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Friends season 6

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Friends season 6 poster
25 episodes (2605 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston Genre:Comedy, Romance Channel:NBC Status:Ended

9.1 (333 votes)

In the morning, Rachel and Ross have no memories of the previous night. But after learning that married, decide to annul the marriage. Chandler and Monica did not marry, but decide to live together. Chandler moved into the apartment of Monica, Rachel moves in with Phoebe, and Joey finds a new neighbor – a dancer Janine. Ross, who was fired from the museum, he finds work as a teacher of paleontology at the University. Joey needs money and he finds a job as a waiter at Central Perk.

Friends season 6 episodes list:

Episode #1: The One After Vegas (air date: 1999-09-23)

Ross and Rachel experience the world’s worst hangover when they realize they’ve gotten married. Chandler and Monica back away from their own altar plans. Phoebe and Joey head back to New York in the taxi cab.

360p (avi 53.7 MB)
Episode #2: The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel (air date: 1999-09-30)

Monica and Chandler decide to move in together, leading Rachel to believe that all three of them will be roommates, and Monica doesn't want to tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Ross tries to keep Rachel from learning that their marriage hasn't been annulled.

360p (avi 55.5 MB)
Episode #3: The One With Ross' Denial (air date: 1999-10-07)

Monica and Chandler disagree over how to redecorate Rachel's old room. Joey advertises for a "non ugly" roommate. Ross is unwilling to accept that he is still in love with Rachel.

360p (avi 59.2 MB)
Episode #4: The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance (air date: 1999-10-14)

Rachel prepares to move in with Ross. Ross is asked to give a lecture at NYU. Phoebe's psychic tells her that she will die before the end of the week. Ross practices his lecture for the gang but it's really boring. Joey's SAG health insurance has lapsed due to his lack of work. Ross's lecture goes well, without jokes or "naked chicks". Joey gets a hernia working out for auditions. Rachel and Monica discover that Ross is interesting because he uses a British accent. Joey won't go to the hospital and Phoebe's psychic dies instead of her. Ross's lawyer calls for him and Rachel talks to him, discovering that they're still married.

360p (avi 56.1 MB)
Episode #5: The One With Joey's Porsche (air date: 1999-10-21)

The gang is mad at Ross. Joey tries to find the owner of a Porsche who left their keys in Central Perk. Monica and Chandler agree to baby-sit Frank and Alice's triplets for Phoebe. Rachel decides to move in with Phoebe. The Porsche owner finds Joey. Rachel and Ross see the judge. Rachel's allegations are untrue, so the annulment can't be granted. Joey buys Porsche clothes. Chandler gets a toy stuck in his throat and goes to the hospital with Monica, leaving Phoebe alone with the mischievous triplets. Rachel and Ross sign divorce papers.

360p (avi 68.6 MB)
Episode #6: The One On The Last Night (air date: 1999-11-04)

Chandler and Monica are moving in with each other, which means Rachel is moving in with Phoebe and Joey will be without a roommate. Meanwhile Ross doesn't want to help with the packing so he stays at home with Ben, or so they think. Joey doesn't know how to live by himself, so Chandler decides to "lose" money to him in various games.

360p (avi 73.4 MB)
Episode #7: The One Where Phoebe Runs (air date: 1999-11-11)

Rachel and Phoebe decide to start running together, but Rachel is thrown off by the fact that Phoebe runs like a four-year-old. Joey finds a sexy new female roommate. Chandler decides to surprise Monica by cleaning the apartment, but forgets where everything goes. Ross tries to help him fix the apartment before Monica gets home.

360p (avi 77.0 MB)
Episode #8: The One With Ross' Teeth (air date: 1999-11-18)

Ross bleaches his teeth for a date with Monica's coworker. The only problem is that they now glow in the dark. Chandler convinces Joey that Janine is trying to take over his apartment. Phoebe makes out with the copy guy at Rachel's office. Rachel spreads rumors about Phoebe but her boss thinks that Rachel slept with Ralph Lauren.

360p (avi 67.9 MB)
Episode #9: The One Where Ross Got High (air date: 1999-11-25)

Monica's parents come for Thanksgiving, which is a problem because, not only do they not like Chandler, they don't know where he's living. Rachel makes a dessert--with beef. Phoebe develops a crush on Mr. Geller. Joey and Ross can't wait for dinner to end so they can go to Janine's "Thanksgiving with models".

360p (avi 79.5 MB)
Episode #10: The One With The Routine (a.k.a. The One With The Rockin' New Year) (air date: 1999-12-16)

Joey is beginning to like Janine more. She gets an invitation to dance on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" and invites Joey, Monica and Ross to join her. Monica and Ross are a little TOO happy. While Monica is at the taping, Rachel, Phoebe and Chandler search for their Christmas presents. Joey and Janine kiss.

360p (avi 112.1 MB)
Episode #11: The One With The Apothecary Table (air date: 2000-01-06)

Rachel orders an apothecary table from Pottery Barn, which is a problem because Phoebe hates the mass-producing company. After Janine and Joey double date with Chandler and Monica, Janine tells Joey that she thinks the other two are boring. Ross buys a new apothecary table too, which causes problems for Rachel. After a confrontation with Monica and Chandler, Joey breaks up with Janine and she moves out.

360p (avi 77.0 MB)
Episode #12: The One With The Joke (air date: 2000-01-13)

Chandler and Ross fight over ownership of a joke published in Playboy. A wayward remark of Phoebe's leads to trouble between the girls and a broke Joey starts working at Central Perk.

360p (avi 76.6 MB)
Episode #13: The One With Rachel's Sister (air date: 2000-02-03)

Joey gets in trouble for giving female customers free food at Central Perk. A sick Monica desperately tries to convince Chandler that she's not sick. After her father cuts her off, Rachel's sister Jill comes to town. Rachel talks Jill into asking Ross out. Ross and Jill return to his apartment and he closes the drapes as Rachel looks on from Monica and Chandler's...

360p (avi 77.0 MB)
Episode #14: The One Where Chandler Can't Cry (air date: 2000-02-10)

Chandler admits that he hasn't cried since he was a child. Phoebe discovers that Ursula is starring in porno movies using her name. Rachel desperately tries to stop Ross and Jill from starting a relationship.

360p (avi 77.2 MB)
Episode #15: The One That Could Have Been (1) (air date: 2000-02-17)

Barry and Mindy's impending divorce prompts the gang to fantasize about what their lives might be like if they'd all taken different courses. Ross is still married to Carol, and Rachel is married to Barry, but fawning over famous soap star Joey Tribbiani. Monica is still fat and dating a doctor. Chandler is an aspiring writer and Phoebe is a Wall Street shark for Merrill Lynch.

360p (avi 77.0 MB)
Episode #16: The One That Could Have Been (2) (air date: 2000-02-17)

Carol and Ross decide to have a threesome to spice up their marriage. Rachel goes to Joey's and kisses him. Chandler and Monica have sex and end up together anyway. Susan meets Carol. Rachel catches Barry cheating.

360p (avi 76.3 MB)
Episode #17: The One With Unagi (a.k.a. The One With The Mix Tape) (air date: 2000-02-24)

Joey needs money for new headshots, and tries to enter a medical study. The only problem is that the study is for twins. Rachel and Phoebe are taking a self-defense class, but Ross tries to give them a lesson in Unagi instead. Chandler needs a homemade present for Monica's Valentine's Day present.

360p (avi 76.9 MB)
Episode #18: The One Where Ross Dates A Student (air date: 2000-03-09)

Ross gets his student evaluations and one student writes that he's hot. Even though it could cost him his job, he considers dating her. An ex-girlfriend of Chandler's from college is directing the new Al Pacino movie and Joey wants an audition. A fire starts in Phoebe and Rachel's apartment, forcing them to find temporary living spaces with Monica and Joey.

360p (avi 76.9 MB)
Episode #19: The One With Joey's Fridge (air date: 2000-03-23)

Phoebe and Monica & Chandler compete to get Rachel a date for a charity ball. Joey's fridge is broken and he tries to cajole his friends into helping him buy a new one. Elizabeth tells Ross her intention to visit Daytona Beach for spring break, making him nervous.

360p (avi 76.0 MB)
Episode #20: The One With Mac And C.H.E.E.S.E. (air date: 2000-04-13)

Joey gets an audition for the lead character in a new TV show. When the audition is rescheduled, Chandler takes the message but forgets to tell Joey. Then the group recalls some of Joey's less-than-spectacular acting moments.

360p (avi 77.0 MB)
Episode #21: The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad (air date: 2000-04-27)

Ross asks his friends to keep him company when he meets Elizabeth's dad for the first time. Paul ends up hitting it off with Rachel. Phoebe decides to write "another" book, about Monica and Chandler. Joey may be fired from his sitcom when he has a fight with C.H.E.E.S.E.'s operator.

360p (avi 77.8 MB)
Episode #22: The One Where Paul's The Man (air date: 2000-05-04)

While visiting an art museum, Monica puts her name on a two-year waiting list to use the museum for a wedding. When Paul threatens to fire Ross if he doesn't stop seeing his daughter, Ross and Elizabeth take a trip up to her dad's mountain cabin. Unfortunately, Paul has the same idea and takes Rachel up to the cabin.

360p (avi 70.2 MB)
Episode #23: The One With The Ring (air date: 2000-05-11)

Chandler and Phoebe shop for a ring for Monica. Chandler finds the perfect one but Phoebe accidentally lets it get away. Rachel wants Paul to open up, but he opens up a bit too much. Ross and Joey think that Chandler's mad at them because he's preoccupied with the ring.

360p (avi 70.5 MB)
Episode #24: The One With The Proposal (1) (air date: 2000-05-18)

Chandler plans to propose to Monica at dinner, but his plans go awry when Richard shows up. Phoebe and Joey join Rachel at a charity auction.

360p (avi 68.1 MB)
Episode #25: The One With The Proposal (2) (air date: 2000-05-18)

Monica struggles to decide between Richard and Chandler. Meanwhile, Rachel and Phoebe discuss their backup plans if they are not married before the time they're 40.

360p (avi 69.8 MB)
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