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Hand of God

Hand of God poster
Air weekdate:
Genre: Drama
Channel: Amazon
Status: Ended
7.3/10(16 votes)
Ron Perlman Ron Perlman as Pernell Harris
Alona Tal Alona Tal as Jocelyn Harris
Andre Royo Andre Royo as Robert 'Bobo' Boston
Dana Delany Dana Delany as Chrystal Harris
Garret Dillahunt Garret Dillahunt as KD
Julian Morris Julian Morris as Reverend Paul Curtis
Julian Morris Julian Morris as Reverend Paul Curtis
Julian Morris Julian Morris as Reverend Paul Curtis
Julian Morris Julian Morris as Reverend Paul Curtis

Hand of God follows the honorable Pernell Harris a morally questionable judge and powerful community figure who experiences a devastating personal trauma. Now he hears a voice compelling him on a mission of justice. But is the voice he's hearing a message from God or the signs of a broken mind?

Hand of God season 1

Hand of God season 1 poster

TV series "Hand of God" tells the story about a judge, who imagines himself as a governor of the judgment of God on earth. He thought that God speaks to him and approves of his vigilante justice. Pernell Harris for many years had the reputation of judge with whom you can always negotiate. His career was steadily uphill. But one day everything changed. His son, Pernell Harris, Jr. wanted to shoot himself, but survived and is in a coma. A morally-corrupt judge suddenly realized that all of his previous life was wrong. And now he is ready to spend a lot of time trying to restore justice. But the people reaction for the judge's rebirth can be unpredictable ...

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The new season begins with an event when the sergeant of San Vicente is sent to the next challenge in a public place. To him it received information that the fountain is completely naked middle-aged man who behaves very unusual. The man raising his hands to the sky and says what is prayer in an incomprehensible language. It turned out that well-known in the city and many dear Judge Harris got into this trouble. This behavior caused the doctors and members of his family to question the adequacy of his mental. Harris family experiencing a real tragedy because the son of a judge deciding on an unsuccessful suicide attempt was in a coma. According to doctors the young man will never come to his senses what the father is completely refuses to believe. Harris falls under the influence of clever missionaries learned to influence people. From overuse of religion in his head begin to be heard some mysterious voice. In the eyes of others he looks like a crazy person elected to anyone strange way of life. Released the second season scheduled for autumn 2016.

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