty. As you know India is quite beautiful and unique country with sharp difference from the other states. This series offers viewers not only to plunge into the events going on but at the same time enjoy all the unusual and indescribable number of Indian landscape able to surprise even the most inveterate wanderers. At that time, power was a thousand officials from the UK. When the hot summer days fell on the edge of all the powers that left the country and went to hell such as the Himalayas from there to being in a comfortable environment to manage public affairs in India. But in this period, the country's life was not peaceful. Bright flashes of the maturing revolution is increasingly slipped among the local population. Who is engaged in propaganda someone demonstrates calling slogans on the walls. At this hour Gandhi is deprived of the right to freedom. The main character of the series an Englishwoman Alice once lived in India according to the will of circumstances forced return to these lands which are still stored in her memory.

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