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Graceland poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Drama, Action, Crime
Channel: USA Network
Status: Ended
7.2/10(752 votes)
Aaron Tveit Aaron Tveit as Mike Warren
Brandon Jay McLaren Brandon Jay McLaren as Dale Jakes
Daniel Sunjata Daniel Sunjata as Paul Briggs
Daniel Sunjata Daniel Sunjata as Paul Briggs
Manny Montana Manny Montana as Joe "Johnny" Tuturro
Serinda Swan Serinda Swan as Paige Arkin
Vanessa Ferlito Vanessa Ferlito as Catherine "Charlie" Lopez
Aaron Tveit Aaron Tveit as Mike Warren
Vanessa Ferlito Vanessa Ferlito as Catherine "Charlie" Lopez
Brandon Jay McLaren Brandon Jay McLaren as Dale Jakes

Every year, the top graduates from the FBI Academy move from their classrooms at Quantico to their first assignments in the real world. For Agent Mike Warren, the dream has always been a post in Washington D.C. But the powers that be have other plans, and the young rookie is soon packing his bags for Graceland, a palatial beachfront mansion in Southern California that has become a cross-departmental boarding house for top undercover agents in the FBI, DEA and ICE.

Graceland season 1

Graceland season 1 poster

Graceland is a place where nothing is what it seems and everyone has a secret. From the outside, this idyllic beachfront property is inhabited by a group of young, diverse roommates. Inside, a vastly different world is exposed: one that sustains itself through a complex web of lies. The series delves into the lives of an elusive group of undercover agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and US Customs, who live and operate under one roof. When forced to give up any shred of normalcy and the question of trust is a matter of life or death, the house becomes their sanctuary, their “Graceland.” Graduating at the top of his class, FBI rookie, Mike Warren anticipates a traditional DC desk job when he’s unexpectedly shipped to “Graceland.” Immediately thrown into his first undercover assignment, he relies heavily on the guidance of legendary FBI agent and mentor Paul Briggs. Briggs is an unusually Zen senior agent who notoriously hates the rule book and will go to any length to protect “Graceland” from the outside world.

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Graceland season 2

Graceland season 2 poster

The second season of the series follows the high-stakes investigative lives of six undercover federal agents who live together in a government-seized Southern California beachfront house. These FBI, DEA and ICE agents, whose lies are their lives, struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy. This is especially challenging when the former FBI rookie, Mike Warren returns to ‘Graceland’ to run point on a dangerous mission against the cartel. Meanwhile, Briggs, still concerned about the missing recording that implicates him in a murder, attempts to clean up his life and repair his relationships.

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Graceland season 3

Graceland season 3 poster

The protagonists do not know anything more real than the lies that has become a certain part of life for them. They are special services not by hearsay know what a real white lie. Many movie-goers not happy with the script work undercover operation by undercover agents ... They do not see much originality in this series. Although, at this time the track series literally full of such dramatic and comedy, successful and not really stories. Therefore, the audience is doubly curious to see what new and unique writers willing to submit to the observers and what flavor made in the story to get the audience's attention. Actions of this story taking place in the beach house having the name of "Graceland". Agents of the three intelligence agencies: the FBI, the Drug Control Service and the Customs Service gathered under the roof of a house. It is curious to find out what mission they have to accomplish? No less interesting is why an experienced agent Paul Briggs is ready to pay even his subordinate named Mike Warren that he quickly retired? See series Graceland and make sure that the series still has something to say to its audience. We think that fans of crime drama and thriller will appreciate this story because it corresponds to the best traditions of these styles.

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