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Graves poster
Genre: Comedy
Channel: Epix
Status: Ended
8.4/10(105 votes)
Angélica María Angélica María as Ramona Alvarez
Callie Hernandez Callie Hernandez as Samantha
Chris Lowell Chris Lowell as Jeremy Graves
Ernie Hudson Ernie Hudson as Jacob Mann
Heléne Yorke Heléne Yorke as Olivia Rockefeller
Khotan Fernández Khotan Fernández as Arturo Del Ray
Nick Nolte Nick Nolte as President Richard Graves
Nick Nolte Nick Nolte as President Richard Graves
Roger Bart Roger Bart as Lawrence Mills
Sela Ward Sela Ward as Margaret Graves

Graves is the story of former President of the United States, Richard Graves. Twenty years after his presidency, Graves has the epiphany that his policies have damaged the country for decades and so, with his young assistant, he goes on a Don Quixote-like journey to right his administration's wrongs just as his wife, the former First Lady, decides to follow her own political ambitions.

Graves season 1

Graves season 1 poster

The events of the series revolve around an elderly man named Richard Graves. He is a former President of the United States. He was elected to the presidency twice, and he faithfully performed his duties during these years. He thought so early. Richard is retired now. He is not a politician during 20 years. It's very old. One day he gave a speech in a small town. The locals showed resentment and said, he was a bad ruler. He was upset and started to check all the media. It turned out that he was considered as one of the worst presidents of the United States. Richard thought about it and realized that it is true. Indeed, during his reign, he wouldn't listen anyone and did everything in his own way. He ignored the requests of the American people and the advice of officials. Richard thought that he doing the right things and it led to irreparable consequences, which are now in the country. His wife Margaret does not think so. But Richard decides to clear his name and stand for election for President again. He is resolute. He became more wise and prudent. Now he will be able to correct the mistakes of youth. How? Watch and see!

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Graves season 2

Graves season 2 poster

Graves season 2 is the continuation of the one-chamber comedy that follows the former US president. Twenty years after he served his term in office, the protagonist realizes that his policy has caused tremendous damage to the state and the consequences of his actions will affect the fate of the country for many more years. Coming to such sorrowful conclusion, Ex-President Richard Graves like the legendary Don Quixote continues to fight with the windmills of his previous decisions in the hope of fixing everything. What adventures await Richard, Margaret, Olivia and Jeremy in the way of power can be found by continuing to follow twists of their fate in the new episodes of season 2 Graves.

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