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Family Guy

Family Guy poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Channel: FOX (US)
Status: Continuing
8.6/10(547 votes)
Alex Borstein Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin
Alex Borstein Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin
Lacey Chabert Lacey Chabert as Meg Griffin
Peter Griffin Peter Griffin as
Seth Green Seth Green as Chris Griffin
Seth MacFarlane Seth MacFarlane as Stewie Griffin
Seth MacFarlane Seth MacFarlane as Brian Griffin
Seth MacFarlane Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin|Stewie Griffin|Brian Griffin|Glenn Quagmire|Tom Tucker|Jake Tucker|Carter Pewterschmidt|Mickey McFinnigan|O'Brian|Dr. Elmer Hartman|Seamus|Jasper|Kevin Swanson|Jesus|God
Seth MacFarlane Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin
Seth MacFarlane Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin

Sick, twisted, politically incorrect and Freakin' Sweet animated series featuring the adventures of the dysfunctional Griffin family. Bumbling Peter and long-suffering Lois have three kids. Stewie (a brilliant but sadistic baby bent on killing his mother and taking over the world), Meg (the oldest, and is the most unpopular girl in town) and Chris (the middle kid, he's not very bright but has a passion for movies). The final member of the family is Brian - a talking dog and much more than a pet, he keeps Stewie in check whilst sipping Martinis and sorting through his own life issues.

Family Guy season 1

Family Guy season 1 poster

The plot of the “Family Guy” show turns around an ordinary family, well, actually, not so usual for the first sight, if you assume the fact that a dog who periodically drinks and smokes cigars, as well as the owner of the animal – a kid who dreams to enslave the world – this is normal, then it is quite ordinary family. The Griffins family consists of father-psycho, wife, three children and the dog. These guys always find something to do, they will never get bored. To mention the episode when the head of the family bought a tank, and then went around the quarter and showed how it shoots. And there are funny moments innumerable in each series. Want to see it on your own eyes?

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Family Guy season 10

Family Guy season 10 poster

“Family Guy” is an animated TV show, which was created by Seth MacFarlane for the channel FOX. The main characters of the show is a little family Guy: dull, but full of crazy ideas father Peter, and his lovingly and patient wife Lois and their intellectually precocious, hatched the idea of world domination, the youngest son Stewie, a daughter, a botanist, is doomed because of the loneliness and confusion in school and at home, Meg, and a 13-year-old, retarded the development of age 10, son Chris. And also a full member of the family is a dog Brian. It is inclined to melancholy aesthetic,quietly watching with a glass of martini in his paw the adventures of Peter and the rest of the family.

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Family Guy season 11

Family Guy season 11 poster

In a wacky Rhode Island town dysfunctional family strive to cope with life. In the 11 season, as in previous ones, they are thrown from one crazy scenario to another.

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Family Guy season 12

Family Guy season 12 poster

Peter is convinced that a restaurant placemat is a treasure map. Word quickly spreads about the alleged cache, sparking a city-wide search and turning the citizens of Quahog against each other.

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Family Guy season 13

Family Guy season 13 poster

In the season 13 “Family Guy” Peter and the Griffins get out of dodge and end up in Springfield, where they are greeted by a friendly stranger named Homer Simpson, who welcomes his new “albino” friends with open arms. The families get along famously: Stewie and Bart make out like bandits when Stewie trades in his mind control device for a good old-fashioned slingshot; Lisa takes Meg under her wing and teaches her the saxophone; and Peter and Homer fight over the best beer in town – Pawtucket vs Duff.

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Family Guy season 15

Family Guy season 15 poster

Sick, twisted and politically incorrect, the animated series features the adventures of the Griffin family. Endearingly ignorant Peter and his stay-at-home wife Lois reside in Quahog, R.I., and have three kids. Meg, the eldest child, is a social outcast, and teenage Chris is awkward and clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. The youngest, Stewie, is a genius baby bent on killing his mother and destroying the world. The talking dog, Brian, keeps Stewie in check while sipping martinis and sorting through his own life issues.

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Family Guy season 16

Family Guy season 16 poster

Animation TV show “Family Guy” season 16 will continue to tell the story about the Griffin family. So, as it turns out, kids have the ability to grow up, and thereby bring new problems to their parents. Lois and Peter are trying to settle everything, but it’s not so simple. The family will try to win Emmy with their show, which always wins, in the episode 1 of “Family Guy” series 16 season. The first episode will be dedicated to the memory of Adam West, an actor who is voicing the mayor of Quahog. This year he was gone. Moreover, family and caring guy Peter decides to breed goats, while Lois is looking for a nanny for Stewie, to spend more time with her husband. Children still do not have special talents. One does not have the courage to communicate with the girls, and the other tries to take over the world, although he has not yet got out of the diaper. A talking dog also reinforces the absurdity of the situation. Brian, unlike its owners, is able to think sensibly in any situation, and even has its own political position. They are Griffin family in the new episodes of the season 16 Family Guy.

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