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Elementary poster
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Suspense
Channel: CBS
Status: Ended
8.5/10(5423 votes)
Aidan Quinn Aidan Quinn as Thomas Gregson
John Noble John Noble as Morland Holmes
Jon Michael Hill Jon Michael Hill as Marcus Bell
Jonny Lee Miller Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes
Jonny Lee Miller Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu Lucy Liu as Joan Watson
Aidan Quinn Aidan Quinn as Captain Tobias Gregson
Lucy Liu Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson
John Noble John Noble as Holmes
John Noble John Noble as Mr. Morland Holmes

Elementary is a modern-day take on the classic Sherlock Holmes story about a crime-solving duo that cracks the NYPD's most impossible cases. Following his fall from grace in London and a stint in rehab, eccentric Sherlock escapes to Manhattan where his wealthy father forces him to live with his worst nightmare - a sober companion, Dr. Watson.

Elementary season 1

Elementary season 1 poster

Modern look at the stories about Sherlock Holmes. The character of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle moved from London to New York and changed Victorian England to modern America. Dr. Joan Watson was appointed to Holmes after rehabilitation as a sober coach. Sherlock Holmes is widely known for his skills of deduction. Dr. Joan Watson is a highly skilled medical expert. Thus, these two people formed a great team for solving the NYPD’s most incredible crimes.

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Elementary season 2

Elementary season 2 poster

Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson get off to London in order to find instable policeman Gareth Lestrade, who investigated the murder case of a media mogul’s wife. Sherlock looks forward to returning back to his apartment but it appears to be occupied by his brother Mycroft, who is considered to be a shame of the Holmes family. The unfriendliness is mutual, because once Sherlock slept over with Mycroft’s bride to show him her false front. So now on Mycroft accords courtesy to Watson and irritates Sherlock. Meanwhile our detectives investigate the murder case of two companions-mathematicians, who were very close to unraveling of one of seven enigmas of millennium. Also, Joan decides to render the son of her patient a financial assistance. She could not save him on the operation table several years ago. Then Holmes and Watson are in pursuit of a hacker, who publishes official secrets. Meanwhile Iren Adler writes to Sherlock from a prison. Another case is not long in coming: aged financial expert is found dead in a latex costume. The second season promises more sophisticated crimes and their brilliant uncovering.

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Elementary season 3

Elementary season 3 poster

Sherlock Holmes’s admirers expected with impatience season 3 of Elementary and here it is! The protagonist is now in New York instead of London. To cope with his disorderly son his father hires Dr. Joan Watson in the previous seasons. So if those episodes showed our characters being at sward’s points, now they understand that to cooperate is much easier. The season 3 is not the opposition between Holmes and Watson but their partnership. After Watson has moved within six months she heads her own independent investigation firm. But one of the cases has stalled because the main witness has been killed in a hotel elevator. To her amazement Joan Watson finds out that Sherlock Holmes has come back with his new protégé Kitty Winter. He also works on this case after his dismissal from MI6. Thus they both need to bridge differences and collaborate in order to find the experienced professional killer.

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Elementary season 4

Elementary season 4 poster

By the season four we’ll see Sherlock, being the victim of his nature. As we know, he had to face his former drug-dealer to save Alfredo. So, he becomes addicted again. For Joan it is very hard to see her friend in this awful weak condition. But she is a professional and knows how to deal with such situations. But apart this sad twist there is some interesting moment concerning Holmes’s father. Joan announces that soon he’ll arrive at New York and the season viewers will finally become familiar with him! Dad’s character promises to be a very sophisticated and dynamic man. What will he look like? We’ll also find out what has happened with Oscar and get the answer about the developments of the course of those three days. Sherlock beat Oscar very severely and it seems that the latter can’t survive these injuries. Is it possible that Holmes has beaten him do death? These and even more enigmas will be disclosed in the fourth season of the amazing and adventurous Elementary series!

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Elementary season 5

Elementary season 5 poster

Intriguing, exciting and a bright series in the classic format tells the story of a former adviser Holmes decided to send to New York in one of the rehabilitation institutions. The guy really wants to get rid of drug addiction and forget about the gloomy past. Incidentally, the main character is faced with the surgeon once the loss of the license in connection with the death of one of the patients. Heroes settled in the neighborhood. In fact from that moment begin to occur detective adventures. Devoted fans with a special look forward to extending the storyline it really is an intriguing series impressed with developments. The father of the protagonist after leaving the clinic ask one of the employees of the clinic to look after his son. She understands that took a serious responsibility because she has to work with a difficult patient. In addition, the heroine learned from the main character some of the secrets that are not known even her closest people. Holmes’s offer to help in the investigation of high-profile case intriguing character. She agrees to be his co-worker knowing that ahead of her to expect the most unpredictable of the study. The new season will show more mysterious crimes and mysteries with the new exigencies and investigations.

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Elementary season 6

Elementary season 6 poster

It became clear at the end of “Elementary” season 5 that the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson is going through hard times. Holmes life has come a rather difficult period. He communicated with his dead mother, that’s why was forced to go to the hospital, where he was sent to a brain examination. The health of main hero will play an important role in the plot of the new season 6, because it will cause problems both personal and professional. Sherlock will have to explain a lot to Joan. Moreover, he has got used to the idea that he is the best detective of New York, and the disease will still affect his career. The new character Michael (Desmond Harrington – “Shooter“, “Sneaky Pete“) will pour oil on the flame in the upcoming episodes. This is a former drug addict whom our detective once helped tie. Now he is ready to repay the debt by providing support to an old friend. However, the hero of Harrington will go too far with his care. As a result, Sherlock will have to think about how to get rid of a comrade who has become his shadow. But, nevertheless, Holmes and Watson will return to investigating the most intricate and interesting cases of New York in Elementary season 6.

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Elementary season 7

Elementary season 7 poster

Season 7 will officially become the final. Recall that, Sherlock and Joan were in London in the latest episode of season 6, and when the series returns to the screens, the plot will take a whole year. No matter how much detectives like the capital of foggy Albion, duty calls them back to New York. Holmes and Dr.Watson move on and build a career as a consultants at Scotland Yard, but all the cards are confused by the news that a person close to them is seriously injured in the United States. Sherlock‘s problems with the law interfere with the main characters to return to New York quietly. Moreover, the situation is used by the most dangerous enemy they met - billionaire Odin Reichenbach (James Frain). He is just waiting for the right moment to test his opponents for strength.

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