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Find Me in Paris season 1

Find Me in Paris season 1 poster
26 episodes (330 views)
Air weekdate:Weekends
Cast:Castle Rock, Christy O’Donnell, Eubha Akilade, Hannah Dodd, Hiran Abeysekera, Ingo Brosch, Javone Prince, Jessica Lord, Katherine Erhardy, Lawrence Walker, Rory J. Saper, Seán Óg Cairns
7.0/10(1 votes)

A teenage girl named Lena Grisky attends the most elite dance school in the world, the Ballet troupe of the Paris Opera. But she has a secret. Lena is a time traveler who accidentally got from 1905 to the twenty-first century.

Find Me in Paris season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Find Me In Paris (air date: 2018-04-14)

When Princess Lena Grisky accidentally travels from 1905 to modern day, she has no time to get adjusted as she must use her ballet training to land a spot at the Paris Opera Ballet School in order to keep her cover.

Episode #2: Rooftop Hip-Hop (air date: 2018-04-14)

Lena must pass as a modern day teen if she is to remain hidden from the dangerous Time Collectors.

Episode #3: Together Again (air date: 2018-04-14)

Victor leaves Lena behind in modern day in an effort to trap the advancing Time Collectors, but Henri has his own plan for saving Lena - one with unforeseen consequences.

Episode #4: Just Dance (air date: 2018-04-21)

With Victor and Henri trapped in different years, Lena must settle into her new life filled with heavy workloads, modern ballet techniques, and new dance partners.

Episode #5: Pineapple Therapy (air date: 2018-04-21)

Desperate to fit into her new surroundings, Lena talks another student into taking her on a day trip, but as the day goes on Lena gets easily distracted.

Episode #6: Battle of the Tutus (air date: 2018-04-28)

Lena's super excited to be a "Little Mother" to one of the younger students, but soon realizes that she'll have to go head-to-head with Thea to compete for the spot.

Episode #7: Curse of the Fairy (air date: 2018-04-28)

A scene study about a love triangle hits home when, Lena is cast as the ethereal sprite and love interest to Max, leaving Thea seething as the downtrodden wife.

Episode #8: Twirls, Spins and Dobles (air date: 2018-05-05)

When Lena follows Max to his aunt's modest home, she is unprepared for his loud and nosey family.

Episode #9: Faux Besties (air date: 2018-05-05)

The girls' class has a ballet team competition and this time Thea, Ines, and Lena are on the same team - but opposing views cause a rift between Lena and Ines.

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Episode #10: A Pain in the Bun (air date: 2018-05-12)

It's auditions for the mid-season show and Lena's sure she's going to nail it, until she gets paired with Jeff, a talented but undisciplined dancer.

Episode #11: What Happens Under the Garner... (air date: 2018-05-19)

With the completion of the port-a-portal, the Time Collectors make their way to 2018 to grab Lena and the timepiece.

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Episode #12: The Chill Method (air date: 2018-05-19)

After a rocky rehearsal, Lena and Max are demoted from leading dancers to understudies, but Max has a plan; he just needs to get Lena to relax using his "chill method".

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Episode #13: Gone (air date: 2018-05-26)

Lena is doing everything she can to rock the mid-season performance, but as she's about to go on stage Thea hands her a letter from Henri, which tells her to meet him right away.

Episode #14: Time to Face the Music (air date: 2018-09-22)

Having missed joining Henri, Lena has to come back to the school to face the music.

Episode #15: Between the Bricks (air date: 2018-09-22)

After being benched by Gabrielle, Lena is determined to prove she has what it takes to make company and rallies the troops to perform a dance number.

Episode #16: High-Stakes Hip-Hop (air date: 2018-09-29)

Lena is happy as she and Max choreograph a Baroque-themed flash mob, that is until someone sabotages Lena's chance to dance.

Episode #17: A Slippery Pointe (air date: 2018-09-29)

Fresh off the break up with Henri and furious with Thea for stealing her BLOK mask, Lena competes in a prank war with Thea and takes it too far.

Episode #18: Oh Brother (air date: 2018-10-06)

The BLOK gets an invitation to participate in an underground dance competition and everyone is psyched until the other dance crew steals their moves.

Episode #19: Running in the Family (air date: 2018-10-13)

When a famous choreographer, Armando Castillo, arrives, everyone is on their best behaviour except Max, who seems intent to undermine him.

Episode #20: Secrets and Pointes (air date: 2018-10-13)

While everyone is still reeling from the truth about Max's childhood, Lena pushes Max to confront his father and make peace.

Episode #21: L.O.V.E. (air date: 2018-10-20)

Following a passionate kiss, Lena and Max are both love struck but unsure how to proceed.

Episode #22: They Know (air date: 2018-10-20)

On a class trip to the museum, Lena gets the shock of her life when she comes face to face with the Grisky family portrait and discovers her mother wearing the exact same necklace that Lena lost to the Time Collectors.

Episode #23: Spinning Lies (air date: 2018-10-27)

This is the biggest performance of the year, and Lena tries her best to focus, but she's distracted and her mind is elsewhere. Lena vows to focus, after all, Gabrielle is watching her every move.

Episode #24: Dance 'till You Drop (air date: 2018-10-27)

During the warm up, Max gets an invitation to a BLOK challenge. A big one with crews coming from all over Europe. But this time the dance members balk. How can they do the BLOK challenge and rehearse for the gala?

Episode #25: A Dangerous Game (air date: 2018-11-03)

Lena tries to pack her bag but her emotions are all over the place. She needs to be ready for when the portal opens but she also has a BLOK challenge and a gala performance to prepare for.

Episode #26: Showtime (air date: 2018-11-03)

It's performance day. It's portal day. Lena's a nervous wreck. She's worried about the fallout from the BLOK, she's nervous about seeing Henri, she's feeling a hundred emotions at once.

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