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Ghost Adventures season 7

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Ghost Adventures season 7 poster
18 episodes (728 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, Nick Groff, Jay Wasley Genre:Reality Channel:Travel Channel Status:Continuing

8.5 (26 votes)

Ghost Adventures season 7 episodes list:

Episode #1: Central Unit Prison (air date: 2012-09-14)

Zak, Nick & Aaron head to the recently-closed Central Unit Prison in Sugar Land, TX, to be the first investigators to document the spirits of its violent former inmates. With only a couple of stories to help guide the investigation, the guys hope to learn undiscovered facts by communicating with the spirits.

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Episode #2: Excalibur Nightclub (air date: 2012-09-21)

Zak, Nick & Aaron head to Zak's hometown of Chicago, IL, for a 2-location lockdown of the Excalibur Nightclub and Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. The guys are taken aback when an unseen force pushes Zak down the stairs in the club.

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Episode #3: Point Sur Lighthouse (air date: 2012-09-28)

Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Northern California to investigate the many claims of paranormal activity at one of the most haunted lighthouses in America. Nestled between the picturesque cities of Big Sur and Carmel, the Point Sur Lighthouse sits on a volcanic rock, protecting ships from the turbulent rocky coast of the Pacific Ocean.

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Episode #4: The Palmer House (air date: 2012-10-05)

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to the Great Lakes to explore the demonic activity overrunning the Palmer House Hotel. The investigation gets personal when a dark spirit beckons Zak and Aaron, speaking their full names.

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Episode #5: Black Moon Manor (air date: 2012-10-12)

Zak, Nick and Aaron trek to Greenfield, IN, to uncover the source of a dark power, which has seemingly overrun the Black Moon Manor. In the 1800s, the home was turned into an infirmary to treat victims of a smallpox outbreak. According to the home's owner, 200 people have died in the house.

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Episode #6: Sedamsville Rectory (air date: 2012-10-19)

Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati, OH, which has been plagued by a violent and demonic entity. The guys bring a priest in to perform an exorcism on the house.

360p (mp4 212.9 MB)
Episode #7: Cripple Creek (air date: 2012-10-26)

Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to the historic mining town of Cripple Creek, CO, to investigate 2 diverse locations plagued with intense paranormal activity: the Colorado Grande Casino & Hotel and the Piotrowski house, which sits on an old Native American battlefield.

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Episode #8: Brookdale Lodge (air date: 2012-11-09)

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to the once-famous Brookdale Lodge in Brookdale, CA, in search of the notorious spirits lingering around the establishment. The lodge was a vacation hideaway for the Hollywood and political elite in 1940s and 50s. As they prepare for the lockdown, Zak introduces his dog, Gracie, who will hopefully act as a trigger object to attract the sprits.

360p (mp4 229.9 MB)
Episode #9: Tor House (air date: 2012-11-16)

Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to scenic Carmel, CA, where they believe that the American poet and owner of the Tor House, Robinson Jeffers, will reveal himself 50 years after his death -- just as he predicted in his writing.

360p (mp4 207.6 MB)
Episode #10: Union Station (air date: 2012-11-23)

Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the historic Union Station in Kansas City, MO. The guys record visual evidence of an apparition without a reflection in the marble floors.

360p (mp4 202.2 MB)
Episode #11: Crazy Town (air date: 2012-12-07)

Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to a tiny Texas town to determine if the town's "crazy water" has caused the Baker Hotel to become infested with ghosts. During the lockdown, Zak turns aggressive after a shadow figure seems to disappear into him.

360p (mp4 239.9 MB)
Episode #12: Wyoming Frontier Prison (air date: 2013-01-11)

Zak, Nick and Aaron rent an RV and drive through the night to reach the remote town of Rawlins, WY, to investigate one of their darkest haunts to date: The Wyoming Frontier Prison. From 1901-1981, Wyoming's first state penitentiary served as a virtual death house for as many as 200 inmates. While some of these deaths were the result of state-sanctioned executions, others died from harsh living conditions and the infamously brutal violence that took place behind its cold walls.

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Episode #13: Sailors' Snug Harbor (air date: 2013-01-18)

Zak, Nick and Aaron are accompanied by ABC's Nightline to investigate a haunted harbor in Staten Island. The crews hear phantom noises, and Zak and Nick discover a shadow lurking in the darkness.

360p (mp4 198.6 MB)
Episode #14: New Orleans (air date: 2013-02-22)

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to New Orleans, LA, to investigate a city that's still haunted by the lost souls taken by Hurricane Katrina. From May Baily's Place, once one of New Orleans' most famed brothels, to voodoo queen Bloody Mary's House and the Haunted Mortuary, the guys’ investigation uncovers unsettling paranormal evidence.

360p (mp4 219.7 MB)
Episode #15: Market Street Cinema (air date: 2013-03-01)

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to San Francisco to investigate a century-old theater -- now a strip club and home to a dark entity that stalks women and hurts men. Zak has a terrifying encounter when a psychic dancer at the club tells him personal details about his family. Was the malevolent spirit speaking through her in an effort to scare Zak away?

360p (mp4 181.4 MB)
Episode #16: Goldfield Hotel: Redemption (air date: 2013-03-22)

Zak, Nick and Aaron return to Goldfield, NV, to reinvestigate the site of some of their most memorable haunts. The guys document extreme poltergeist activity, which they present to local experts for corroboration.

360p (mp4 175.0 MB)
Episode #17: Glen Tavern Inn (air date: 2013-03-29)

Zak, Nick and Aaron explore the Glen Tavern Inn, a former brothel, speakeasy and gambling house, in Santa Paula, CA, with Brit Morgan from HBO’s True Blood and recording artist Mimi Page.

360p (mp4 174.1 MB)
Episode #18: King's Tavern (air date: 2013-04-19)

Zak, Nick and Aaron make their first trip out to Mississippi to visit the oldest building in Natchez: King's Tavern, home to a legendary bloody dagger. Locals discovered the dagger in the fireplace, and the public has not seen it for over 30 years. People claimed the dagger was used in the murder of the most infamous ghost in the King's Tavern's history, Madeline, the mistress of the tavern’s first owner, Richard King.

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