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Here and Now 2018

Here and Now 2018 poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mini-Series
Channel: HBO
Status: Ended
7.3/10(4 votes)
Holly Hunter Holly Hunter as Audrey Bayer
Holly Hunter Holly Hunter as Audrey Black
Tim Robbins Tim Robbins as Greg Bishop
Daniel Zovatto Daniel Zovatto as Ramon Bayer-Boatwright
Daniel Zovatto Daniel Zovatto as Ramon Black
Jerrika Hinton Jerrika Hinton as Ashley Collins
Jerrika Hinton Jerrika Hinton as Ashley Collins
Raymond Lee Raymond Lee as Duc Black
Sosie Bacon Sosie Bacon as Kristen Bayer-Boatwright
Sosie Bacon Sosie Bacon as Kristen Black

A multi-racial family made up of husband, wife, three adopted children from Liberia, Vietnam and Colombia and one biological child, find their bonds tested when one of the children begins seeing things which the rest cannot.

“Here and Now” takes us to modern America in season 1. We learn the incredible story of one family. The father is a very experienced and talented professor named Greg Bishop (Tim Robbins). He has been studying serious questions for a long time, which are connected with philosophy. His wife Audrey Bayer-Boatwright (Holly Hunter) is a representative of another profession and works as a lawyer. Audrey and Greg bring up their own child and three children, whom they took from the orphanage. And each of the children is a representative of different countries, and, accordingly, a culture. But it seems that they live in peace and harmony and do not feel any separate pressure from each other. But everything changes abruptly when one of the children declares that he sees what others can not see… How will the family come out of this situation in new episodes of Here and Now season 1?

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