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Golden Boy (2013) season 1

Golden Boy (2013) season 1 poster
13 episodes (2240 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Theo James, Bonnie Somerville, Kevin Alejandro, Chi McBride, Holt McCallany, Stella Maeve Genre:Crime, Drama, Suspense Channel:CBS Status:Ended

7.3 (7 votes)

Many of the successes of our lives often depend on the familiar concept of luck. Many of us believe that luck helps us achieve our goals. But some find their usual happiness in simple words that have nothing to do with their career and destiny. The protagonist of the new North American action called Golden Boy (2013) at the entry to the local police also felt the intervention of Fortune. In his 26 years William Walter is the so-called Golden Boy becomes a policeman. Virtually the whole world spread out before him its arms and the guy was unable to refuse to provide him the opportunity to become his master. Even in the first episode of the series productions Golden Boy (2013) we saw the future Walt after 8 long years. In such an early age, the hero managed to become the youngest police commissioner in the history of the City of New York while the already exhausted their police work come to this position just under 50 years. Society was shocked by the appointment of such a young worker to the high post. In this narrative the audience acquainted with the history of Walter achieve success and they will see how was his path to the goal. The main events of the series instead of the entire 8 years of the life of the hero, starting from the bottom and ending with the control of a conventional plot. His role of a hero no less intrigued by the wonderful actor named Theo James previously starring in the production of a series of typical vampire movies titled "Another World."

Golden Boy (2013) season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot (air date: 2013-02-26)

As Walter Clark Jr. is interviewed about his career, he reflects on his journey from homicide detective to the NYPD's youngest police commissioner.

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Episode #2: The Price of Revenge (air date: 2013-03-05)

To avoid being arrested, a petty thief leads Clark to a murdered, drug addicted young woman with a missing daughter. Meanwhile, Clark and Arroyo continue to butt heads.

360p (mp4 293.5 MB)
Episode #3: Young Guns (air date: 2013-03-08)

Clark investigates an incident in the projects that left a gangbanger dead and a teenager injured. Meanwhile, Arroyo threatens to go public with the wire tape exposing Clark giving a criminal informant confiscated money.

360p (mp4 265.1 MB)
Episode #4: Role Models (air date: 2013-03-12)

When a police officer who worked with Owen and Arroyo is killed while moonlighting for a rap mogul, Clark is called to investigate. Meanwhile, Clark threatens to expose Arroyo and McKenzie's relationship.

360p (mp4 247.5 MB)
Episode #5: Vicious Cycle (air date: 2013-03-19)

Owen takes the lead on a murder investigation involving the brother of his former criminal informant who was killed a few years before. Meanwhile, Clark struggles with whether or not to let his recently sober mother back into his and Agnes' life.

360p (mp4 314.0 MB)
Episode #6: Just Say No (air date: 2013-03-26)

Clark and Owen investigate the murder of a wealthy philanthropist who is also the daughter-in-law of a shipping mogul. Meanwhile, Clark’s mother asks for help with a loan shark who is harassing her.

360p (mp4 260.7 MB)
Episode #7: McKenzie on Fire (air date: 2013-04-02)

McKenzie seeks justice for her family when bullets found at the scene of a subway shooting match the same gun that killed her brother several years earlier. Meanwhile, Owen has reservations about retiring in two years.

360p (mp4 264.0 MB)
Episode #8: Scapegoat (air date: 2013-04-09)

After learning that they are both up for a promotion, Arroyo and Owen try to be the first to make a key arrest.

360p (mp4 264.4 MB)
Episode #9: Atonement (air date: 2013-04-16)

While trying to track down the person responsible for killing a priest, clues lead them to Natasha, a criminal informant from a previous case, who looks good for the crime. Meanwhile, Agnes sets out to find her mother after she goes missing.

360p (mp4 288.8 MB)
Episode #10: Sacrifice (air date: 2013-04-23)

Clark and the unit hunt for the murderer of an aspiring young model found floating in the bay. Meanwhile, Clark becomes a suspect when someone from inside the investigation leaks information about the latest case to Margot Dixon, a reporter Clark has been secretly seeing.

360p (mp4 271.7 MB)
Episode #11: Longshot (air date: 2013-04-30)

When the family of a star basketball player who was found murdered ignites a high-profile investigation, the case unearths Clark’s feelings about his family struggles. Meanwhile, McKenzie threatens to end her partnership with Arroyo after she finds out he lied to her.

360p (mp4 264.3 MB)
Episode #12: Beast of Burden (air date: 2013-05-07)

When a high-end call girl is found dead, Clark learns that his archenemy, Deputy Mayor Holbrook, was her last client. Meanwhile, Diaco struggles with the decision to put his father in a nursing home.

360p (mp4 256.3 MB)
Episode #13: Next Question (air date: 2013-05-14)

When Clark is relegated to desk duty, he delves into Owen’s cold case in which the murder investigation of a construction worker was compromised by the events of 9/11. Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Holbrook pulls a gun on Clark and Margot, Agnes drives away with her father, and Owen gets his long deserved promotion.

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